Review: Pukhraj Aloe Vera Skin Gel

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Yesterday I reviewed Pukhraj Aloe Aroma Face Wash for you and today I am here with my review about Pukhraj Aloe Vera Skin Gel. I use this skin gel twice a day right after using the face wash.

I am someone who follows Korean Skin Care regimen very seriously and do not forget to moisturise my skin at any cost. Since my skin care routine does not stay exactly the same, I sometimes use a cream based liquid moisturiser or a gel.

My point is to basically provide nourishment and hydration to my skin. However, I try really hard to use the gel or moisturiser from the same brand of which I am currently using the face wash or cleanser so that the products are complementary to each other.

If you are interested in knowing how this product worked on my problematic skin, then please keep on reading this post till the end. Also, do let me know if you want me to review any other product from Pukhraj. I’ll be more than happy to do so.

Product Description: Pukhraj Aloe Vera Skin Gel is formulated with high content (90%) of pure Aloe Vera along with Almond oil and Wheat germ oil, containing Natural Vitamin E that increase the activity of Collagen & Elastin, which gives Skin it’s structure and make it look YOUTHFUL!


*90% Pure Aloe Vera
*Enriched with Natural Oils containing the goodness of Vitamin E
*Suitable for all skin types
*Useful for acne, pimples, nappy rashes, burns, allergy, stretch-marks, itching, cracks, skin rejuvenation, cuts, wounds & insect bite

Protects Skin Against: Dust, Pollution, Sunrays

Directions of Usage: Apply twice a day in sufficient quantity, massage gently and leave. For better results, clean your face with Pukhraj Aloe Vera Face Wash before applying the gel. Store in cool, dark and dry place.

Precaution: For external use only

Disclaimer: An Ayurvedic Proprietary Product; Natural herbal formulations tend to change color over the time. However, product efficacy remains same.

Ingredients: Ghrit Kumari (Aloe barbadensis)* : 90%,Vatada Taila (Prunus amygdalus)* : 0.02%, Godhuma Taila (Triticum sativum)* : 0.7%, Citric Acid IP, Sodium Benzoate IP, Carbopol IP, Glycerin IP

*Bhav Prakash Nighantu, IP – Indian Pharmacopoeia

Cost: Rs. 400 for 100 ml

Shelf Life: 24 months

Availability: Official Website, Amazon

Packaging: This skin gel comes in a beige colored, cardboard carton which has all the necessary details mentioned on it. The product comes in a very soft, beige colored, squeezable rubber tube with copper screw cap.

Smell: Mild, identical to mixture of Licorice and Coconut

Consistency: Rich, thick

My Experience:

This review is based upon my oily, acne prone and sensitive skin. After washing my face with Pukhraj face wash, I take a coin sized amount of this skin gel in between my fingers and gently massage it into my face.

It is quite thick in consistency and takes longer than usual skin gels to get absorbed into the skin. It settles into a matte finish on the face. It spreads very eaily and smoothly on the skin. This gel has a very mild, coconuty smell to it and stays for around an hour but I don’t mind it because it’s not bad.

I use gentle, circular and upward motions while massaging my face with it. I try to be as gentle as possible and keep on doing it until it is properly absorbed. It feels very sticky on the skin for around ten minutes which I am not a big fan of.

It is not a clear gel but does not feel heavy or greasy at all. It does not irritate my sensitive skin and calms down the itching or inflammation, if any. I hate the fact that I cannot control the dispension of quantity required because of the packaging. I often squeeze amount way more than required which leads to product wastage.

Due to it’s formulation, it makes the skin very soft, nourished and moisturised when I wash my face next morning. It has the goodness of Vitamin E and natural oils in it which make the skin look very supple, healthy and rejuvenated.

Because Aloe Vera gel can be used as a makeup primer, I sometimes apply this gel on my face as well and it works great in moisturising and priming my face. It is really helpful in increasing the elasticity of the skin and reduces fine lines on regular usage.

It is an amazing gel to calm down the inflammation on skin, acne, pimples or any kind of rashes. My mother loves to apply it on her feet too as it moisturises them and heals cracks notably. It is a very mild skin gel which is a must have for all kind of skin issues at my home.

It penetrates deep into layers of the skin, hydrates, nourishes and regenerates the cells and reduces the appearance of wrinkles over time. It strengthens the skin tissues, keeps the skin healthy and restores its pH balance.

I find it very useful in healing all my skin issues and love the way it performs. It makes the skin look very healthy and nourished. I always apply it whenever I come back from the sun because it counterbalances all the damage done to the skin.

It not only calms the skin issues but also lightens acne scars, pigmentation and dark circles. I also use it as an after shave skin gel because it reduces the itching and heals the nicks and cuts, in case I get any.

Pros of Pukhraj Aloe Vera Skin Gel:

*Cruelty free
*Suitable for all skin types
*Gentle formulation
*Calms down skin irritations, infections, rashes and inflammation
*Rejuvenates skin
*Increases skin elasticity
*Makes skin very soft and nourished
*Does not make skin dry
*Works as a good moisturising primer as well
*Can be used as an after shave balm too
*Hygienic packaging
*Easily available in local market
*Ingredients list mentioned
*Value for money

Cons of Pukhraj Aloe Vera Skin Gel:

*A lot of product dispenses automatically which leads to product wastage
*Feels sticky on the face

Will I repurchase it?
Yes. This is a very effective and gentle skin gel which is basically helpful in all sort of skin issues.

Will I recommend it?
Yes. You should definitely check it out and it will take care of all your skin concerns.

Is it worth the money?
Yes, highly. It is slightly expensive but it does wonders to the skin. It works just as claimed and is fully worth the money charged.

My Ratings: 4.8/5

Final Verdict: Overall, it is a very very amazing skincare product that you all must have in your vanity. It is a must have at home and is the ultimate skin gel that you will need for most of your skin concerns.

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