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We all love plants and the beauty they spread but having a busy schedule, it is really hard to plant newer species and more flowers. Personally, I like to have something like plants or pets in my home only when I am ready to take their responsibility and full care. I do not like and let anyone else do my work because I wanted to have that specific thing. I have a lot of plants at my terrace but ever since I joined college and started blogging, I couldn’t get enough time to plant new trees and have been taking care of my older ones.

Planting has always been my passion and our love is unseparable but there are days when I feel like growing more plants but do not get time or I don’t want to be involved in a lot of work. It is at this time that seed papers are my go-to choice. They require less time, effort, attention, care and planting process.

Once I plant a new one, not much of a job is left because I can take out that much time for the care but for me the main problem was the time required to plant a new one. Plus it feels little gross when I have to plant a seedling because that makes my hands and specifically my nails quite dirty. I always wondered if planting a new baby would be easier and Seed Paper India made my wishes come true.

Seed papers are self explanatory by their name but most of us are unaware abut them. Today I am going to share my opinion about an Indian brand who has made my planting experience completely new, more exciting and very bio degradable. It can make yours easier and more beautiful as well, so don’t forget to read this review till the end…

Seed Paper

A seed paper is basically a bio-degradable paper that has seeds artfully embedded in it.. It does not possess any threat to the environment, reduces paper wastages, requires less time, effort, care and water and grows into a beautiful plant with time.

These plantable papers grow best in coco peat but you can definitely plant them in clay as well. Make sure not to sow them very deep inside the clay as the seeds embedded inside them are really very delicate..

Plantable papers are a very innovative way of a sustainable living and environmental preservation.. These bio degradable papers have seeds embedded in them.. Once you are done using the paper plant it in a pot to witness beautiful creations of nature come to fruition.


You can buy plantable papers from Seed Paper India and from their Instagram page as well.. They have a lot of variants like Seed Papers, Pens, Pencils, Seed Bombs, Invitation Cards, Business Cards, Tags etc.. They also have a new collection coming up for Christmas and Valentines Day very soon…

This miraculous green paper can add beauty and charm to your home or even your office flower pots. The best thing about this brand is that it is somewhat contributing in taking care of nature and so can we..

You can check their entire range here but let me tell you what all I got..

I have got four kinds of seed papers, two kinds of pencils and three kinds of seed bombs..

The seed pencils have seeds embedded at the top.. The plastic in here gets dissolved within few hours of planting them… This is a tomato pencil…

Second pencil is a Basil variant and I have already got four basil plants at my home because it is so good for health…

First, I have got a postcard sized (4*6″) Mig Vegetables Seed Paper…

Next up, I have got a postcard sized (4*6″) Basil Seed Paper… Then I have got another postcard sized (4*6″) Marigold Seed Paper… 

Last but not the least, I have got a postcard sized (4*6″) Marigold Seed Paper with a little change in its species…

As for the Seed Bombs, I got these variants which I think are beetroot and basil…

They also have Plantable Seed Papers in other sizes and variants such as 22X30″.. Each plantable product has a different price, so you can check the entire range on the website…

This is how the seedlings grow.. You simply have to place the papers/pens/pencils or bombs on the clay or coco peat and that’s all… Don’t forget to water it though 😉

Summarizing the pros and cons of Seed Paper India:

I am so intrigued by this innovative approach that I can only and only find the pros of Seed Paper India..

*They have an impressive range
*Their quality is amazing
*Their products are bio degradable
*Their products are eco friendly
*They grow within a few days
*They don’t require a lot of water
*Their products do not have any artificial coloring
*The plantation is quick and easy
*The plants do not require a lot of time and care
*The process is effortless
*Their customer service is very assisting
*These products are a perfect gifting option

Honestly, I am so impressed with this idea because it is something so good for the environment and I highly recommend it to you all. I don’t think I can find any cons in this product..

My Ratings: 5/5

If you really like plants, you will never find such a creative and eco friendly way of planting more trees and reducing paper wastage. Try these seed papers atleast once and contribute a little bit towards our mother Earth..

Plantable papers and these products are a really great way to do do something for our nature, contribute a little bit towards our mother earth, recycle a lot of stuff, reduce paper wastage and get beautiful little garden at our home without doing a lot of work.

So that’s it for today guys! I hope you liked this post! Do let me know by commenting below. Don’t forget to share this post and follow my blog..

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