Review: Curie Die Hard Romantic Soap

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Today I am going to review the last soap from what Curie India sent me and it is their Die Hard Romantic Soap.. I have already reviewed their Rose Water Elixir and Coffee Swirl Soap, so don’t forget to read them as well.. As this product has such a nice name, it intrigued me so hard to try it but I kept it to be used at the last because I often enjoy things that I expect a lot from at last..

As I have already mentioned in my previous reviews that I don’t use soaps a lot but whenever I use them, it has to be a gel based formulation. Just like the Coffee Swirl Soap, this soap also has a beautiful heart shape but and has more hearts embedded inside. If you are interested in trying this soap, please keep on reading this post till the end..

Also, I’d like to mention that the pros and cons of this product will only be judged on the basis of its performance and other important factors. I will not review it on basis of the fact that soaps harbour bacteria because that is what all soaps basically do.

Product Description: You can feel it in your fingers, you can feel it in your toes, the love that is around you, when you bath with Die Hard romantic soap! Die hard romantic is expression of true love. It is enriched with Olive oil which has various benefits like: It moisturizes and fights bacteria. If you’re prone to acne, using a soap made with olive oil may help decrease your acne by killing off the bacteria that causes the acne.

*100% Natural
*Not tested on animals  Cost: Rs. 150 for 100 gm

Availability: Curie India

Shelf Life: 12 months

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Glycerine, Stearic Acid, Vit E, Aqua, Propylene Glycol, Perfume, Permitted Colour

Packaging: This soap comes in an eco friendly, cardboard box which has the brand’s logo at the top and other important details mentioned at the bottom. The box has a nice quality and once you unbox it, the soap is carefully kept inside it.

The quality and size of the box is quite good and the soap fits inside properly. The soap is cling wrapped and a little product description is mentioned at the bottom..

The soap as you can see has a heart shape, a stunning red color, has a gel based formulation and has small, white colored hearts embedded inside. The size of the soap is neither too big nor too small.

Smell: Mild, Pleasant, Floral

My Experience: This review is based upon my oily, acne prone and sensitive skin. Since claims to moisturize the skin, fight bacteria and help decrease acne, I think it is really good to be used on a daily basis for someone like me who always has a few guests on her face. The current situation of my face is highly terrible because there are millions of zits and breakouts everywhere.

I have realised that no skincare product can eliminate my extremely painful acne from the root until and unless I get myself medically treated. Since I am under medication and not currently trying any product on my face, I am sharing my review on the basis of its usage on my body while bathing. This review also has my mum’s point of view about it as she has been using it on her face for quite some time now..

So to start off, I’d say I love its shape, color and beautiful heart detailing going on inside. It looks really cute and the mild, floral smell is very pleasant and not sweeping over. Just like the other two Curie Soaps, it also forms a nice foaming lather and once you incorporate it into your wet loofah, it turns into a very rich and creamy lather just like the Pond’s White Beauty Daily Spot Less Lightening Facial Foam..

While in shower, it gives me a nice and refreshing feel because of it’s floral and feminine kind of smell which comes up to be so true to its name. My mother hates soaps which have a strong scent because no matter how much ventilation your bathroom has, it gets suffocated after a steamy bath and the smell really gets overpowering.

It dissolves quite quickly but what I love about it is that it remains a heart shaped one till the end unlike other soaps that come back to a normal, oval shape after a few uses.. The quality of this soap is really really good and does not irritate my sensitive skin at all.. (Yes, the skin of my entire body is sensitive) It’s size, smell, lather and gentleness makes it perfect to be used on a baby’s skin as well..

It doesn’t strip the natural oils of my skin at all even though it is not a gel based one and keeps it nourished instead.. It does not cause any pimples or breakouts on my skin or my mom’s face, to be precise. The formulation is not at all harsh and keeps the skin well hydrated.

Since it’s pH is balanced, it does not sting the eyes at all which I love and makes it perfect to be used for kids as well. It makes my skin very soft, supple and smooth once I hop out of the shower. Trust me, I love to watch this soap in light because it is so beautiful from within. It cleans all the dirt and grime perfectly leaving the skin soft and does not make it dry at all.

Pros of Curie Die Hard Romantic Soap:

*Looks very pretty
*Mild, pleasant, floral fragrance
*Ingredients list mentioned
*Doesn’t strip natural oils of the skin
*Doesn’t make skin dry
*Doesn’t irritate the skin
*Makes skin soft and smooth
*Keeps the skin hydrated and nourished
*Gets rid of all the dirt and grime
*Comes in an eco friendly box
*Classy packaging
*Cruelty free
*Value for money
*Suitable for all skin types
*Balanced pH which doesn’t sting eyes

Cons of Curie Die Hard Romantic Soap:

*Only available online
*Dissolves quickly

Will I repurchase it?
Yes. I like this soap in terms of everything: packaging, formulation, hydration and result.. It looks really really pretty and does not make my sensitive skin itchy or dry at all.. It keeps the skin very soft and hydrated. Overall, it has a gentle formulation which is good to be used on a daily basis.

Will I recommend it?
Yes. This soap works quite well in cleaning the skin without being harsh and looks too pretty. I will recommend you to try it out if you feel like… It wouldn’t be a bad choice at all.. It’s a very good and pretty soap to be used by everyone..

Is it worth the price?
Yes. It works nicely, does not lead to breakouts, has a balanced pH, makes the skin feel so soft and smells lovely in addition to looking romantic and pretty..

My Ratings: 5/5

Final Verdict: Overall, it is a very nice and gentle soap with power of glycerin and oils which keeps the skin hydrated and nourished. It makes the skin properly cleaned and leaves it really very smooth. It is very friendly towards the skin and can be used by anyone as it neither irritates it nor dries it out. I like its fragrance, shape and the packaging a lot.. If you are looking for a cruelty free gel based soap that is good for you and your family’s skin, you can definitely go ahead and buy it..

*PR Sample

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