The Perfect Blouse Design for Indo-Western Saree Look

These days the dramatic indo-western saree styles have taken over the traditional saree looks. Women are largely seen experimenting with saree styles to give a twist to their look and be creative and quirky at the same time. You can totally rock an indo-western saree style not only by draping it in a different style but also by choosing a different blouse design.

Because I love indo-western fashion and saree so much, I decided to wear it to a wedding recently. I was looking for a different blouse design instead of the regular one and came across this article which gave me a lot of amazing ideas. Although I found many good ideas, I spent almost an entire day to check out more blouse design options as I did not want to make a hurried decision. Finally, after shortlisting a few of them, I found what I really wanted to wear, and finalized one with my mom for the wedding.

After selecting my preferred blouse design, it was time to select which draping style to go for and that too was not difficult to decide after finding some really quirky and stylish saree draping styles online. Honestly, selecting my saree blouse design and its perfect draping style was so much fun.  As my research about saree styles and blouse designs instantly created a lot of outfits in my mind, I thought why not compile and share them with you all.

So, today I am here with some of my most favorite saree blouse designs which are simply perfect for an indo-western saree look. I am pretty sure you would love them as much as I do. Also, I firmly think that these blouse design ideas will amp up your saree look without spending a ton.

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The Perfect Saree Blouse Design Hunt Begins

Blouses are as customizable as any other piece of clothing. There are plenty of options to choose as per the occasion, your personal style, mood, weather and other factors. Here are seven of them which I think are quite stylish and still would be in your comfort zone.

Shirt Style Blouses:

Shirt style blouses are a very safe option if you want to rock indo-western saree styles. These blouses can perfectly add a pinch of western touch to your saree without much effort. You can also simply use your favorite shirt as a stylish blouse and drape your saree over it.

Cape or Poncho Style Blouses:

If you want to go trendy and wear something which will surely attract loads of gazes, you must go for a cape or poncho style saree blouse design. Wear it with utmost confidence and you will draw everyone’s attention wherever you go.

Jacket Style Blouses:

If you want to opt for something which is comfortable, simple as well as stylish, why not go for jacket style blouses? You can grab a western appeal to your look through these blouses. To make your look really charming, go for a heavily embroidered or eye-catching blouse and keep the saree really minimalistic.

One Shoulder Blouses:

If you feel comfortable extending your style zone, one shoulder blouse design is surely meant for you. This blouse style can totally amp up your saree and add a lot of boldness and drama. It can make you look sassy and add a diligent appeal to the entire look.

Off Shoulder Blouses:

To grab a sophisticated look while adding a dash of glamour to your saree,off-shoulder blouses are over the best. You should go for this style if you have a tall neck and want to flaunt your sassy collar bones.

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Corset Style Saree Blouses:

Do you love corset style tops? If you are inspired by ancient fashion, I am sure you would at least have one in your wardrobe. If you have a corset style crop top, top or bralette, don’t worry. You can easily style it to get an edgy indo-western look. Trust me; it will look incredibly stunning.

Bishop Sleeves Blouses:

This idea is another perfect fit for fusion outfits. You can take a bishop sleeved crop top as a saree blouse to instantly add a contemporary touch to your look. You can grab everyone’s attention through this saree styles blouse style. 

To Conclude

Saree is a versatile apparel as it can literally be worn to all occasions. From business meetings to social events, you can wear it anywhere. Hence, there is a lot that you can do with a single saree to achieve a stylish, attractive and contemporary look. All you have to do is to opt for an interesting blouse design.

I hope you found these seven saree blouse design ideas helpful. These styles will make you look no less than a modern, quirky diva while embracing that perfect feminine charm. Let your fashion skills shout out loud through these interesting blouse ideas.

Don’t forget to create a style icon of your own and present yourself as a fashionista by carrying these looks confidently and comfortably.

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