Review: Island Kiss Black Rose & Grenade Rouge Lip Moisturiser Stain (Foxy Red Head)

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Today I am going to review Island Kiss Black Rose & Grenade Rouge Lip Moisturiser Stain for you all. I received this product in the April 2018 Edition of Glamego Box. I am in the shade Foxy Red Head but this product comes in total five different shades. The other variants available are Flamingo Pink & Peonies, Puerto Berry Blush, Alma Vanilla & Inges Lavender, and Cherry Blossom Flores. I know the review is quite late but better late than never. So, if you are interested in knowing how it worked for me, then please keep on reading this post till the end.

Product Description:

From the 2016 Coleca of lip moisturisers emerges the ravishing Puerto Berry Blush. Imagine sitting by the pool and eating lemon-strawberry sorbet. Your lips are tart, a bit stained – if you apply it several times – and fresh as if you’ve brushed your cheeks against a shrub. It is zippy, flirty and will satisfy lovers of colour.


*100% Natural *Not tested on animals * Cruelty-free *100% Organic *100% Pure * Non-toxic *Safe *Contains SPF 15 *Petroleum free *Nourishes, softens soothes and replenishes lips

Directions of Usage:

Squeeze with love and caress on to lips until they soften. Enjoy baking in the sun. Feel free to lick your lips and savour the taste of your Island Kiss.



Rs. 499 for 14 gms

Shelf Life:

36 months


Amazon, Nykaa


This product comes in a vintage looking outer carton. It reminds me of “The Balm” products. The carton has all necessary product details mentioned on it. The actual packaging is a soft, rubber tube with a red, plastic screw cap. The slant tip applicator makes dispensing easier. The packaging is very basic but mess proof.


Mild, pleasant, fruity

Texture and Consistency:

This product has a very balmy texture with a medium consistency.


My Experience with Island Kiss Black Rose & Grenade Rouge Lip Moisturiser Stain:

I, like most of the girls, love lip products, be it lipstick, lip stain, lip balm, chapstick or anything else. When I got this product in hand, I was really intrigued by its claims. I thought it would turn out to be a very promising product which I can apply on the go to get a beautiful stain behind. However, to my disappointment, it did not work at all. Starting off with the consistency and texture of Island Kiss Black Rose & Grenade Rouge Lip Moisturiser Stain, I like it as it is fine. The smell is also fruity and pleasant but what matters the most is the result. It gets applied very easily just like any other lip balm. Furthermore, the smallest amount of product is enough for perfect nourishment and color. But, the nourishment doesn’t last more than thirty minutes. I think I would rather prefer Olivia Lip Balm and keep on reapplying it whenever I get dry lips in just Rs. 30. As for the color, there is literally no stain left behind. Above all, the lips look beautiful and plump right after you apply it but the color wears off in a few minutes, lightens in around 10-15 minutes and completely goes away in around half an hour. Why would I waste a hefty amount of money on such a product which can neither provide enough moisturization nor do what it claims? This is literally a waste of money because it doesn’t do what it is meant for. I think Oriflame Lip Balm is a much affordable, effective and better option if I had to get such a lip color. I wouldn’t want to waste my money on this particular product. It doesn’t harm my lips in any way. This product also doesn’t cause any irritation or discoloration. It doesn’t make lips dry or flaky either. It is completely cruelty-free and also contains SPF but there are many other products which offer better color and moisturization than this product at just 1/4th cost.

Pros of Island Kiss Black Rose & Grenade Rouge Lip Moisturiser Stain:

*Contains sun protection factor 15 *Causes no irritation, side effect, discoloration, itching or harm to lips *Doesn’t feel heavy or uncomfortable * Travel-friendly, compact, lightweight, mess-proof *Ingredients list mentioned *Long shelf life *Nice smell *Available on discounts online

Cons of Island Kiss Black Rose & Grenade Rouge Lip Moisturiser Stain:

*Doesn’t work as claimed *Extremely pricey for the cheap results *Doesn’t leave a stain *Doesn’t moisturize lips for long enough *Only available online

Will I purchase it?

Never. I think I haven’t come across a product as disappointing as this after the Vert Solid Perfume. Therefore, I will never purchase it.

Will I recommend it?

Obviously not. As I didn’t like its result at all, I would never recommend it to anyone.

Is it worth the money?

No. This product has high claims and all that good stuff but does nothing. Additionally, it is extremely pricey for what it does. So, for me, it is not at all worth the price.

My Ratings: 2/5

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