The New Beauty Standards in 2018

*Guest Contribution by Brigitte Evans

Like in every industry, beauty trends come and go, and even the ones we feel last forever are usually around only for a couple of decades. But there are also trends that are changing from one season to the next, or from one celebrity to the next rising star. And while these trends can serve as great inspiration for others, they can also be damaging, when those trends become the “standards” that everyone needs to meet in order to fit in. But whether we like them or not, the trends aren’t going anywhere, so let’s take a look at what the biggest beauty trends of the year will be and what is causing them..

Hips and Curves:

With the global domination of models like Iskra Lawrence and Ashley Graham, as well as various TV and music celebrities, the stick-thin figure is not nearly as popular as it once was. The hips, breasts and butts are back in style, and a lot of people are applauding the comeback. It made it possible for a lot of people to stop starving themselves or over-exercise in the pursuit of the ideal body, and simply be themselves. And this is also partly due to body positivity, a movement set to show that every body is a good body, no matter the size, shape or ability. However, the phrases such as “real women have curves” are condemned within the society, because the whole point is for everyone – including thin women – to have a place in the world. So yes, curves are in, but we still have ways to go in terms of full body acceptance. We’re on the right track, however, so let’s keep up the good work in 2018.

Cosmetic Enhancements:

There are so many cosmetic procedures available today, and they are constantly becoming more accessible. In some countries, especially in Asia, they are so popular they have become the norm, and people who don’t have any surgery done are the ones that stick out. It goes so far that some people are changing every aspect of their body – from their behinds to their eyelids, everything’s up for negotiation. But this craze has reached a dangerous level, since a lot of those procedures are extremely invasive and can have plenty of consequences. However, there are new options on the rise: non-invasive procedures such as a fat freezing treatment are making their mark and offering a safer alternative. If you opt for a procedure, especially a non-reversible one, you should always ask yourself if you’re getting it for yourself, or just to be on with the current trends. Do your research, find a good clinic near you and schedule a consultation with a surgeon before you make up your mind.

Bringing Nature Back:

Some call it taking ten steps back, but we call it taking a step toowards future – a very liberating future. Women have, very understandably, grown tired of being told that their natural bodies need to be altered to fit into a mold of what is acceptable, and they are fighting back, mostly through allowing their body hair to be as natural as it gets. In many countries in Europe, women are not only letting their leg, arm and armpit hair grow out, but they are taking it a step further by dyeing it and proudly displaying it in shorts and tank-tops. Another thing they are completely against is the notion that gray hair is something that you should cover up. Everyone’s hair loses pigment over time, and the natural silver shades are absolutely beautiful, no matter how many hair dye commercials try to tell you differently. And while some women still opt to remove their body hair, it is important to support someone who chooses to go au naturel, because the world can be very harsh to them. But brands are responding and body hair care products are being formulated.

So, how should you feel about these trends and are they really all that different from last year’s? For starters, it’s important to remember that the trends are just guidelines, and that you should simply use them for inspiration. Secondly, no, we haven’t seen much change since the last year, and while some movements are advancing, no radical changes are being made in the industry as a whole. But we are pushing forward, and if we compare the state to, for example, five years ago, we can see some significant changes in the way we view our bodies. So, look the way you want to look and be the trendsetter in your community, because the real change comes from us, and as long as we stay true to ourselves, we’ll be just fine.

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  1. I am a firm believer that healthy is beautiful. By being conscious about our inner health, we are making lots of steps forward. Being close to nature really gives us more time to meditate and can have great impact to our lifestyle. I think your blog is a great guide. Keep it up.

  2. Bringing nature back topic is most important part on this for, yeah it is for me the most 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing the most important beauty trends!

  3. I so wish I could dye my hair. My hair is practically black and refuses dye. I”ve tried getting it bleached and colored, but the time it takes to lighten (like eight weeks) and the time it takes to upkeep the dye (every two weeks) isn”t worth it to me. Going with a traditional bleach method destroys my hair. I love mermaid hair, but I couldn”t commit to the upkeep. It”s so cute though. I love when I see little kids with bright colors. Like, if you can”t do it when you are a kid- when?

    1. I totally agree with you.. Hair dyeing has been my favorite thing to do too but I hate the damage done..

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