Review: Ryaal Onion Hair Oil with Sandalwood and Rose Oil

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Today I am going to review Ryaal Onion Hair Oil for you all. I have previously reviewed their Onion Essential Oil but this one is a hair food, solely made to treat hair fall, dandruff and accelerate new hair growth. I have also recently reviewed Ryaal Dr. Salt Epsom Bath Salt with Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil, so don’t forget to check it out.

If you are interested in knowing how this product worked for me, will I recommend it to you and is it value for money, then please keep on reading this post till the end..

What is this?

Who should use it?


*No parabens, phthalates or petroleum
*Cruelty free
*100% Organic
*100% Vegetarian
*100% Handmade


Cost: Rs. 599 for 200 ml

Shelf Life: 2 years

Availability: Official Website, Amazon


This oil comes in a see through plastic bottle with a black, plastic flip cap. The cap is sturdy enough to make the packaging leak proof. All necessary product details are mentioned on the bottle including the ingredients list.

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Smell: Mild, mixture of onion and sandalwood

Consistency: Runny

My Experience:

Ever since I got Ryaal Onion essential oil with me, I started using it regularly on my hair and never looked back.  I loved every aspect of it and loved the way it nourished my hair, made them look longer, stronger, shinier and more nourished.

The only issue I had with it was to mix few drops of it into a carrier oil each time I had to use it. I am lazy at times and this mixing of oils sometimes prevented me from oiling my hair. I really wished that one day I come across an onion oil which I can directly apply on my scalp and Ryaal heard me.

I got really happy when I came to know about this launch and couldn’t stop myself from trying it. Now that I have it from a long time and am sure about how it performs, here I am with my review. Starting off with the smell, it does have a hint of onion to it but it is bearable as it has sandalwood and rose oil in it. You can definitely smell roses as well.

The smell is not really bad, strong or overpowering. People who have used onion essential oil would know what I am talking about as it has a very strong and distinctive smell of onions. Since I have already used a very very strong scent of onion, this one feels mild and better to me.

Coming to the consistency of this oil, it is very lightweight and runny which makes it easy to use. I do not have to mix it with anything and can directly apply it to my hair. It does not irritate my scalp in any way and the smell goes off as soon as I wash my hair with a mild shampoo.

I massage my hair very properly, from roots to end and let the oil be there for atleast three hours or overnight, whenever possible. Once I wash it off, I can instantly notice much softer and nourished hair. After regular usage, it makes the hair strong and long.

It not only promotes hair growth but also reduces split ends and dandruff. It improves the overall quality of hair and also promotes good sleep if applied at night. It treats all sorts of hair issues and works on controlling hair fall from day one.

It also treats hair thinning and adds volume and bounce to hair. It reduces bald patches and accelerates hair growth. What I love about it is that it is free from parabens, phthalates and petroleum. I am definitely impressed by the consistency, formulation and ingredients list of this product.

I cannot stop raving about this product because it gives me complete satisfaction and amazing results. Since I have already been using onion oil for the past six months, I know what the results are like but if you new to it; I would suggest you to keep on using it for atleast two to three months to see good results.

Pros of Ryaal Onion Hair Oil with Sandalwood and Rose Oil:

*Available on huge discounts online
*No pungent onion smell
*Helps hair regrowth
*Treats hair thinning and bald patches
*Reduces hairfall
*Doesn’t irritate scalp
*Shows quick and effective results
*Doesn’t feel heavy
*Ingredients list mentioned
*Value for money

Cons of Ryaal Onion Hair Oil with Sandalwood and Rose Oil:

*Only available online

Will I purchase it? Will I recommend it?

Yes. This is a very effective hair oil, so I’ll definitely purchase it whenever I finish it off and will recommend it to everyone out there.

Is it worth the money?

Yes. Some people may find it costly, but trust me it works amazingly and is highly worth the price charged.

My Ratings: 5/5

*PR Sample, Not a sponsored post

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  1. That’s so interesting! I was told by an ayurvedic doctor to rub red onion directly on my bald patches (I have alopecia) and it did seem to stimulate the circulation there. But I hated the smell and didn’t like going out with little flexs of onion visible! Will definitely give this oil a try…I think the sandalwood scent would be a helluva lot nicer. 😉 Thanks for reviewing it!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by. You should really try this oil. It certainly helps and smells a lot better than onion oil due to other ingredients.

  2. Great review 👍👍
    Hope ki sabhi hair types per ye itna accha kaam karey
    Packaging bahut cute hai

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