Review: Aroma Essentials Clear Skin Mask (Spot Treatment)

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Today I am going to review the third product that Aroma Essentials sent me as a part of three step treatment to help relieve my skin from painful acne. Along with this Spot Treatment Mask, they also sent me Tomato Face Wash and Skin Brightening Gold Gel which I have already reviewed.

Aroma Essentials actually has a lot of products meant for different skin types and they sent me products based upon my skin type and other body issues I had. If you are planning to buy anything from the brand, I would advice you to consult Mrs. Madhu, Owner of Aroma Essentials on Whatsapp, so that she can guide you best.

I have been suffering from ridiculous acne from around a month and nothing in this world could treat or calm them. I have been using all three of these products together and if you are interested in knowing how this particular product worked for my problematic skin, then please keep on reading this post till the end.


*Using finest natural ingredients
*Artificial fragrance free
*Chemical free
*Dermatologically tested
*Not tested on animals

Suitable For: Acne Prone Skin

Usage Frequency: Twice a week

Functions: Deep pore cleanser with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Dries out the infected area

Directions of Usage: Apply thin layer only on affected area (only on acne/pimples) and leave overnight; Store in a refrigerator

Warning: Not a medicine; If allergic to natural ingredients, please do a patch test

Ingredients: Zinc, Tea Tree Oil, Noural Salicyclic Acid

Cost: Rs. 175 for 25 gram

Shelf Life: 6 months

Availability: Aroma Essential’s Facebook Page or you can place an order on +91-7760988272

Packaging: This mask comes in a white, opaque, plastic tub with a screw cap. The cap has a golden rim around the edge which makes the packaging looks classic and edgy. The tub has a purple sticker which has all the necessary details mentioned on it.

I don’t like tub packaging at all due to the fact that it is quite unhygienic and I demand a spatula inside. Well, the overall packaging is sturdy, mess proof and travel friendly.

Smell: Camphorous, Identical to Tea Tree Oil

Texture and Consistency: This mask has an off-white, creamy texture, has medium sized, white scrubbing granules inside and has a very thick consistency.

My Experience:

This review is based upon my oily, acne prone and sensitive skin. The smell of this mask is quite camphorous and strong which may be an issue for some sensitive noses but as soon as you start using a product on a regular basis and start liking it’s result, the smell really doesn’t bother.

The brand advices to use it twice a week but according to my skin condition, they adviced me to use it every single night. After washing my face with Aroma Essentials Tomato Face Wash and Skin Brightening Gel, I apply a very thin layer of this product only on my acne.

I fail to understand the reason why it has white scrubbing granules inside it when it is just a mask and not a scrub. Now coming to it’s result, I’d say it is the second most miraculous product I have ever used on my face after the Elixir Shop “Skin Brightening” Zaria Serum.

I leave it overnight and the next morning, the layer is dried up on my face. When I used it for the very first time, I had horrible acne going on my face and their size was notably reduced in a single night.

I kept on using it for around fifteen days and it completely got rid of all my acne and scars. It works very well in lightening the dark spots and treating the existing acne. Now that I have a clear face, I use it only when a new pimple pops out occasionally and it gets reduced overnight.

The pimple size reduction varies on various factors like it’s size and severeness and but it does the job in a day or two. I apply a very little amount and it is more than emough which is why the product is going to last me for a really long time.

It is definitely a deep pore cleanser as it eliminates all kind of dirt and puss from my pimples. It has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which are really really helpful in drying out the infected area.

By drying out, I don’t mean that it dries out the skin but it just dries out the acne which is helpful in their speedy recovery. Due to it’s formulation, it provides a slight soothing effect which reduces the inflammation and calms down any irritation.

Pros of Aroma Essentials Clear Skin Mask (Spot Treatment):

*Ingredients list mentioned
*Not at all harsh
*Free from harmful chemicals
*Very little quantity required
*Reduces pimple size overnight
*Clears and treats all acne within a few days
*Dries out the infected area and thus leads to a speedy recovery
*Makes skin calm and soothed
*Deeply cleans pores
*Does what it claims
*Value for money

Cons of Aroma Essentials Clear Skin Mask (Spot Treatment):

*Only available online, that too only via brand’s Facebook page or Whatsapp
*Smell may not be liked by everyone
*Tub packaging

Will I repurchase it?
Yes. This is the only product I have ever used till date that reduces pimple size and treats it overnight.

Will I recommend it?
Highly highly highly. If you are also looking for something that reduces the size, inflammation and redness of the acne in addition to lightening the dark spots, definitely buy this product.

Is it worth the price?
Yes. It is completely worth the money and is actually very low priced for the job it does. It is a wonderful product and I would really really recommend it..

My Ratings: 5/5

Final Verdict: Overall, this is another miracle I have found for my skin. Now whenever a new guest pops up on my face, I am ready to face the battle. It has a very gentle formulation and does not harm or irritate my sensitive skin in any way.

*PR Sample

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