Review: Skinutra Professional GVC (Glutathione, Vitamin C, Collagen) White Lotion

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Today I am going to review Skinutra Professional GVC White Lotion with you all.. This lotion is a mixture of Glutathione, Vitamin C and Collagen which are proved to be very beneficial for the skin..

Glutathione is an important antioxidant which is capable of preventing skin damage. It helps in lightening the skin and making it appear brighter and whiter… It also reduces skin pigmentation very effectively and prevents the skin from getting darker.

Vitamin C also plays a very vital role in improving skin health. It prevents and treats ultraviolet-induced photodamage on the skin.. It is also very useful in collagen production and maintenance which reduces skin aging.

Collagen is a protein that is found in the extracellular space in connective tissues of our skin. It helps the skin maintain its elasticity, stay strong and replaces dead skin cells. It is that glue that binds all the skin cells together.. Also, it reduces with time and thus makes the skin appear wrinkled and aged.. If the collagen level is decreased, the skin’s ability to heal itself also reduces and thus the aging process increases.. Hence, it is very important to provide collagen source to the skin to maintain its production..

If you are interested in knowing how this Glutathione, Vitamin C and Collagen combination worked for my skin, then please keep on reading this post till the end.. Don’t forget to share this post and let your friends know about GVC and its importance for the skin..

Product Description:


*Wrinkle optimizer
*Skin lightening complex
*Reduces dark spots and slows down pigmentation
*Lightens skin and tone naturally
*Prevents Melanin formation
*Conditions skin so that dark freckles gradually fade away, revealing clearer skin

Directions of Usage:



Rs. 1599 for 30 ml

Shelf Life:

36 months from the month of manufacturing


Amazon, My Nutra Mart


Skinutra Professional GVC White Lotion comes in a sea green colored outer carton which has all the necessary product details mentioned on it. The actual bottle is cylindrical, see-through glass bottle with a transparent plastic cap. The cap locks perfectly keeping the product mess-proof.

The bottom of the bottle has an aluminum/tin like body. The bottle has a pump packaging for easier, mess proof and hygienic packaging… The quality of the pump is also good and the entire bottle is spill proof, sturdy and travel-friendly…


Artificial, cosmetics like

Texture and Consistency:

This skin colored lotion has a very creamy and smooth texture with a consistency neither too thick nor too thin.

My Experience with Skinutra Professional GVC White Lotion:

This review is based upon my oily, acne prone and sensitive skin. I am almost twenty-one years old and obviously am nowhere near aging but it is very essential to maintain the skin to keep a healthy and youthful glow. This lotion is not only a wrinkle optimizer but also is a skin lightening formula…

I and my mother have been using the Skinutra Professional GVC White Lotion for around three weeks now and we share almost the same skin type. She also does not have a wrinkled skin but has some fine lines, obviously. We take just two pumps of this lotion at the back of our hand, dot it all over the face and massage it using circular motions until it is properly absorbed.

This lotion has an artificial, cosmetic like fragrance but I don’t mind it. It is not strong, overpowering or irritating. Also, the smell goes away within a few minutes which is why it is not a matter of worrying at all…

It gets quickly absorbed, has a very smooth and creamy texture and gives a satin finish to the skin. It also adds a glow to the face and is very hydrating. Furthermore, it is so moisturizing that the skin does not feel dry or patchy after applying it at all and the moisturization lasts almost all day long…

One more thing that I love about it is…

It is tinted and has a coverage to it. I apply it thrice a day and I can easily go out of the house with just it on my face.. It hides my blemishes pretty well and makes the skin look dewy and healthy..

It does not feel heavy or uncomfortable to wear… This lotion also does not irritate the skin in any way and doesn’t cause any breakouts… Upon regular usage, I can see that it has lightened most of my acne scars to a much greater extent. It also reduced my mother’s skin pigmentation very effectively and quickly..

It heals the skin very well by reducing sun damage and makes it even toned.. Moreover, it is not only effective in lightening skin and spots but also gets rid of dark circles. It makes the skin look soft, smooth and supple..

As for my mum, it has reduced the fine lines very beautifully and has added a healthy glow to her face. Moisturised skin is the key to getting rid of dry patches, spots, acne, oil disturbance, wrinkles and what not!

It not only makes the skin look soft and blemish free but also makes it look brighter. I love how it feels on the skin with a perfect consistency and does not feel sticky at all.. I think this is the ultimate lotion we’ve got to treat and lighten our scars and pigmentation, de-tan our skin, use as a tinted moisturizer and maintain our skin to the fullest…

Pros of Skinutra Professional GVC White Lotion:

* Cruelty-free
*Highly moisturizing
*Light texture, doesn’t feel heavy, uncomfortable or sticky
*Quick absorption
*Sturdy and hygienic packaging
*Lightens acne scars and spots effectively
*Reduces pigmentation and dark circles
*Reduces fine lines
*Slows down the aging process
*Ingredients list mentioned
*Makes skin soft, smooth, radiant and even-toned
*Tinted lotion
*Little quantity required
*Value for money

Cons of Skinutra Professional GVC White Lotion:

*Only available online

Will I purchase it? Is it worth the money?

This product is pricey but highly worth the money. It works effectively in almost everything and I think this is the only thing my skin wants.. It works wonders for us and lives true to its claims…

Will I recommend it?

Highly. If you are looking for a multi-action lotion that slows down the aging process, keeps your skin moisturized, maintains its healthy glow, lightens all scars and keeps the skin even toned, you should definitely try it out…

My Ratings: 5/5

*PR Sample, Not a sponsored post

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