Review: Mama Earth Mineral Based Sunscreen for Babies SPF 20+

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Today I am going to review Mama Earth Mineral Based Sunscreen for Babies SPF 20+ for you all. I have also reviewed their Gentle Cleansing Shampoo for Babies, so don’t forget to check it out..

A baby’s skin is very very tender and taking it’s care is the first and foremost concern of a mother. Children should be exposed to sunlight to absorb minerals and get to know their environment but Sun can be extra harsh for their sensitive skin.

You should never ever miss giving your child adequate amount of sunlight as well as necessary protection by dressing him in protective clothing and applying a sunscreen. There are many factors you should look for while selecting a sunscreen for your baby.

You should make sure that the sunscreen has a gentle formula, contains extracts of gentle herbs or plants, is non comedogenic and has a sun protection factor of atleast 15. If you do not select a baby’s sunscreen wisely, it may do more harm than good as it may irritate the skin and may lead to many other skin issues.

I have a three year old nephew and I tried this sunscreen on him.. If you are interested in knowing how it performed on him, whether it caused any skin irritation or not and what my final verdict about the product is, then please keep on reading this post till the end…

Product Description:

Exploring their environment is the first way how a baby is able to understand its surroundings. Mamaearth’s mineral based sunscreen can help your baby take its first steps into the big world by giving them the sun protection they need. Our sunscreen has the best mineral, Zinc oxide with an SPF level of 20 which makes it the best form of sun protection your baby can get. It provides a waterproof layer of safety which protects the skin from any kind of damage from the harmful UVA & UVB rays. Cocoa and shea butter in our sunscreen moisturises your lil one’s skin while Aloe Vera extracts helps the skin soothe. Our mineral based sunscreen allows your baby to have a fun filled day full of protection while splashing about in the water. Mamaearth’s sunscreen comes with a MadeSafe certification and hence is the best sun protection you could chose for your baby.


*Certified toxin free
*Dermatologically tested
*Natural fragrance
*Suitable for 0-5 years

Directions of Usage:

Apply on exposed skin before taking the baby out in sun or swimming. Protection lasts for two hours. Do not apply on wounds.


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Cost: Rs. 299 for 100 ml

Shelf Life: 2 years

Availability: Official Website, First Cry, Nykaa, Amazon


Since I am reviewing this product via it’s sample sachet, I can’t really describe what the actual packaging looks like. Mama Earth follows an animal theme in their Baby Care range and this product has a “camel” theme.. Have a look at the original packaging here..

Image Source

Smell: Mild, pleasant, floral

Texture and Consistency: This sunscreen has a white colored, very creamy and smooth texture with a runny consistency..

My Thoughts:

This sunscreen is hypoallergenic, i.e. allergy free which is it’s biggest pro and does not irritate my nephew’s gentle skin at all. It has a very creamy and smooth texture and feels really light while applying. It spreads effortlessly and has a runny consistency.

It gets quickly absorbed into the skin and settles into a matte finish. Despite having a very creamy texture, it does not look heavy, greasy, shiny or oily at all. I tested it out on my face as well and it didn’t feel like applying anything.

It is moisturising and leaves the skin nourished. It has a mild, floral smell which I find pleasing. Just a pea sized amount product goes long way and the protection is quite long. After applying it and being in sun, my nephew’s skin does not feel itchy or bumpy at all which usually happens without sunscreen.

It is free from all harsh chemicals and deeply hydrates the skin as well. It does not have any soothing or cooling effect which is why it is ideal to be used on kids in all sorts of weather but it calms down the skin very beautifully after long sun exposure.

Pros of Mama Earth Mineral Based Sunscreen for Babies SPF 20+:

*Enriched with goodness of calendula extracts, shea & cocoa butter
*Free from octycelene, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, petroleum, synthetic fragrances or dyes.
*Contains SPF 20+
*Doesn’t irritate baby’s sensitive skin
*Deeply nourishing
*Mild smell
*Ingredients list mentioned
*Value for money

Cons of Mama Earth Mineral Based Sunscreen for Babies SPF 20+:

*Not available locally

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Will I purchase it?

Will I recommend it?
I highly recommend every mom to use this sunscreen on their kids as it is amazing, effective and very gentle with no toxins.

Is it worth the money?
Completely. Your babies are precious and they deserve products which are 100% safe and natural just like this one..

My Ratings: 5/5

Final Verdict: Overall, it is a very mild sunscreen with a very effective formulation. It does not irritate the skin in any way and protects it from the harmful radiation of the sun. It has a beautiful smell and deeply nourishes the skin too. It is free from all sorts of harmful chemicals and protects the skin from sun damage and sun tan very efficaciously..

*PR Sample

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