Review: Bella Feminine Hygiene Intimate Wipes

Hi Guys! Today I am going to review Bella Feminine Hygiene Intimate Wipes for you all…

Wet wipes are not just wipes; they are a health and hygiene conscious’ best friend. From being useful to serve as a cleanser for the sensitive skin of infants to a makeup junkie’s facial cleaner, wet wipes have their roots everywhere. They are basically soaked with water, alcohol and other active ingredients for a specific intended use.

Generally, you can get a lot of wet wipes in medical stores or pharmacies, local market and on various online shopping portals but there are fewer options available specifically meant for the sensitive skin of a woman’s intimate area and that too cruelty-free.

Personally, I feel highly skeptic while using just any wet wipes down there and mainly because most of them contain alcohol and parabens in them. I cannot live without wet wipes at all and you will always find them in my handbag, vanity and college bag just like lip balms.

When I received these Feminine Hygiene Intimate Wipes from Bella, I thought my search for the perfect wet wipes is over because these wipes are alcohol and paraben free and are imported from Europe. Please keep on reading this review to know if this product lived up to my expectations and my overall experience.

Product Description:

Intimate wet wipes are the best solution for wiping intimate areas, perfect replacement of intimate wash when traveling or when there is no access to water. Convenient way of being hygienic all day.


  • Imported from Europe
  • Perfectly refreshing, neutralize intimate smell and moisturize the skin
  • Physiological pH doesn’t  damage the natural bacterial flora of intimate areas what results in protection from infections
  • Parabens free, alcohol-free
  • Perfect for long travels, easy to carry in a handbag


Aqua, Propylene Glycol, Peg-40 Glyceryl Cocoate, Sodium Coceth Sulfate, Sodium Cocoyl, Apple Amino Acids, Bisabolol, Peg-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexyglycerin, Parfum, Citric Acid


Rs. 59 for 10 wipes; Rs. 99 for 20 wipes


Amazon, Purplle, Nykaa

For more, check the Official website


The packaging of the Bella Feminine Hygiene Intimate Wipes is quite similar to all those wipes out there. There is a front label which needs to be peeled to get your hands on the wipes. Each wipe comes out easily without messing out with the other ones. I hate that when it happens.

The front label has a nice adhesive which keeps the other wipes safe from dirt, dust and losing their moisture. The overall packaging is very small, pocket-sized, lightweight, convenient, travel-friendly.


Identical to that of juicy apples

Quality of the Wipes:

The wipes are made up of soft, good quality fabric which is porous and permeable but quite. They are not very thin and are neither overly soaked in fluids nor very dry.

My Experience with Bella Feminine Hygiene Intimate Wipes:

These wipes are soft, fairly drenched in a fluid, have a good quality and are mild and skin friendly to be used on a daily basis for the hygiene of intimate area. Since they are not overly soaked in fluids, they do not remain very moist for a longer period of time which I don’t mind because they work fairly till the amount of time I use them.

The smell of these wet wipes is just like green juicy apples and isn’t overpowering at all. It fades away within a minute or two taking the already existing foul smell if any. They make me feel fresh and clean immediately and I find them super easy to use anytime. Although they can be used on a daily basis, I use them, especially during periods.

These wipes have soothing and calming properties in them and provide complete protection from irritation, burning sensation or itching. They moisturize and have a pH of 5.5 to maintain the natural pH of the skin and also prevent dryness, excessive discharge etc. The best thing about these wipes is that they are parabens and alcohol-free.

They are also dermatologically tested and recommended by gynecologists to maintain proper skin condition and avoiding rashes and infections down there. Due to its small size, it makes it really easy to fit the pack in my bag or even pocket while traveling. I find them really useful and they live up to their claims pretty well.

Pros of Bella Feminine Hygiene Intimate Wipes:

  • Very mild and gentle
  • Protects from infection
  • Do not irritate the skin
  • Keeps the skin intact and moisturized
  • Have skin friendly pH
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Travel-friendly
  • Free from paraben and alcohol
  • Value for money
  • Ingredients list mentioned

Cons of Bella Feminine Hygiene Intimate Wipes:

  • None

Will I purchase them?

I am in love with these mild and cruelty-free wet wipes and will definitely buy two-three packs soon.

Will I recommend them?

Yes. I have not found such good wet wipes to be used in the intimate area till date and will highly recommend it to you guys.

Are they worth the price?

Completely. Use them once and you will know. They are very good in quality and work really well without being harsh. I find them very useful and worth the price.

My Ratings:


Final Verdict about Bella Feminine Hygiene Intimate Wipes:

These paraben and alcohol-free wipes are my favorite and trusted friends already. They are very gentle to be used on the skin and do not make the skin dry or irritated at all. Overall, I am in love with them and cannot stop raving about them.

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