Review: Vedantika Herbals Ayurvedic Skin Polishing Scrub

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Yesterday I reviewed Vedantika Herbals Ayurvedic Instant Glow Mask for you all and today I am here to review their Skin Polishing Scrub. Vedantika Herbals is a group of scientists and researchers who bring powerful Vedic ancient formulas with modern technology to brighten the inner beauty, naturally.

I am a huge fan of their products and have reviewed many of them.. They have many beauty care products like Anti Acne Mask, Anti Ageing Mask, Ubtan (Body Scrub), Lemon Grass Face Wash, Neem Tulsi Face Wash, Lemon Grass Shampoo, Shower Gel and Moisturiser.

All their products are cruelty free and have curative powers of vedic wisdom in them. If you want me to review any other product from this brand, then please let me know by commenting below. Without blabbering much, let’s quickly jump into the review..

Product Description: Ayurveda uses herbal powders to clean and exfoliate skin on a daily basis, to clear dirt toxins and pollutants, without stripping the moisture content. Inspired by this age old wisdom, this skin polishing scrub is formulated with Herbal extracts, nuts and pulses to reoxygenate and nourish the skin as they gently cleanse and exfoliate.

*Gently Exfoliates Skin
*Tighten Open Pores
*Rejuvenates the Skin
*100% Natural
*Gives instant glow & fresh look

Application: Soak in milk form a paste. Gently rub for 5-10 minutes on wet area of any part of the body. Add few drops of honey if you have dry skin. Wash off with normal water.


Cost: Rs. 250 for 110 gm

Shelf Life: 14 months

Availability: Official Website, Amazon

Packaging: This product comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a silver colored, metallic screw cap. It has an airtight plug inside to keep it powder away from spilling.. All important product details are mentioned on the bottle..

Smell: Mild, Herbal, Camphorous

Texture: Off white colored, finely milled powder

My Experience:

This review is based upon my oily, acne prone and sensitive skin. As I always say, I exfoliate my body on regular intervals, scrubs have a special place in my heart. When I tried Vedantika Herbals Facial Scrub for the first time, the idea of a powder scrub was completely new to me.

This skin polishing scrub is quite identical to that facial scrub in terms of texture, smell and exfoliation with a varied result and ofcourse, ingredients list. I take around one and a half teaspoon of this powder and soak it in lukewarm milk for around five minutes.

Then I apply it on my face and neck with the help of a brush and let it sit there for around two minutes. I then dampen my hands and start to gently exfoliate my face using different facial massaging techniques.

The better you massage and exfoliate in a gentle manner, the better results you have. First of all, I love it’s mild, herbal smell which is so refreshing and calming. After around eight minutes of gentle massaging, I rinse my face and get a very polished skin.

This scrub is really very very gentle on the skin and has no abrsaive scrubbing granules in it. It makes the skin feel very soft, smooth, plump and brightened. It deeply cleanses facial pores, removes blackheads without much effort and brings a beautiful glow to the face in a few minutes.

It improves blood circulation on my face and feels cool on rinsing off. Ieally enjoy the way it sits on my face and feels afterwards. Although I don’t have a dry skin, mixing it in milk helps a lot in moisturising my face.

This scrub is so soothing on the skin that I literally don’t need an after shave balm after exfoliating my arms and legs with it. The soothing effect lasts for a long time and I enjoy it’s mild smell that remains for around half an hour..

When I have a special event, I first wash my face with Vedantika Herbals Rose Sandal Face Wash, exfoliate my face with this scrub and then apply the Instant Glow Mask. When I received this product, I thought skin polishing would just be a name but it is so true.

This is a very mild and effective facial scrub which really really polishes the skin very well. It does not irritate my skin in any way and does not hurt my acne. It removes all skin impurities and dead skin cells quickly. It is a powerful formulation without any harshness in there..

It gives a subtle and natural glow to the face and the results are amazing when used along with the Instant glow face mask. With these two products in my hand, I don’t need to go to the salon and get a facial done..

Pros of Vedantika Herbals Ayurvedic Skin Polishing Scrub:

*Value for money
*Suitable for all skin types
*Free from harmful chemicals
*Litte amount of product requires
*Non abrasive
*Very very gentle yet effective exfoliation
*Removes dead skin cells, impurities, sun tan and blackheads efficaciously

Cons of Vedantika Herbals Ayurvedic Skin Polishing Scrub:


Will I purchase it?
Yes. I love such a gentle scrub and I’m definitely going to grab another bottle of it because I scrub my entire body on a regular interval of time.

Will I recommend it?
Yes. This scrub is really very gentle and effective, so you must try it out. Your results will also vary on how well and long you massage.. I would advice you to ask someone who knows facial massaging techniques very well or to do a proper research on them to achieve a very glowing effect.

Is it worth the money?
Yes. This product is very effective, gentle and works just as claimed, so it is totally worth the money.

My Ratings: 5/5

Final Verdict: Overall, this is a must try scrub especially if you have sensitive skin and prefer Ayurvedic products over anything. It is non abrasive but removes dead skin cells, blackheads and impurities very well giving the skin a very polished look.

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