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Hi Guys! Today I am going to review Bella Feminine Wash for you all.

The brand has been generous enough to send me a whole bunch of some really amazing products and a lot of reviews are coming your way this month, the hint of which I gave in my Welcoming September post.

Keeping the vagina clean and odour free is a very vital step to stay healthy and disease free. It is a very crucial organ to a woman’s overall well-being and an unhealthy vagina can lead to lots of infection, fertility issues, sexually transmitted diseases and in some extreme cases, cancer as well.

Anyways, this wash is imported from Europe. It contains D-panthenol which has wound healing properties and works as anti-inflammatory and anti-irritation. It is also enriched with Allantoin which again is an anti-irritant and skin protectant. It also gives smoothness to the skin, promotes cell replication and the healing of wounds, burns and scars.

I am sharing this review via a sample sachet and the actual packaging, cost and everything is mentioned below. Please keep on reading the post to know all the pros and cons and my final opinion about this product.


  • Recommended by gynecologists to maintain proper skin condition and natural bacterial flora in intimate area
  • Physiological pH doesn’t damage the natural bacterial flora of intimate areas what results in protection from infections
  • Very gentle ingredients with anti-irritating, soothing and regenerating properties
  • Enriched with D-panthenol – equivalent of vitamin B5 – with moisturizing and softening properties
  • Enriched with Allantoin to reduce skin irritations, moisturize and improve the texture of skin

Directions of Usage:

Apply externally to intimate area and rinse off.



Rs. 249 for 300 ml

Shelf Life:

12 months


Amazon, Nykaa, Purplle, Big Basket

For more, check the official website


The Bella Feminine Wash comes in a transparent, plastic bottle having a white, plastic pump which is very hygienic, convenient and sturdy. A lot of information about the product along with the ingredients list is mentioned on the bottle. If you do not feel comfortable traveling around with such a packaging, you can always transfer it in a pot or any suitable container and you’re good to go.


Mild, pleasant, floral

Texture and Consistency:

This feminine wash has a blue-transparent gel-like texture and the consistency is neither too thick nor too thin (just like Clean and Clear Facial Foam)

My Experience with Bella Feminine Wash:

This delicate feminine wash is a very gentle one meant for all skin types especially sensitive skin and is ideal for daily use.  A very little amount of product is required and it foams beautifully when in contact with water. I use it every morning while having a bath and stay fresh the entire day.

It has a nice formula and contains very gentle ingredients with anti-irritating, soothing and regenerating properties. Although I am reviewing it via a sample sachet, the pump packaging of the Bella Feminine Wash is very convenient and hygienic which I highly appreciate. This wash works pretty effectively to maintain the hygiene and pH level of the vagina.

Lathers pretty well

It also works quite well in treating the rashes we tend to get sometimes after our periods. It has a mild floral smell which is quite refreshing. The smell is not at all overpowering and fades away within a few minutes, keeping the vagina odour or perfume free. It doesn’t dry out the area down there and gives complete protection from irritation, dryness, excessive discharge etc.

Since it D-panthenol and Allantoin, it feels very calm, soothing, clean and fresh. It doesn’t irritate the sensitive skin in any way be it any allergic reaction or the natural pH. Although it is meant for daily use, it would be an amazing partner and a savior after shaving due to its soothing ingredients.

Pros of Bella Feminine Wash:

  • Contains D-panthenol and Allantoin
  • Maintains natural pH
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Suitable for women having sensitive skin
  • Extremely gentle
  • Contains anti-irritating, soothing and regenerating properties
  • Does not damage natural bacterial flora
  • Does not irritate the skin
  • Refreshes
  • Value for money
  • Little quantity required
  • Protects from infection
  • Stops foul odour
  • Sturdy, hygienic and convenient pump packaging
  • Available in leading offline stores and supermarkets like Metro, Big Bazaar, Health and Glow etc

Cons of Bella Feminine Wash:

  • None

Will I purchase it?

Yes. I will definitely purchase the full sized product and will buy it over and over again. It has an extremely gentle formula which works wonders for my sensitive skin without making it dry or itchy. I love everything about it and find it quite effective and impressive.

Will I recommend it?

Yes. This is a really nice product which ensures to provide a physiological pH required for healthy vaginal flora. It is very soothing and gentle and deserves to be tried by you at-least once because from then, you will repurchase it as soon as you finish it.

Is it worth the price?

Yes. With such a quality, effective result and soothing ingredients, the Bella Feminine Wash is completely worth the price according to me.

My Ratings:


Final Verdict about Bella Feminine Wash:

Overall, I am very happy with this product and love it. It is a very sensitive wash designed and approved by gynecologists to use in intimate parts. It doesn’t make my skin irritated or dry at all which I love. It also has a physiological pH that doesn’t damage natural bacterial flora. Using this wash, I would love to stay healthy, hygienic and fresh every day.

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