Spring Detox: Body and Mind

*Guest Contribution by Brigitte Evans

Spring is a special time for everyone – it is a season of new beginnings. As nature springs to life once again all around us and days become longer, there is this electrifying atmosphere of potential in the air. You’ll hardly find a better time to encourage yourself to get on a detox program of both body and mind.

Grapefruit juice every morning

Start off your spring detox with a light and non-intrusive addition to your diet – a morning grapefruit juice. Go down to your local grocery shop to purchase some juicy yellow or red grapefruit and squeeze two fruits every morning. Don’t add any other ingredients to it – especially not refined sugar. Just chug down the glass of this citrus goodness and feel how it kickstarts your body.

If you stay consistent with the habit of drinking this morning elixir during spring, you will welcome summer months looking more youthful than ever. Grapefruit is not only a good skin exfoliate and a potent antioxidant, it also encourages weight loss!

A twist of lemon and ginger in your tea

Winter months are all about efficiency – we tend to embrace bad caffeine habits in order to stay alert, as instant coffee and energy drinks turn into regular constituents of our diets. The beginning of summer should be a signal that it’s time for a “detox” regime. If you can, replace your daily coffee intake with cups of black or green tea.

Furthermore, add a twist of lemon and ginger into your cup of tea – but make sure the brew has reached the drinking temperature. Hot water tends to destroy nutritious qualities of lemon and it breaks down vitamin C. Your immune system will be boosted and you’ll put your body on a mild and discreet flush.

Rejuvenate your skin

Skin is by far the biggest organ of our body. Its appearance reflects how healthy we are and in order to look our best, we need to go through a grueling period of detox and care. The first thing you should do is avoid getting exposed to too much spring sun – even though it is not as hot as when it’s in full scorching summer mode, it can still damage your skin and make it appear older.

Start off your care after a long winter with a cream for dehydrated skin and later transfer to the most nurturing organic sunscreen in Australia that is rich in earth-friendly ingredients. Above all else, zinc oxide is the most important factor in this mix that contributes to the protection from the damaging sunrays.

Meditation every day

If you’ve never meditated before, it’s time to place this habit onto your daily schedule during the spring. Just sit in the upright position and try to empty your mind. This might be hard at first, but after some time, that “gap” in the stream of thought will become bigger and your body will be ever so grateful for it. Meditation is one of the best and most efficient ways to get rid of stress and anxiety that cause chronic physical conditions that age us rapidly. If you meditate at least five minutes every day, the lasting results can be profound in the long run.

Get up early

It seems as if the night completely devours daytime during the winter. The only time most of us glimpse at sunshine between November and March is during the hectic lunch break. This is a period when most hard-working individuals really mess up their inner clock.

In order to properly detox your body, you need to start getting up really early – at least two hours before the job – which means you’ll go through a truly grueling period of acclimatization to this new wakeup regime. The reason for this is manifold. There are a lots of benefits of meditation. If you start doing it consistently, you will see a huge difference soon.

First of all, if you start getting up early (let’s say – 6AM), you’ll definitely be too tired to keep your eyes open until midnight. This means you’ll sync up with the proper bio-rhythm of your body – in order to have a fully functional immunity, you have to sleep between 11PM and 4AM.

Second, this habit will not only strengthen your immunity and make sure your spring detox is efficient, it will also boost your mood – as human beings are naturally programmed to feel much better if they start their day early and venture out into the world in search of opportunities.

As we arise from the dead of winter, a fluttery feeling in our stomachs emerges as a promise of endless opportunities and ways to better ourselves. One of the primary goals among lifestyle enthusiasts is always to get in shape before the summer sun prompts us to show off our smooth, healthy bodies. If you want to achieve this goal quickly and efficiently, these spring detox tips for body and mind should get you there in a blink of an eye.

About the Author: Brigitte Evans is a Cosmetic Skin Care Consultant and she currently writes for www.highstylife.com. She writes amazing articles on aspects of beauty and lifestyle which you would highly enjoy and will get addicted to. You can write to her at brigitte.mevans@gmail.com

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