Review: Bella Panty Soft Panty Liners

Hi Guys! Today I am going to review Bella Panty Soft Panty Liners for you all.

Panty liners are designed for daily use, ideal to protect underwear against white discharges and perfect for light flow during the first and last days of period. They can also be used alongside with tampons as additional protection in case of leakages. Many of us underestimate them and do not find them that useful but trust me if you find a good quality panty liner; you will not skip it whenever in need.

Bella Panty Soft Panty Liners are very soft, have a breathable material and are imported from Europe. They support everyday hygiene is which provides discreet protection for special preferences. These panty liners come in a pack of 12, 20 and 60 pieces and I have the 20 pieces pack here in front of me. Now without blabbering much, let’s just dive into the review. I hope my review helps you to decide if you want to buy this product or not.


*No perfume
*Latex free
*Anatomical shape


Rs. 65 for 20 units


5 years


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For more, check the Official website


Bella Panty Soft Panty Liners come in an orange and white, soft cardboard box, properly stacked and securely packed.

The panty liner is pure white in color as it should be, is very thin and soft and has a stitch detailing. The border at the sides ensures no leakage.




These panty liners absorb the discharge pretty well and quickly and are very comfortable to wear. It makes me feel clean and dry due to its quick absorbing properties.

Artificial Blood Made By Food Coloring For Demo Purposes

My Experience with Bella Panty Soft Panty Liners:

I tend to get infections and rashes down there pretty quickly due to which I always make sure to keep myself clean and dry. This is why I am always looking for pads and panty liners that have quickly absorbing properties without being very thick. These anatomically shaped panty liners are so thin and convenient that I feel very comfortable in the last days of my periods. They have a thickness of 3mm and a length of 162 mm.

The Bella Panty Soft Panty Liners have a breathable material, it ensures proper air circulation for comfort and protection against skin irritations. Also, they are unscented and latex free which is good for my gentle skin and minimizes the risk of allergic reactions. The soft non-woven top sheet is really light and makes me forget that I have something on.

They are so soft that I feel like I am not wearing anything and are highly breathable. Whenever I have a white discharge, one panty liner is enough to protect my undergarment. The adhesive is also quite good and lets the panty liner stick really well on the panty. Since it is highly advised to change every pad, tampon or panty liner every 4-5 hours, I change it in advised time.

It instantly soaks all the blood which isn’t that much on the last days of my periods and is a really nice product to use. This one doesn’t leak at all until I have it on and I’m quite happy in terms of the overall result. 

Pros of Bella Panty Soft Panty Liners:

*Nice shape
*Soft quality
*Thin and light
*Air breathable material
*Latex and fragrance-free
*Keep the place fresh and dry
*Protect against rashes and irritations
*Dermatologically tested
*Value for money
*Absorb the discharge quickly
*One unit sufficient for daily use for protection against white discharges
*Available in leading offline stores and supermarkets like Metro, Big Bazaar, Health and Glow etc

Cons of Bella Panty Soft Panty Liners:


Will I purchase them?

Yes. I would love to repurchase these panty liners are I find them quite effective and impressive. They work pretty well for me and I would definitely buy them again as soon as I finish this pack.

Will I recommend them?

Yes. These panty liners are very light, soft, thin and ensure maximum protection, so I will recommend you guys to try them at least once and I know you will buy them again and again.

Are they worth the price?

Highly. The quality, quantity, absorbing power and overall protection is highly worth the money.

My Ratings:


Final Verdict:

Overall, I highly recommend you guys to try Bella Panty Soft Panty Liners and I am sure you would like them. It is soft, comfortable and easy to wear. It doesn’t feel wet or gross at all and I love the absorption property. You will always find them in my bag and are just so helpful and handy.

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