Review: Indus Valley Spott Capsule Hair Color – Dark Brown (3.00)

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Today I am going to review Indus Valley Spott Capsule Hair Color for you all. This product comes in two shades viz. Black (1.00) and Dark Brown (3.00). I choose the shade “Dark Brown” for my mom’s hair. This review is thus, based upon her experience. If you are interested in knowing how this product worked and is it worth buying, then please keep on reading this post till the end…

Product Description:


*No ammonia
*Great to color small areas, root touch ups, hairline, sideburn, moustaches, beard, temples or any place where you need a little color
*Clinically tested
*For men and women both
*Small size, great results
*Concentrated color for perfect grey coverage

Directions of Usage:

Cautions and Warning:



Rs. 499 for 20 capsules (total 56 grams product)

Shelf Life:

2 years



Packaging and Inside the Kit:

These capsule hair colors come with a Before and After Hair Cleanser, Measuring Cup, Pipette, Applicator Brush, One Pair of Gloves and an Instruction Leaflet. Everything is kept in a carton with all necessary details mentioned on it.

A close-up of the Instruction Leaflet:

A close-up of the Hair Color Capsules:

Hair Cleanser:

My Mom’s Experience with Indus Valley Spott Capsule Hair Color:

Indus Valley Spott Capsule Hair Color is my mom’s latest obsession. It has made hair coloring much easier and quicker. We just love the whole idea of capsule hair coloring. One capsule is enough for root touch-ups. We are in the shade Dark Brown – 3.00 and I think it is just the perfect color for giving a natural look to hair.

The box has 20 capsules and thus, the color is going to last us really long. It is a great investment, I must say. It is so quick and easy to use it. She just takes one capsule, opens it by twisting it, adds the powder into the given measuring cup and adds 2.5 ml using the given pipette. The consistency is just perfect – neither too thick nor too thin. The process is also very simple, easy, and hassle-free.

She then applies it on to her roots or wherever required. I love the fact that this color is ammonia free and doesn’t irritate her scalp at all. It is just the perfect color for her and does not harm her scalp or skin in any way. I also love the fact that it comes with so many convenient things i.e. applicator brush, one pair of gloves, instruction leaflet, measuring cup, pipette and most of all – the before and after hair cleanser.

The cleanser works perfectly and smells really nice. It also doesn’t irritate the skin in any way and cleans the skin in two or three applications. We just love the formulation, result and everything about this product. Root touch ups have never felt so easy! It also takes around 25 minutes for the color to show up.

Pros of Indus Valley Spott Capsule Hair Color:

*Doesn’t irritate scalp in any way
*Doesn’t make hair dry or frizzy
*No wastage, only required quantity is used
*Natural color
*Quick results

Cons of Indus Valley Spott Capsule Hair Color:

*Only available online

Will I purchase it?

Yes. This is one of the best hair coloring solutions my mom has found. She doesn’t have to worry about product wastage anymore and root touch-ups on the go has now become possible.

Will I recommend it?

Yes. I would highly recommend you all to give this product a try. I am sure you would love it too.

Is it worth the money?

Highly. Once you try it out, you will say the same.

My Ratings: 5/5

*PR Sample, Not a sponsored post

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