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Hi Guys! Today I am going to review Oriflame Feet Up Foot File for you all.

 Only a true beauty connoisseur can know the importance of beauty tools and equipment. From hair dryers to stylers, tweezers to razors, makeup brushes to beauty sponges and from nail file to a foot file, we girls cannot live without even a single one. Particularly talking about me, I cannot hop into the shower without a loofah, foot file, vaginal wash, hair clutch etc, obviously along with water and shower gel. *Chuckles*

This is the last product for review from my Oriflame haul but that doesn’t mean it is going to be the last review from Oriflame. I love Oriflame’s skincare stuff and will definitely purchase a lot of new stuff to share my reviews with you guys. Oriflame Feet Up offers general and advanced care products to help achieve soft, smooth and supple feet. It has a range of three products viz. Foot Scrub, Foot Cream and a Foot File which provide a complete foot care routine to pamper, care and invigorate tired feet.

From local market to luxury shopping portals, foot files are everywhere. You can get them for as low as Rs. 20 and for as high as anything (Rs. 2500 the most I know). Obviously the cheaper foot files have cheap pumice stone in them and are not durable. Please keep on reading this review till the end to find out what my final opinion about this particular foot file is so that you can decide if this is the next one you want to buy or not.

Product Description:

This handy turquoise foot file efficiently removes dead skin cells from feet, leaving them feeling smooth and soft.


Rs. 199


40 mm X 160 mm


Ebay, Amazon, Nykaa

For more, check the Official website 

About the Shape and Quality:

Oriflame Feet Up Foot File has a beautiful turquoise color and a very handy, tapered shape. It is quite long and convenient to hold and work with. The body is made up of good quality, fiber-plastic and is semi-transparent. The handle has a hole at the end to be easily hung in the bathroom.

The foot file is double sided and the exfoliator is very gentle. It is not at all heavy and does not break when dropped but I like to keep it at the top inside my suitcase or in my bag whenever I go for long trips because of its shape.

Convenient and handy shape

My Experience with Oriflame Feet Up Foot File:

I have been using this foot file every single day ever since I got it. I love its shape and the exfoliator quality. Even after regular usage for more than six months, the foot file is intact and looks completely new. As I already described, the shape of this file makes it really handy to reach the arch and curves of my feet.

Oriflame Feet Up Foot File doesn’t tickle or hurt the feet at all and is very gentle on the skin. It works really effectively, without taking much effort to make the feet soft, clean and pampered. Living in India, I think you can imagine how easy it is to get dirty feet even if you are wearing slippers all day long.

Moreover, this file is just so amazing that it literally removes all kind of dust my feet have, exfoliates the skin making it really soft, bright and smooth and takes away all the dead skin cells. Honestly speaking, when I come out of the shower, my feet look polished, literally.

As I said it is not at all harsh or abrasive, I use it on my hands and knees as well and enjoy the soft, baby skin I am left with. It is really strong and durable and I think is going to last me for ages. It is one of the best foot files I have ever used and serves its purpose brilliantly.

When I use the combination of all three of these things (File, Scrub and Cream), my feet look as that of a royal lady, clean and beautiful. It is simply an amazing and effective product.

Gentle exfoliator

 Pros of Oriflame Feet Up Foot File:

  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Good quality
  • Gentle exfoliator
  • Effective result
  • Handy and convenient shape
  • Easy to use
  • Value for money
  • Affordable
  • Not at all abrasive or harsh

Cons of Oriflame Feet Up Foot File:

  • Availability

Will I repurchase it?

I don’t think I’ll ever need to but in case I have to, I’ll definitely go for it.

Will I recommend it?

Yes. Hundred and one percent recommended!! It is one of the best foot files you could ever find.

Is it worth the price?

Yes, highly. Oriflame Feet Up Foot File works really well without being harsh on the skin and leaves the foot very soft and clean. I love its quality, shape and result and find it completely worth the money.

My Ratings:


Final Verdict about Oriflame Feet Up Foot File:

This is a very handy, effective and wonderful foot file. It removes all the dust from the feet within a few seconds, gets away all the dead skin cells and makes the feet look polished. The quality is simply amazing and this is something which will make sure you do not spend your hard earned money ever again on a foot file.

*Not a sponsored post; Product bought by my own money

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