Review: Bella Tampons {Regular}

Hi Guys! Today I am going to review Bella tampons in the size Regular for you all…

Tampons, as we all know, are used to absorb menstrual flow just like pads. They are a great way to have carefree-ness and extra security. They are the perfect answer to the freedom of movement of active, sporty, modern women and give them unlimited certainty.

Before using tampons, I had a lot of queries, confusion and was really unsure but when I used them, I felt really secure and unconcerned. I use sanitary pads as well but I love using tampons on the first and second day of my periods as it feels cleaner, less-messy and comfortable.

Bella has four tampons sizes available which have different levels of absorbency viz. Mini, Regular, Super and Super Plus. I am reviewing the regular variant for you all. These tampons are advised to be used for a moderate flow. You can use the variant according to the intensity of your flow.

A lot of brands offer tampons today but it is really important to choose the best product for usage in our intimate area. Please keep on reading this review know my experience and final thoughts about these tampons so that you can decide if they are worth using or not.


  • Safe string
  • Special grooves
  • Non-woven sheath
  • Increased absorption zone


Rs. 89 for 8 pcs and Rs. 155 for 16 pcs


5 years


Big Basket, Nykaa, Amazon

For more, check the Official website


The Bella tampons come in a soft, cardboard box and are neatly stacked. A leaflet is kept inside the box which has all the necessary information given in different languages.

The tampons are properly wrapped and get opened easily by holding them and twisting the wrapping as the arrow shows.

Bella Tampons Quality:

The Bella Tampons are very soft and are made up of non-woven sheath which prevents the tampon from releasing separate fibres and provides distribution and absorption of menstrual blood. It does not have any applicator but is still very easy to use. The secure string fixed at the end assures easy and safe removal of the tampon.

My Experience with Bella Tampons:

Although the regular size is for moderate flow, I use it on the first and second days of my periods because I don’t usually get a very high flow. My mother who gets very high flow uses super size but in case, she runs out of those, she uses a panty liner with this size for an additional protection. The Bella Tampons are super delicate, soft and very easy to insert.

They do not have an applicator but the insertion takes place very easily, even by first-time users. To use them, I simply wash my hands and tear the cellophane package by twisting it at the marked arrows. It is really easy to open and use these tampons. Then I straighten the string and gently push it in. The quality and absorbency are really amazing.

It is also very easy to pull it out but that doesn’t mean it causes any kind of slipping out of the tampon or leakage. I simply pull the string and I’m good to go. Due to the absorption of blood, it gets slightly increased in size but nothing too crazy, messy or hurtful. I change it every 4-5 hours and it does not leak in that time period.

Pros of Bella Tampons:

  • Made of materials bleached without chlorine
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Safe for health
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Opens with an easy twist
  • Absorbs moderate blood flow easily
  • Does not leak
  • Easy to remove
  • Available in leading offline stores and supermarkets like Metro, Big Bazaar, Health and Glow etc

Cons of Bella Tampons:

  • Doesn’t have an applicator

Will I purchase them?

Yes. These tampons make my periods go really comfortable and mess-free without being harsh or difficult to use. So, I’ll definitely repurchase them.

Will I recommend them?

Yes. If you are someone who is looking for easy to use, soft and comfortable tampons, go for these but please do your own research about the size. If you are using a tampon for the first time, go with size Mini but if you are already a tampons user, go for the regular variant in case of a moderate flow.

Are they worth the price?

Yes. Safe, gentle, soft, absorbent, handy, what else do I want? They are certainly worth the price point.

My Ratings:


Final Verdict about Bella Tampons:

These tampons are very comfortable to use and work wonderfully in absorbing the menstrual flow. They do not cause any kind of leakage, irritation or slipping and serve the meaningful purpose really well.

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