I feel really honored and blessed to have a Testimonials page on this blog. I never thought I would get such a lot of appreciation and love from you guys, that too in a few months. I thank each one of you who gave such an amazing feedback to my work.Thank you for being there ☺

So here we go with what you guys have said to me!!

“Hearty Diaries is such a great source of DIYs and reviews. This girl has so many amazing posts and has such a kind heart! I love how well written everything is, makes reading each post enjoyable!” – Linda Woods

“The DIYs and product reviews are really good and helpful. Also for the beginners and people who try not going with too much chemical based products.. Looking forward to more reviews and DIYs.” – Sania Sultana

“You’re doing amazing! Your blog posts on reviews are well articulated and in-depth. I enjoy reading them thoroughly. Keep up the amazing content!” – Shanthi Arumugam Vimalan

“I came across this amazing blogger through Instagram. I love trying out new products and Hearty Diaries has always helped me with it. Be it the product reviews or DIY tips, I love how honestly things are explained. Keep up the good work!!” – Swati KC

“I love all your posts. The reviews are so detailed that it makes it easy for me to select products. It really helps and I have literally got a habit of reading your blog. If I had to give ratings to this blog, I would give 10/10. May you succeed!” – Anita Pratap Singh

“I love how you explain each and every thing so well. Your writing skills are just amazing and reading your blog really feels interesting. May God give you a lot of success.” – Samreen Para

“I love the way you give details of each and every product. All the best!” – Anupriya Gupta 

“You have one the best blogs out there. If someone reads your reviews, there is no need left to research more about the product. Every thing about the product one would like to know is properly mentioned and your DIYs and natural treatments are super easy, affordable and effective.” – Zoha Zafar Ali

“Thank you so  much for putting up such detailed reviews always. You make me want to try the products you talk about.” – Iqra Momin

“Hearty Diaries is an amazing blog. I like this girl’s reviews and her work. She is such a kind hearted and well behaved blogger. I really love the way she is. The honesty, the reviews, the products, everything is just amazing. I really appreciate her work. May Allah bless you with more success ahead, love. You’re my favorite blogger.. I love you Sweetheart!” – Ayesha Tarannum

“To be honest, there’s nothing much you need to work upon. I’ve seen other people’s work as well. Yours is good to be honest.” –Bhawna D

“Your blog is really worth reading. It has always been a treat reading you on the job. You have taught and inspired me in many ways. Thanks for being a part of my life!! Congratulations and love you! Thank you for all the hard work you have put in for all of us. May you have many more followers in future.” – Jhilik Som

“Hearty Diaries is a wonderful blog with great DIYs and reviews. Well explained and honest reviews help me in buying new products. I really appreciate the time and effort you put in to make your posts so informative and interesting. Once I open your blog, I want to read more and more! Well done Zeba! May you reach the heights of success.” – Saba Noor

“Your reviews are always well explained and detailed. Love the way you do this 🙂 Keep doing it..” – Sana Perween 

“Hearty Diaries is an amazing blog with great DIYs and REVIEWS… I just love your blog. The reviews are so detailed and love the way you explain each and everything about a certain product. Your work is amazing darling. Keep up the good work.. ALL THE BEST!” – Sidra Khan 

“Hearty Diaries is one of the best and genuine blogs I’ve ever gone through. I love how you write a review in such a detailed manner and how honest and precise you are about the product. I like reading your posts a lot because of the outstanding effort you put through it. I love the enthusiasm you have for your blog. Wish you all the best for the blogging venture.” – Mariyam Abid

“Great content! Its always helpful to read your post! Keep it up!! Truly straight from your heart!” – Sanimar

“Amazing posts and detailed reviews.. so nice. Personally, I like your blog a lot” – Nitika Arora

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  1. Great content! Its always helpful to read your post!❤
    Keep it up!! Truly straight from your heart!
    Your Fancy Self

  2. Ur reviews are always well explained and detailed. Love the way u do this. 🙂 Keep doing it. ♥

  3. Hearty Diaries is an amazing page i like her reviews her work…..she is such a kind hearted and well behaved blogger i really love her the way she is …the honesty the reviews the prdcts are just amazing …i really apprecitate her work …May Allah bless u love wid more success ahead…ur my fav blogger love yew sweet heart!♥♥♥♥

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