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*Guest Contribution by Brigitte Evans

We all have some sort of a beauty routine. Some do it daily, some weekly, and some simply when they feel like it; but we all have a way to make ourselves look and feel beautiful. For many people, that routine is based around makeup, but that’s not really the most important part, because makeup is there to alter the appearance of our skin, not actually make it different. That is why a crucial step in any beauty routine is what comes before the makeup. The pre-makeup routine, if you will. And from daily rituals to special treatments, here’s how you should be taking care of it.

Thorough Cleaning:

If you don’t start with a fresh, clean face, you will only be building up even more product on old product, dirt and dead skin cells, but if you don’t give your skin time to breathe in between two makeup applications, it won’t have time to regenerate and cleanse itself, leaving you prone to break-outs and skin problems. Furthermore, not cleaning your skin means that the makeup you apply will not go on evenly and you won’t get a smooth finish on your foundation and your mascara will lump together. Choose a good cleansing product that is gentle enough on the skin that it can be used every day, but still strong enough to get all of the makeup and dirt off. You may need to use a mix of several different products to get your skin squeaky clean. If you use products in the evening before you go to sleep, then in the morning, all you need to do is wash your face with some lukewarm water and baby soap. Overuse of products can dry out and damage your skin.

Professional Procedures:

While a good skin care routine might be crucial for smooth makeup application, sometimes, your skin just needs a boost to reach its full potential, and this is where the pros come in. Perhaps you have a skin condition you’ve been suffering from your whole life, or maybe it was triggered by a recent event? Whatever the cause, skin problems can now be treated with innovative laser skin care procedures. If you treat conditions like skin redness or rosacea, you won’t have to use makeup products to cover up the redness, making your makeup routine faster and easier on your skin, because the less product you use, the more your skin can breathe. Research the clinics around you and find one with good recommendations and non-invasive procedures with minimal downtime.

Hydration is Key:

No matter how much foundation you apply, if your skin isn’t well hydrated, you won’t have a smooth, glowing look. The first step to any beauty routine is finding a good moisturizer. Look for one that matches your skin type and that keeps your skin hydrated throughout the entire day. Dry skin can crack, break and can even be painful. And if you have oily skin, don’t think that you can skip moisturizer! Oily skin is – with a few exceptions – actually producing the excess oil because it needs the hydration, so finding a proper moisturizer will, in fact, balance out your skin.

Customize Your Products:

The newest trend in the industry is, of course, bespoke. It is cosmetics custom-made for your skin, and it is one of the best things you can do for yourself. We all have different skin, so why do we think that one product can suit us all? Bespoke products are custom-made for every person, and the concept is applied to both makeup and skin care. It is definitely worth the price to make sure you are getting your skin the very best it needs. Remember: the healthier your skin is, the better your finished makeup will look.

With evolving technologies, we now have so many options to make our skin look great, well before we put any makeup on it. So don’t skip out on the skin care part of your beauty routine, thinking that the makeup will cover it up. And when you do apply your makeup, you should always choose high quality, organic products that won’t damage your skin. Make your skin care and pre-makeup routine a part of your every day, and you will see improvements in your skin and your makeup look very soon.

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  1. I have a Neutrogena rapid clear lotion that I use in my T-zone and it”s good stuff. The boys are at that stage where they are having breakouts and this clears it up pretty much overnight. Before the Retinol, I used CeraVe SA as a twice daily moisturizer (all over my face). Now it would be too harsh. The drugstore has been pretty good to me with the SA. ? I”ve also had good luck with Dr. Brandt PoreDermabrasion.

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