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Since I am very careful about cleanliness, I am really a big fan of products that promote sanitation and personal hygiene. Today I am going to review one such product with you that I love with all my heart. I think it is a very creative step towards promoting self hygiene.

We should always remember that personal hygiene is the base of public hygiene. If every single person starts adopting hygienic methods for themselves, the world will be a better and safer place to live in. There are a lot of practices that can lead to diseases in public but even if we take a single precaution, chances of catching germs and new diseases are decreased to a much greater extent..

One very safe and good approach to keep ourselves germs and bacteria free is using “Wet Wipes” instead of one common towel. I am sure you all have wet wipes at your homes and some are so obsessed with them that they have multiples of them lying down. I personally keep atleast three packs of wet wipes with me: one in my vanity, one in my handbag and one in my college bag.

Now wet wipes are also getting modernised with time.. Have you heard about Magic Napkins? You may and may not.. If you do, today I will tell you where you can get them in India and if you don’t, I am here to answer your queries. Please keep on reading this post till the end to know what these magic napkins are, how to use them, what are the variants available, what is the cost and most importantly, how is the quality?

What is Saral Magic Napkin?
Saral Magic Napkin is a uniquely created, high quality hand towel compressed with enormous pressure into a coin shaped tablet napkin. It is made of 100% pulp rayon, is available in energizing fragrances and is safe for all skin types.

*Super absorbent
*Soft and durable
*Low cost and compact
*Environment friendly
*100% pulp rayon
*100% biodegradable
*Non-woven and without alcohol
*Suitable for all skin types

Instructions: To use Saral Magic Napkin, just add some water and watch it grow. Once the water has decompressed the washcloth, unroll it and use it whenever needed.

Available Packaging:

These napkins come in three types of packs.
*Zip Lock Pack
*Candy Pack
*Tube Pack

Available Fragrances:

Lemon and Green Apple

Zip Lock Pack: As the name suggests, this kind of pack is completely sealed. All necessary details and instructions for usage are mentioned on the pack. As two kinds of fragrances are available as of now, I am inserting a picture of how both the packs look like.

Cost: Rs. 45 for 12 units

Lemon Variant
Green Apple Variant

Candy Packing: Actually the description of all types of packaging is quite self explanatory, so I think I should rather post a picture of both the variants instead of idiotically trying to describe how it is.

Tube Pack: The tube is made up of plastic, is very light weight, locks perfectly.. The overall packaging is sturdy, compact and travel friendly..

Cost: Rs. 40 for 10 units

You can buy these napkins on the Official Website..


Have a look at this short video clip if you haven’t already seen it on my Instagram


Tablet Shape: Round
Tablet Size: 2 cm diameter and approx 0.9 cm high
Weight: 2.7gm
Color: White
Size of Napkin: 22*22 cm

Quality of the Napkin:

This napkin is made up of a very soft, non woven fabric. The softness is heavenly which makes it very gentle to be used on any kind of skin.. The material is very permeable and breathable, so I sometimes even make a DIY sheet mask out of it…

My Experience: These tablet napkins are so compact that they can easily fit literally everywhere. I did not know about what a magic napkin was before I got my hands on these.. When I opened the first tablet, I was as eager and excited as a kid to see how it unfolds into a wet wipe/tissue.

As the instructions suggested, I went ahead and splashed some running water on it. It literally took two seconds for the tablet to magically unfold and convert into a very soft, quite large and mild napkin with a mild, pleasant fragrance. Out of Lemon and Green Apple, I like the scent of lemon more because it has a real citrus scent. I find Green Apple variant quite odourless which may be a very plus point for sensitive noses.

Be it lemon or green apple, both the napkins do not cause any irritation to sensitive skin and noses. My little nephew loves playing with these napkins and hardly lets me get one. He loves watching a compressed tissue blossoming into a fragrance filled, eco friendly soft napkin.

Since this wet wipe is made as per your preference, you can use warm or cold water as per your needs.. First time I tried it under running tap water but the second time, I wanted to see whether it would unfold in the same way if I use only a few drops because you never know when you don’t have access to water while travelling.

I kept the tablet in my hand and poured just 2 drops and it still grew into the same wipe very well. This makes it even more travel friendly. I honestly love unrolling the decompressed napkin and when I unrolled it for the first time, I did not expect it to be so large. The size is actually larger than usual wet wipes which is another plus point..

I love the quality and softness of these napkins and I have been carrying them everywhere with me but honestly, I think twice before unfolding them because I don’t want them to get over so fast. I mean I like how it unfolds but then I don’t want to loose a tablet..*Chuckles*

These wipes dry quite quickly but not like within seconds. You can ofcourse wet them up again if you wish so, which makes them reusable as well but who reuses a wet wipe right? 😉

Pros of Saral Magic Napkins:
*Amazing quality
*Innovative concept
*Transforms into a napkin within two seconds
*Great napkin size
*Cruelty free
*Very soft material
*Doesn’t irritate skin at all
*Incredibly gentle
*Eco friendly
*Chemical free
*No artificial or strong fragrance
*Available in different sizes, quantity and two refreshing scents

Cons of Saral Magic Napkins:
*Only available online

Will I repurchase it?
Yes ofcourse. I am so intrigued by this innovative concept, the quality, scent, size and most of all, the fact that it is cruelty free and does not irritate my skin at all.. I will definitely purchase a whole bunch of them..

Will I recommend it?
Yes, highly. If you are a wet wipe freak like me, go ahead and buy these for yourselves. These napkins do not have alcohol in them and are as soft as a baby’s skin. They are also very purposeful for mommies who have toddlers at home..

Is it worth the price?
Yes. I find these napkins very affordable and honestly, I find them inexpensive as well. I thought they would have been quite costly but they are not. Since they are good in every aspect, they are completely worth the price.

My Ratings: 5/5

Final Verdict: Saral Magic Napkins has revolutionized the entire process of using wipes & tissues. These napkins are so fun to unfold and use, are very very soft which is ideal for delicate and sensitive skin and do not cause any irritation in any way. I love their fragrance and I can’t really wait to see what fragrance variants come next.. I love these napkins with all my heart and will definitely recommend you to get them… No more pulling out of the wipes and no more tension of getting dried up napkins.

*PR Sample

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  1. I have never heard of these kind of napkins. It sounds like fun to use. I use wet wipes only when I am travelling along with hand sanitizer. At home its always soap and water. 🙂

  2. This is absolutely amazing Zeba. I never knew such napkins existed until I saw your Instagram post. I love the candy packaging. It looks just like a candy! Who would have guessed there’s a big napkin in it 😀

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