Review: Lujobox January 2019 Edition

Hi Guys! Today I am going to unbox and review Lujobox January 2019 Edition for you all.

Lujobox is a newly launched luxury subscription box. Their first box came out in October 2018 and this is their fourth edition. I reviewed their December 2018 Edition as well and I was pretty impressed by it. So without further ado, let me quickly unveil what we’ve got this month! By the way, it is to be pronounced as “LuHObox”, in case you don’t know!

Subscription Plan:

Rs. 950 per month

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Packaging of the Box:

Since these days most of the boxes have that flip, magnetic sort of packaging, Lujobox has kept it different. The box is matte-black in color, and pretty bulky and large in size. As soon as you open the box and keep the lid aside, you see pure luxury going on. The January 2019 Edition also has a red, velvety piece of cloth with some hay inside to add some extra glam to the box.

The contents of the box are securely wrapped and kept inside. A butter paper with the initials L and J wrap the box.

Contents of the Box:

As soon as you remove the butter paper and the piece of cloth, you see two leaflets kept inside.



The actual unboxing begins…



Full Size: 3.8 gm (Rs. 699)


My Thoughts:

This is a traditional bullet lipstick with a creamy, satin finish. It claims to be matte but it isn’t. Well, I have no complaints with the texture because I quite like it. I love the fact that the cap is transparent which allows seeing the lipstick color. You know what? I really hate lipsticks which are not color-coded. I mean they’re so confusing!

The matte-black body is of good quality and the cap fits perfectly. I really like the finish of this lipstick but I am yet to do a complete wear test. Well, I must say that the pigmentation and color pay off are good. I have received the shade 04 which is a hot red, gorgeous color. I am not sure how many color variants are available in this edition of Lujobox but the color may vary.



Full Size: 30 gm (Rs. 350)


My Thoughts:

I am new to this brand and I really love it when I come across new brands or new launches. This body cream is like something I have never tried before. The formulation is very light and nice and the absorption is also pretty good. It smells very mild and pleasant. The cream doesn’t feel heavy at all and has a lovely creamy texture to it.

It has extremely fine shimmer in it which doesn’t look chunky or cheap at all. I just wish the packaging was better, innovative, hygienic and classier. An extremely little amount of cream is required per application! The color may vary in each box and I have received “Silver Glow”. The other variants available are: “Gold Glow”, “Red Glow” and “Bronze Glow”.



Full Size: 100 ml (Rs. 425)


My Thoughts:

Not only new to the brand, I am also new to the word Lycopene. As per my research on Google, Lycopene is a naturally occurring, bright red pigment usually found in tomatoes and other red fruits which often acts as a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory for the skin. The smell and formulation of this lotion is something I really love.

The consistency is ideal and the absorption is really quick. The cream doesn’t make the skin oily at all. Instead, it imparts a matte finish and is great for someone who has oily skin like me. I love its bright and hygienic packaging.



Full Size: 113 gm (Rs. 385)


My Thoughts:

Another product by Oasis California in the box and another charcoal mask received! I think no subscription box is complete without any charcoal product inside! Well, no complaints! I love charcoal for the wonders it does. Let us hope how this one performs on my problematic skin. Stay tuned for a detailed review.



Full Size: 4 gm (Rs. 550)


My Thoughts:

Eyeshadows are every girl’s favorite and gold on eyes is my recent obsession! This fine eyeshadow is so good in texture and pigmentation that I cannot rave enough. Even the slightest touch pays off very well and looks so shiny! I can’t wait to do a full glam makeup with it and probably use it as a highlighter as well. I wish it had a mirror inside for traveling on-the-go!



Quantity: 4

Full Size: 22 ml each (Rs. 435)


My Ratings about Lujobox January 2019 Edition:


My Final Verdict:

Last month, I was highly impressed by the box and wanted to see if they come up with same quality or something even better. Honestly, they did a great job in curating this box and lived up to my expectations completely. The best thing I liked about the box is that all the brands included were new to me.

Another best thing about Lujobox January 2019 Edition is that all products are full sized. There is not even a single sample sized product in the box. The packaging, design, curation, product choice – everything was simply great.

I cannot wait to try these products and share a detailed review about each one of them with you all soon. Please stay tuned and do not forget to regularly visit the blog! In case you are busy, why don’t you subscribe using your email so that each time I publish a blog post, you are notified! No spam – I promise!

The total worth of this month’s box sums to Rs. 2294 which is great in just Rs. 950. A big thumbs up to Lujobox once again from my side.

*Received in PR Mail

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