Some Tips to Prevent Your Wigs from Getting Frizzy

Frizzy Wigs

When it comes to a frizzy wig, the first thing that comes to your mind is that it may be caused by lack of moisture. Especially for curly human virgin hair or wavy human hair wig, both of these wigs are easy to be dried. The dry wig is prone to becoming frizzy a lot. We all know that frizzy wig is hard to manage. And today, I will offer you some tips to prevent your wigs from frizzy.

1. You should choose shampoo which packed in glycerin and without sulfate.

When you go to buy a shampoo, try to look for a one with high percent glycerin in the ingredient list. Generally speaking, the ingredients which list on the top means there are more concentrated in it. And glycerin can combat frizz by penetrating the wig and hydrating it from the inside out. Additionally, which can create a protective coating over the outside of the wig, so the wig is less likely to lose moisture.

2. Try to always use conditioner.

Some people may do not know that keeping your wig with moisture will prevent the cuticle from opening up, and then letting moisture in and keeping it smooth. So, you should better to look for a conditioner which contains glycerin and other hydrating ingredients, such as shea butter. And you can apply it to your wig from the mid to the ends. But remember to keep the condition away from your wig roots in order to avoid oiliness.

3. Twice a week, only use conditioner on your hair.

You might have a wrong idea that your wig needs to be shampooed several times a week, but actually, you do not need to do that. Every three days, you can apply conditioner instead of shampoo to your wig, and then rinse it out. For conditioner, it contains a small amount of surfactant, and also the small amount of oil, so it can attach itself to hair oil cleaning it away. This also named “Co-Washing” which helps keep the hair at optimum PH.

For lace wigs, it needs to avoid heat, including blow-dry. So, you should better to make your wig air dry. And you are also not disrupting the strand as it is drying, which can help to keep your wig smooth. And when you comb it, it will be easily managed and straight. However, blow-dry would transfer heat to your wig which can make your wig lack of moisture. Therefore, try to avoid use blow-dry, instead of letting your wig air dry, the straight human hair wig will be more straight, and the curly human hair wig will be easy to manage.