Review: Bella Perfecta Ultra L Deo Fresh Silky Drai Wings Sanitary Napkins

Hi Guys! Today I am going to review Bella Perfecta Ultra L Deo Fresh Sanitary Napkins for you all…

These sanitary napkins are from Bella’s Perfecta Range under the variant “Ultra L” Deo Fresh. The Perfecta Silky Drai range actually has four variants viz. Ultra L (285 mm, wings, perfect for daily use), Ultra L Deo Fresh (285 mm, wings, gently scented for well being), Ultra XL Heavy Flow (285 mm, wings, best for heavy flow) and Ultra XXL Night (315 mm, wings, especially good for the night time).

Bella has a really vast variety of breathable sanitary napkins and I am so intrigued by their quality and everything. Their pads are imported from Europe, are dermatologically tested and safe for use. I love almost all their products that I have tried till now. Please keep on reading this review till the end to know whether this variant has lived up to my expectations or not.

Product Description:

The only breathable ultrathin sanitary napkins in India with delicate floral scent. Recommended for active women who praise comfort, discretion and security.


*Leakage control system
*Breathable material
*Magic gel barriers
*Innovative silky drai netting
*Odour Stop


Rs. 75 for 8 units


3 years


Big Basket, Purplle

For more, check the Official website.


Anatomical; 2 mm thickness, 285 mm length


The Bella Perfecta Ultra L Deo Fresh Sanitary Napkins come in an opaque, plastic wrapper, properly stacked and securely packed.

Each pad is actually wrapped in a pocket pack which is really convenient for traveling.

Quality of the Pads:

The pads are pure white in color as they should be, are very thin and soft. Each pad has a stitch detailing, is quite long and is very comfortable to wear. The pads have a blue gel line at the ends to lock everything in place and provide better protection. Although they are slightly scented, I love the mild, pleasant and floral smell which takes all the body odour away without irritating the intimate area at all.

The top sheet of the Bella Perfecta Ultra L Deo Fresh Sanitary Napkins is very soft, has a “drai” netting on it and the border at the edges ensures no leakage. Each pad has side wings which adhere properly to the underwear and do not move around. The pads are very very thin and do not feel like I am wearing something.


Slightly scented, pleasant, floral

Absorbency of the Bella Perfecta Ultra L Deo Fresh Sanitary Napkins:

These pads absorb the menstrual blood very well and quickly. The blood spreads out evenly, gets absorbed within seconds and the gel lock barrier doesn’t allow leakage even on heavy days. The magical gel barriers and stitched edges guide the blood flow preventing any sort of leakages or clothes staining.

Artificial Blood Made By Food Coloring For Demo Purposes

My Experience with Bella Perfecta Ultra L Deo Fresh Sanitary Napkins:

I have already tried two variants of Bella’s sanitary napkins but they did not have gel lock system in them which makes this one quite different and more trustworthy. Gel barriers actually turn any sort of moisture into gel and have its own reputation. The quick absorbency factor of these pads makes me feel very secure, assured, dry, clean and carefree.

The Bella Perfecta Ultra L Deo Fresh Sanitary Napkins have a really good quality and the material is also very breathable which ensures proper air circulation and doesn’t cause any infection. They are soft and silky as suggested by the name and the netting on the surface quickly soaks all the blood ensuring a great feeling of dryness.

To add on…

These pads are very soft and comfortable and have a very gentle scent. I do not feel like wearing anything because they are so thin but do not leak at all. Since they are slightly deodorized, they neutralize the unpleasant smell, if any and makes the area feel very fresh.

I am a very sensitive person and I think no one would like to use a scented product in their intimate area but these pads are safe to be used and do not cause any itching or irritating. The mild smell lasts as long as I have the pad on which is generally a time period of four to five hours.

Not forgetting to mention my blood flow, I usually get moderate flow during my periods and even the first day is not very messy. Talking about leakage, I use these pads in the daytime as recommended but it does not leak even at night. Yes, I wore it at night to test how well the blue magic gel barriers worked. The gel lock system not only prevents leakage but also keeps all the blood evenly distributed. Only 2 mm of thickness but such high absorbency, I am surprised!

Pros of Bella Perfecta Ultra L Deo Fresh Sanitary Napkins:

*Pocket pack convenient for traveling
*Very soft and breathable material
*Quick absorption
*Mild, floral, delicate scent that doesn’t cause irritation
*Ensures a feeling of dryness and keeps everything clean
*Keeps body odour away
*Does not leak at all
*Value for money
*Dermatologically tested
*Available in leading offline stores and supermarkets like Metro, Big Bazaar, Health and Glow etc

Cons of Bella Perfecta Ultra L Deo Fresh Sanitary Napkins:

*Expensive than other sanitary napkins in the market

Will I purchase them?

Yes. You might be thinking of how many pads will I actually repurchase but my answer is based on that particular product which I am reviewing. If you are interested, we can discuss about the best variant of Bella’s sanitary napkins later on. Well, talking about only this product, I think I am completely satisfied by the fast absorption, leakage control and delicate floral scent these pads have.

Will I recommend them?

Highly. Do not think of anything and buy these amazing pads bluntly. You will love every single thing about them and will repurchase them.

Are they worth the price?

Even more than that. I am fully taken over by the quality of these pads and find them worth the price.

My Ratings:


Final Verdict:

Overall, I’d say these pads are very gentle on the skin in terms of fabric quality and scent factor and provide maximum protection if changed in advised time. They keep foul odour away by neutralizing it and feel very fresh. Also, they are soft & comfortable and do not cause any kind of rashes, irritation or infection. They do not leak at all, quickly absorb all the blood and guides the period away from staining the clothes.

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