Review: Bio Bloom Eucalyptus Foot Cream

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Today I am going to review Bio Bloom Eucalyptus Foot Cream with you all which I got in my December 2017 Glamego Box. I have also reviewed Oriflame Sweden Feet Up Overnight Moisturising Foot Cream and Green Leaf Foot Care Cream with Aloe Vera on this blog, so don’t forget to check it out.

Also, let me tell you guys that I am reviewing this product via its sample which was specially packed for Glamego, so this bottle is not the original packaging of the product.

Honestly, I am very blessed to have got very soft and crack free feet but I try to take care of them so as to maintain them. I am sure you would agree to the fact that most of us often neglect our feet and do not have a footcare regime at all, although it is very necessary.

Beautiful, nourished and soft feet not only look pretty but also prevent a lot of diseases. Some people say that they do soak their feet in warm water with lemon, soap or hydrogen peroxide once or twice a month and that is enough for them.

Soaking feet in water does help to some extent but there is a lot more you should do to maintain your feet. It is very important to keep the feet moisturised by applying a good quality foot cream and to heal the cracks or get rid of any other problem.

This foot cream by Bio Bloom is enriched with Eucalyptus oil which has great remedial, healing, moisturizing & cooling properties. It helps in relieving inflammation & soreness which makes it an excellent treatment not only for damaged skin but also for stiff muscles and other pain related issues.

To know more about this foot cream, how its full sized product looks like, price point, claims, my experience and recommendation, please keep on reading this post till the end… Don’t forget share your foot care regime with me and your favorite foot cream you have tried till date..

Product Description:

Enriched with Eucalyptus Oil, this foot cream is a relaxing but potent moisturizer. It heals chapped skin on your heels and leaves your feet looking fresh and great.


*Paraben Free
*LLP Free
*Enriched with Pure Essential Oils

Directions of Usage: Apply liberally to both feet. Massage in circular motion paying special attention to the heels. Always apply to clean, dry feet at least twice daily. Apply & leave overnight for best results.


Cost: Rs. 499 for 75 gm

Shelf Life: 24 months from date of mfg

Availability: Official Website, Amazon, Nykaa


This foot cream comes in a transparent, plastic jar with a golden, metallic screw lid. As I have a sample size with me, I have it in bottle form but I don’t like any packaging out of the two. I find bottle packaging inconvenient and jar packaging unhygienic.. Here is how the original packaging looks like..

Image Source

Smell: Strong but not overpowering, Identical to Eucalyptus

Texture and Consistency: This white colored cream has a very rich, creamy and mousse-like texture. Its consistency is not runny at all and spreads effortlessly on the skin, just like a balm..

My Experience:

Me and my mum apply this foot cream every night. We take around a coin sized amount per foot and it is enough to cover each foot quite well. Sometimes, we take a little bit extra product in case the skin is drier than usual or if my mom has deeper cracks.. Initially, we did not like its strong scent but we are now used to it.

Coming to the performance which is the most important factor, we are totally in love with this product. This cream spreads effortlessly on the skin and gets quickly absorbed. It does not feel greasy or heavy at all and also does not make us sweat in the feet.

After applying it, I wear a light and breathable pair of socks and to sleep. Next morning, I get with up very soft and smooth feet. I do not have any cracks but my mom does. Her cracks heal very quickly after applying it, probably within three days. Deeper cracks may take around a week to get completely healed.

I love touching my feet ever since I have started using this cream because the moisturisation and nourishment it provides is heavenly. It just keeps the feet look very pampered and looked after. Because it has eucalyptus as its key ingredient, it also soothes skin and calms down itching or inflammation, if any.

Pros of Bio Bloom Eucalyptus Foot Cream:

*Free from harmful chemicals
*Value for money
*Ingredients list mentioned
*Relaxing, nourishing, soothing
*Heals cracks within three days
*Provides intense moisturisation
*Gets quickly absorbed
*Spreads effortlessly
*Refreshing smell
*Little quantity required

Cons of Bio Bloom Eucalyptus Foot Cream:

*Unhygienic tub packaging
*Strong scent

Will I purchase it?

Yes. I like this foot cream a lot in every aspect, except for its packaging and would love to purchase it once I finish this sample size with me.

Will I recommend it?

Yes. If you are looking for a good foot cream that takes care of almost everything, you must invest in this product.

Is it worth the money?

Yes. Although it seems pricey to me as per the quantity offered, I am highly assured by the quality and performance of this product..

My Ratings: 4.5/5

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