Review: Stately Essentials Shampoo, Hair Hydrator and Hair Tonic

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Stately Essentials is a new luxury brand which caters products like bath gels, soaps, shampoos, body lotions, hair conditioners and a lot beauty essentials to their consumers.. The speciality of their products is that they are completely free from chemicals like Parabens and Sulphates.

I have already reviewed all five variants of their cruelty free, premium bath gels and both variants of their skin hydrators (moisturisers). Today I am going to review their Herbal Shampoo, Hair Hydrator (Conditioner) and Nourishing Hair Tonic.

If you are interested in knowing how these hair products worked for me, then please keep on reading this post till the end.. Also make sure to let me know by commenting below what do you think about these products…

Brand Description: Stately Essentials is a line of pure and natural with driven skin and health care products made free from harmful chemicals like Sulphate and Paraben. Our brand came out of a need for a quality range of skin friendly products for our people.

Stately Essentials caters to four major categories i.e. Facial Care, Body Care, Hair Care and Wellness category. Each product uses natural methods in its making and adheres to the highest standards of purity, authenticity and quality.

*Paraben Free
* Sulphate Free

Shelf Life: 3 Years

Contact Number: +91-7977590084

Sample Size Packaging: The delux samples of these bath gels come in a transparent, plastic bottle with a golden, metallic screw cap. The samples are just for review purpose and not to be sold loose. The quantity of each sample product available is 30 ml (1.01 fl. oz.)

Natures Special Shampoo (Herbal Shampoo)

Description: Stately is the ultimate remedy for dry, damaged and chemically treated hair. This hair shampoo is enriched with many kinds of herbs which rejuvenate the scalp, deeply nourish the hair and restrict hair fall. This shampoo enriched with Herbal extract gives excellent nourishment to the dull & lifeless hair & prevents its further damage. As It is free from Sulphate & Paraben.

Directions of Usage: Squeeze out 5-8 ml of shampoo and apply it onto wet hair by forming a coat. Gently massage the scalp and roots using your fingertips to form an efficient lather. Leave the product for 2 minutes in order to derive maximum benefit of the herbal extracts. Rinse thoroughly until the shampoo fully wears off.

Ingredients: Sodium Lauryl Sarcocinate, Sodium Cocoyl Glycinate, Coco amido Propyl Betain, Sepimax Zen, Lenotin WP, Proteol APL, Aculyn 60, Ethylene Glycol Mono Stearate, Aqua, Perfume, Colour

Cost: Rs.300 for 200 ml

Availability: Here

Stately Essentials Natures Special Shampoo (Herbal Shampoo)
Stately Essentials Natures Special Shampoo (Herbal Shampoo)

Texture and Consistency: This shampoo has a pastel green color and a liquid gel like texture. The consistency is not excessively thick but slightly more than most of the shampoos.

My Thoughts: Since this is a Herbal Shampoo, it is meant to clean the hair gently and nourishing it without being harsh or overdrying. I take a coin sized product of this shampoo on my palm, gently rub it between my hands and then incorporate it with my wet hair.

I gently massage my scalp focusing on the roots and very less on the strands. It has a herbal smell which is not at all over powering. Although it is a sulphate free shampoo, it turns into a voluminous foaming lather when in contact with water which I am confused about.

The formulation of this shampoo is gentle enough to keep my hair nourished and does not make them dry or frizzy at all.. A little quantity is enough for washing my medium length hair.. It cleans off all kind of hair within a single wash: oily, greasy or normal.

It cleanses my scalp nicely without stripping any natural oils and nutrients. It makes the hair very nourished and moisturised. It imparts a beautiful shine to my hair and makes them look easygoing and smooth.

Pros of Stately Essentials Natures Special Shampoo (Herbal Shampoo):

*Paraben free
*Value for money
*Ingredients list mentioned
*Suitable for all hair types
*Cleans the scalp and all the residue quite well
*Nice smell, not overpowering
*Gets rid of very greasy or oily hair in a single wash
*Little quantity required
*Nourishes dull and lifeless hair
*Does not make hair dry or frizzy
*Gentle formulation

Cons of Stately Essentials Natures Special Shampoo (Herbal Shampoo):

*Foams into a voluminous lather

Stately Essentials Natures Special Shampoo (Herbal Shampoo)
Stately Essentials Natures Special Shampoo (Herbal Shampoo)

Hair Hydrator (Hair Conditioner)

Description: Want beautiful, healthy tresses full of strength and luster? Use the Stately Hair Conditioner for fantastic results. Stately conditioner is for hair that’s dry and rebellious and lacks moisture. With Stately you can have well managed, nourished hair. It smoothens, softens and adds shine to your just the way you want your hair to be.

Direction of Usage: Post application of Stately Essentials shampoo, apply our hair hydrator in proper amounts and keep it on for 2-3 minutes till the conditioner has set in well. Massage well from roots to ends before rinsing thoroughly.

Ingredients: Sodium Lauryl Sarcocinate, Ceto Satearyl Alcohol, Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Honey, Perfume, Euxyl, Aqua

Cost: Rs.300 for 200 ml

Availability: Here

Stately Essentials Hair Hydrator (Hair Conditioner)
Stately Essentials Hair Hydrator (Hair Conditioner)

Texture and Consistency: This is a white colored pack conditioner which is quite rich in texture and has neither a very thick nor very thin consistency.

My Thoughts: After rinsing my hair with Stately Essentials Natures Special Shampoo, I squeeze out the excess water and dampen my hair a little bit. Then I take a little quantity of this conditioner onto my palm. I then divide my hair into two sections and gently apply it to each of them from the length of my hair focusing towards the end.

I make sure every strand is covered by combing it through with my fingers. It goes down very smooth on the hair and does a beautiful job, effortlessly.. This conditioner is really really quick in it’s result and starts detangling the strands within a single minute.. It has a mild, pleasant and floral smell which I really love.

Since it is really quick in conditioning, I rinse it off in around two minutes. It detangles the hair strands and knots very very nicely and prevents them from detangling again. My hair look very shiny, smoothened and doable. It makes them look silky, shiny, glossy and the softness is heavenly..

This is one of the best conditions I have tried till date and has actually become my most favorite of all. It makes my hair and rough ends look very smoothened, soft and straight. Trust me when I say this, once my hair is completely dried, I do not need a comb and you cannot tell if I haven’t combed or done them..

Pros of Stately Essentials Hair Hydrator (Hair Conditioner):

*Value for money
*Ingredients list mentioned
*Manages frizzy hair beautifully
*Detangles hair and knots in a single minute
*Keeps hair manageable and very soft
*Little quantity required
*Pleasant smell
*Paraben free
*Adds shine and luster to hair
*Makes hair nourished and shiny
*Smoothens and softens the hair strands

Cons of Stately Essentials Hair Hydrator (Hair Conditioner):


Stately Essentials Hair Hydrator (Hair Conditioner)
Stately Essentials Hair Hydrator (Hair Conditioner)

Nourishing Hair Tonic (Hair Oil)

Description: Our Stately Hair oil is enriched with natural oils which nourishes your hair to keep scalp healthy & hair growing. It nourishes the hair and makes them soft and silky. It controls frizz, eases out tangles and reduces breakage to give you silky, and shiny hair. It is designed to be so lightweight that you don’t feel it at all once applied. It has a exquisite fragrance and stress-relieving properties.

Direction of Usage: Apply Stately Oil as per required quantity for your hair and massage it genly. Treat the roots and scalp by fingertips. Make sure you cover entire scalp area. It is advisale to use it daily before going to sleep as it would ensure to provide relaxing vibes.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Teel Oil, Herbal Extract – Bringraj, Heena & Shikakai, Mahogany Perfume

Cost: Rs. 300 for 200 ml

Availability: Here 

Stately Essentials Nourishing Hair Tonic (Hair Oil)
Stately Essentials Nourishing Hair Tonic (Hair Oil)

Texture and Consistency: This is a golden colored hair oil with a light and runny consistency.

My Thoughts: Generally, I like to heat up the oil gently even if it’s summer time because warm oil has better and faster results. I take a good amount of this oil, slightly warm it up in the microwave and ask my domestic help to massage it very well in to hair. Whenever I oil, I make sure to massage it very well in to the scalp and allow it to penetrate in every single root.

This oil looks very identical to castor oil, but doesn’t feel as heavy as it. It has a very very mild smell of a mixture of oils which is a plus point because I know oils which are very heavy and on top of that, smell strong are really irritating.

It doesn’t feel stingy or soothing but is very comfortable and light. Usually I keep the oil in my hair overnight but sometimes I just leave it for only two hours as well. I rinse my hair with Stately Essentials Shampoo as it cleans oily scalp pretty effectively.

I have used this oil for around four times now and I can definitely feel that it does a great job in making the hair soft and smooth. It does not cause any hair issues and treats all the existing problems. My father who usually has a lot of dandruff, found it effective in reducing it and treat itchy scalp.

It also prevents hair fall and hair breakage. It improves the overall texture of the hair and is a great product. It prevents all kind of hair issues, treats them nicely, doesn’t feel heavy and controls hair fall beautifully.

Pros of Stately Essentials Nourishing Hair Tonic (Hair Oil):

*Paraben free
*Value for money
*Ingredients list mentioned
*Prevents hair fall and breakage
*Nourishes the scalp
*Treats itchy scalp
*Prevents and treats dandruff
*Promotes hair growth
*Strengthens the roots
*Improves overall hair health
*Treats hair thinning and makes them stronger and denser
*Smell not overpowering
*Not very greasy or heavy

Cons of Stately Essentials Nourishing Hair Tonic (Hair Oil):


Stately Essentials Nourishing Hair Tonic (Hair Oil)
Stately Essentials Nourishing Hair Tonic (Hair Oil)

Will I purchase it?

*Shampoo– Yes. It’s a good hair cleanser and makes my hair happy and healthy. I would purchase a full sized product for sure.
*Hair Hydrator-After using this particular conditioner, I think it’s high time that I bid a goodbye to all the hair conditioners in the world. After Dove and Garnier, this is the one that has detangled my hair in a single minute and has made them extremely soft and beautiful.
*Hair Tonic– Yes. I love becoming a “Chimpu”/”Oily Brat” as much as I love having soft, silky, voluminous hair because if you don’t oil, no shampoo and conditioner can make your hair look healthy and happy. This hair oil works nicely for me, so I’d definitely like to have a full sized product as soon as I finish off my Satthwa hair oil.

Will I recommend it?

*Shampoo– Yes. I liked this shampoo in terms of it’s overall result, so I’d recommend you to try it.
*Hair Hydrator- I actually request! I mean I love this conditioner so much that I’ll highly highly recommend it to you all.
*Hair Tonic– Yes. If you are looking for a cruelty free hair oil that treats all your hair issues, go grab this one.

Is it worth the price?

*Shampoo– Yes. It works beautifully in cleansing and nourishing my hair..
*Hair Hydrator– Highly. I love this hair hydrator the most from the entire hair care range because it makes my hair as beautiful, soft and silky as I can imagine it to be.
*Hair Tonic– Yes. This oil is really nourishing as it’s name suggests and keeps the scalp & hair healthy, nourished and helps in treating all scalp issues.

My Ratings:

*Shampoo– 4.5/5
*Hair Hydrator– 5/5
*Hair Tonic– 5/5

Final Verdict: Overall, I am equally impressed by the hair care range of Stately Essentials just like the other two ranges (Bath Gels and Skin Hydrators) I have reviewed before. The shampoo works really well in cleansing the scalp without making the hair dry at all. I am however little upset that it foams into a voluminous lather which means it contains sulphate in it.

The hair hydrator is my most favorite product from the range because it makes my hair so so so soft. It goes on very creamy and smooth on the hair, detangles them within a minute or two and does not leave any tangle or knots. It keeps the hair very soft until next wash which makes it a star for me.

As for the nourishing hair tonic, I love it a lot because it is a blend of some really great ingredients for hair and suits my hair type beautifully. The word nourishment really means when you use this hair oil. It treats dandruff, itchy scalp and all scalp issues by nurturing the scalp and roots, promotes hair growth and keep hair silky, shiny and soft.

*PR Samples

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