Review: Shankara Deep Cleanse Facial Ubtan – Papaya & Red Sandalwood

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Today I am going to review Shankara Deep Cleanse Facial Ubtan for you all. I got this product in the June 2018 Edition of My Envy Box. Now that I have used this ubtan for around three months, here I am with my detailed review of it. Indians, especially I, have a deep connection and immense love for ubtans.

They work miraculously for the skin and that’s the main reason, why they’re applied to enhance the natural beauty of Indian bride and bridegrooms before the wedding. I apply ubtan religiously to avail the maximum benefits. I love the fact that they are very easy to make and here is my quick recipe for DIY Ubtan at home at a very affordable price.

Well, today let’s check out whether this readymade ubtan is worth the hype or not. Also, I’d like to mention that this review is based upon my oily, acne prone, sensitive and problematic skin. If you like the review, make sure to share it with your friends and family and subscribe to my blog.

Product Description:

A unique powder blend that effectively cleanses, draws out oil and impurities while nourishing, hydrating and soothing the skin.


*Suitable for Tridosha (all skin types)
*Enriched with the goodness of Papaya and Red Sandalwood
*Not tested on animals
*100% natural ingredients

Directions of Usage:

Mix equal parts of cleanser and water into a paste. Massage over face and neck and rinse or leave on the skin as a mask. Use with milk for dry skin.



Rs. 700 for 60 gm, Rs. 1050 for 120 gm

Shelf Life:

2 years


Official Website, Amazon


This powder ubtan comes in a see-through, cylindrical plastic bottle with a golden screw cap. The bottle also has an airtight plug inside to keep the product away from spilling or getting soggy. The bottle is slim, light weight, mess proof, classic and travel friendly.




This ubtan has a very finely milled powdered texture which is not abrasive at all.

My Experience with Shankara Deep Cleanse Facial Ubtan:

Since I have an oily skin, I make a paste using water and not milk. Generally, I apply it once a week as a face mask. I follow the directions of usage to get a paste with a consistency identical to that of a foundation (neither too thick nor too thin). I apply the mask evenly on my face and neck using a brush and let it get dried for around 20 minutes.

It dries up to a cracky finish just like Fuller’s Earth Mask. I then wet it again with little water and massage it gently into the skin. This helps my skin get exfoliated and deep cleansed. This way, my clogged pores also get opened and fresh. Sometimes, I also apply this mask to my hands and feet for extra pampering.

However, on days when I have a tired or dull looking skin or have an important event or occasion to attend, I use this paste as a skin cleanser just the way I use rose petals powder. It instantly lifts up the mood of my skin and makes it look bright, clean and healthier. Shankara Deep Cleanse Facial Ubtan also smells refreshing. I personally like herbaceous, ayurvedic scents a lot.

The mask works very well and doesn’t make my skin dry at all. It deep cleanses the skin just as claimed without disturbing the natural oil balance of the skin. Most importantly, it doesn’t irritate my skin or existing acne in any way. Instead, it soothes the skin and nourishes it. It gently exfoliates my pores and gets rid of the dead and dull skin just like the Vedantika Herbals Skin Polishing Scrub.

Additionally, it also draws out excess oil, dirt, and impurities very effectively. I can instantly see a much better face after rinsing it off. It also removes all blackheads pretty well and without much effort. Besides that, it nourishes and hydrates the skin and smells pretty good. It also gets rid of sun tanning pretty effectively. Overall, I love its result and performance on my skin.

Pros of Shankara Deep Cleanse Facial Ubtan:

*Effective ingredients list
*Value for money
*Ingredients list mentioned
*No side effects
*Removes sun tan
*Brightens skin
*Adds a healthy glow
*Cruelty free
*Suitable for men and women both

Cons of Shankara Deep Cleanse Facial Ubtan:

*Only available online

Will I purchase it? Will I recommend it?

Undoubtedly yes. I like its performance on my skin and I think it is a product worth trying. Therefore, I’ll purchase it whenever it is available on a discount and will also recommend it to you all.

Is it worth the money?

Yes. This product works effectively and hence, is completely worth the money according to me. I, however, think that the price point is a little high.

My Ratings: 4.8/5

*Not a sponsored post; Product received in the June 2018 Edition of My Envy Box

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