Review: Bella Cotton Buds

Hi Guys! Today I am going to review Bella Cotton Buds for you all.

Bella products are imported from Europe, dermatologically tested and safe for usage. From sanitary pads to diapers, cotton pads/wipes to intimate washes, from adult to baby care products, Bella has a really vast range. I am a huge fan of their products’ quality and have tried over 12 products from them. Their cotton pads are one of my most favorite products from the brand.

In their cotton range, they have cotton balls and cotton buds in addition to cotton pads. Cotton buds are essential for every household. From babies to adults, they serve a lot of purposes. If you are interested in knowing how this product worked for me, is it worth buying, will I recommend it to you or not and what is my final verdict about it, then please keep on reading this post till the end…

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  • Imported from Europe
  • Made up of 100% clean, soft and natural cotton fibres to ensure superior absorption and safety
  • Dermatologically tested


Rs. 59 for 100 pcs, Rs. 80 for 150 pcs and so on…


5 years


Flipkart (200 pcs), Amazon (200 pcs), Amazon (100 pcs, pack of 3), Nykaa (200 pcs)


Bella Cotton Buds come in a see-through, cylindrical, plastic box. The box protects the cotton buds from humidity and also against dirt. It ensures complete cleanliness and hygiene. I will definitely reuse it once I finish off all the buds because why not?

My Experience with Bella Cotton Buds:

I always keep cotton buds in my vanity because they serve a lot of purposes for me. From cleaning the edge of my eyeliner to sorting the messy lipstick, cotton buds are my saviors. Apart from beauty purposes, obviously I use them for their main purpose – cleaning the ears.

Bella Cotton Buds are really good in quality and handy in shape and size. The size is not very small, so it is easy to hold and work with. The quality of the plastic stick is quite good. I hate using cotton buds which are so thin or low quality that they bend while using.

The cotton quality used in the making of the buds is also very good. The fibre is very soft and does not irritate or scratch the skin in any way. Yes! I have seen such cotton buds too. They are really scratchy and low quality. The cotton is properly stuck to the stick and does not come off while using it.

The box is pretty useful and handy. However, it does not lock once you break the sticker. But I keep the lid over the box to keep everything dirt free. I am about to deliver my baby soon and would be needing cotton buds to gently clean and dry the baby’s skin around the navel, eyes or outer ear. I think I have found some high quality and promising cotton buds.

Pros of Bella Cotton Buds:

*Come in a box which keeps everything clean and mess free
*Nice quality
*Cotton well stuck to the plastic
*Handy size
*Works well
*Soft cotton used
*Available in leading offline stores and supermarkets like Metro, Big Bazaar, Health and Glow etc

Cons of Bella Cotton Buds:

*Box lid doesn’t lock after opening once

Will I purchase them? Will I recommend them?

Yes. Overall, Bella Cotton Buds are quite good in quality and performance. I like using them and love the softness of the cotton. If you are also looking to buy some good cotton pads, you can give these a try for sure.

Are they worth the money?

Yes. According to me, these cotton buds perform well and are completely worth the money.

My Ratings:


*PR Sample, Not a sponsored post

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