Review: Vedantika Herbals Facial Scrub

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Today I am going to review Vedantika Herbals Facial Scrub with you all.. If you know me for a while now, you would know how many scrubs I have reviewed on this blog. I actually exfoliate my entire body at regular intervals of time because it makes my skin so soft, bright and smooth. Scrubbing is a very essential step of one’s skincare regimen because it removes the dead skin cells, unclogs pores and cleans impurities deeply.

Scrubs not only help in removing the dead skin cells but also brighten the skin and are highly effective in removing sun tan. Every skin type is different and not every product works well on everyone…

If you are not in the mood to spend money on a scrub, you should make a DIY scrub but not skip it.. I have already reviewed Vedantika Herbals Ayurvedic Neem Tulsi Shampoo and Rose Sandal Face Wash on the blog, so don’t forget to read it..

I am reviewing this scrub via a 5 gm sachet but if you are interested in knowing how the original product looks like, what is its cost and how it performs, then please keep on reading this post till the end…

Product Description: Formulated with Oats, Herbs, Nuts and Pulses this daily facial Scrub Nourishes, soothes and softens as it exfoliate dead cells and pollutants for softer and more radiant complexion.

*No Parabens
*No silicones
*No Artificial Aroma
*No Artificial Colors
*No Chemicals
*100% Natural

Application : Mix with milk, curd or water to form a paste. Apply to the wet area of face, and neck and gently rub in upward directions for few seconds, gently rinse off. If you have dry skin add few drops of Honey or any oil in paste.

Ingredients : Oscimum Sanctum 2%, Rubia Cardifolia 2%, Glycyrrhizaglabra 4%, Citrus aurantium 10%, Sesamumindicum 5%, Cinnamonium Camphora 1%, Avena Sativa Q.S.

Cost: Rs. 499 for 60 gm

Shelf Life: 18 months

Availability: Official Website

Packaging: Since I am reviewing this product via a sample sized sachet, I don’t really know how the original packaging actually is but from the pictures available on different websites, I can see that this product comes in a huge, transparent jar with a copper colored, metallic screw cap.. Have a look at the original packaging here…

Image Source

The sample size I have here in front of me is actually a paper sachet which is bio degradable and has all the important product details mentioned on it… You can also buy this product’s sample worth Rs. 40 for 5 gm which I think is such a great option before spending Rs. 499..

Smell: Camphoraceous

Texture: This scrub is actually a powder scrub which needs to be mixed with milk, curd or water to form a paste. The powder is very very fine and does not have big exfoliating granules like every other scrub out there..

My Experience: This review is based upon my oily, acne prone and sensitive skin.. I have already told you guys that I don’t skip a scrub and I am a fan of exfoliating my skin because of the benefits it does. Honestly, I did not see such a fine scrub ever before and this one is my first powder scrub as well.

As indicated by the directions of usage, I make a paste with this powder. Since I have oily skin, I like to add my holy grail “Rose Water” to one teaspoon powder.. I keep a normal consistency which is neither too thick nor too thin. If you have normal skin, I would recommend you to use curd and if you belong to the dry skin family, I would recommend using full cream milk to it.

The smell of this scrub is very camphoraceous which reminds me every single second that it is a herbal product… Since Ayurvedic products have been a major part of my life, I don’t mind its smell.. It is not very strong and fades away within a minute or two..

I like to apply a thick and even layer of this scrub on my face, let it sit for around two minutes and then gently massage my face using circular and upwards motion.. It dries very quickly and after two minutes when I start scrubbing, I actually use some water to create a smooth surface.

It is so mild and gentle that it literally does not feel like it is a scrub. Once I am done with exfoliating, I wash my face with plain water and it instantly looks smooth, soft, clear and bright. It cleans my skin deeply quite well without being harsh or abrasive… It also makes my skin feel very cool, calm, soothed and all that good stuff. You know how much I enjoy cooling sensation on my face, right?

It is a very mild scrub and can be used on a daily basis. If you have a lot of functions coming up all together, it is really really nice to be used daily. It adds that inner glow to the face which makes the makeup look much better..

Pros of Vedantika Herbals Facial Scrub:
*100% Natural Ingredients
*Very very gentle on the skin
*Finely milled, non abrasive
*Removes impurities, dirt, oil effectively
*Nice herbacious smell
*Makes the skin soft
*Nourishes the skin from insde
*Gentle formulation, thus gentle exfoliation
*Contains anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties
*Very soothing which calms the inflammation of skin
*Effective ingredients list

Cons of Vedantika Herbals Facial Scrub:
*Only available online

Will I repurchase it?
Yes! I love exfoliating my face but there are days when my acne is so inflammed and painful that I can’t scrub my skin. I think I have found the perfect scrub for my acne prone skin and now I think other scrubs have to be very strong and effective to impress me..

Will I recommend it?
Highly… I am so impressed by this scrub that I highly recommend you to try it.. Even if you are not very assured with my review, I will urge to atleast try its sample sachet. It is so amazing!

Is it worth the price?
Completely and even more than that.. Honestly, this is one of the best facial scrubs I have ever used till date and has impressed me beyond words. The quality, the result and the gentleness is so heavenly that I cannot even express it properly..

My Ratings: 5/5

Final Verdict: Overall, it is a very mild scrub which has a really soft texture. It is extremely amazing and gentle for someone like me who has a lot of acne every time. The ingredients list is very effective and interesting.. It does not irritate the skin at all and makes it look really fresh, cleaned and bright.

*PR Sample

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