Review and Unboxing: Lujobox February 2019 Edition

Hi Guys! Today I am going to unbox and review Lujobox February 2019 Edition for you all. I have previously reviewed Lujobox January 2019 as well as December 2018 Edition.

As you all know, Lujobox is a newly launched luxury subscription box. Their first box came out in October 2018 and this is their fifth edition. This month, the subscribers have got an amazing benefit by being able to curate their Lujobox themselves. The February 2019 Edition of Lujobox is actually a BYOB edition which simply means “Build Your Own Box”.

I also got the opportunity to build mine and select any three products from the available ones. I got to choose 3 from over 11 products. The first two products in the box are the same in every box. So without further ado, let me quickly unveil what we’ve got in the Lujobox February 2019 Edition this month!

Subscription Plan:

Rs. 950 per month

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Packaging of the Box:

Since these days most of the boxes have that flip, magnetic sort of packaging, Lujobox has kept it different. The box is matte-black in color, and pretty bulky and large in size. As soon as you open the box and keep the lid aside, you see pure luxury going on. The February 2019 Edition also has a red, velvety piece of cloth with some hay inside to add some extra glam to the box.

The contents of the box are securely wrapped and kept inside. A butter paper with the initials L and J wrap the box.

Contents of the Box:

As soon as you remove the butter paper and the piece of cloth, you see this leaflet kept inside.

This month, there is no instruction leaflet present because everyone has got a different box!

Well, the actual unboxing begins…



Full Size: Rs. 1,299 for 50 gms

My Thoughts:

I cannot rave enough about this product! I received it the January Edition and absolutely loved it to bits. I didn’t get to select this product from the options available but I was really upset because I wanted to get another one. I was extremely happy and surprised when I saw that Lujobox sent it to me. This was one of the most wanted products for me! I feel really lucky to have one more tub of it.

It is an amazing face cream with a lovely scent, texture and consistency. It is really balmy and rich! The application is easy and the cream doesn’t feel heavy at all. It sinks deep into the skin and makes it look very hydrated, smooth and radiant. I love to use it as a moisturiser before doing my makeup. The makeup sits really well and I can see a lovely, natural glow going on!



Rs. 599

My Thoughts:

I received this beauty blender in the December 2018 edition and got happy to receive it again. This was sent to me by the brand itself. My makeup life without a beauty sponge is just incomplete. I have never used any makeup brush for blending my foundation. I just cannot get over a sponge and try anything else. The shape and quality of this blender is pretty good and convenient. I am happy to get another one and give it to my mom!



Rs. 100 each

My Thoughts:

For these two sheet masks, I had the opportunity to make a selection. I went with them not only because I love how sheet marks work for my skin but also because I particularly loved their quality and results when I received them in the December 2018 Edition. These sheet masks are really promising and great quality. I love how they make my skin look plump, nourished and hydrated!



Rs. 699 for 3.8 gm

My Thoughts:

Last month, I got this lipstick in the shade 04 and quite liked it. It is a traditional bullet lipstick with a creamy, satin finish. The texture is really good and I absolutely love the color pay off! It is richly pigmented and the color can be seen in a single swipe. The lipstick has a really good formula which keeps the lips moisturised and nourished.

So, this time, I selected it to receive it again and prayed to get a different color. My Lujobox February 2019 Edition surprised me with another lovely shade – 07! This is a richly pigmented, copper brown color! My mom loves it and has already applied it thrice. Thank God! I got a different color than what I already got. I just wish you could select the color as well.



Full Size: Rs. 650 for 80 gms

My Thoughts:

Lavender always does a wonderful job when it comes to my hair. I love it and that is why, I add a few drops of lavender essential oil in my shampoo whenever I feel like pampering myself. When I was selecting the third product for my own version of Lujobox February 2019 Edition, I saw this product and instantly knew that I needed it.

I cannot wait to try it out and post a detailed review about it. This product claims to prevent damage and premature graying of the hair. It also claims to give natural conditioning and volume to hair. My fingers are crossed! Also, the texture is really rich, creamy and smooth. The smell is mild and totally identical to lavender essential oil.

My Ratings about Lujobox February 2019 Edition:


My Final Verdict:

First of all, I am really happy that I could select three products in the box. I haven’t got this opportunity with any other subscription box yet. I am happy to make my selection but more than that, I am happy about what Lujobox sent me. Both the products I got (Beauty Blender and Aloe Vera Face Cream) were my favorites from the last editions.

Once again, I am really impressed by Lujobox. I have got products worth Rs. 3447 in just Rs. 950 which is crazy! I AM SO HAPPY AND SATISFIED! I am also happy to come across a new product, i.e. Quinta Essentia Organic Lavender Hair Mask. Another best thing about Lujobox February 2019 Edition is that all products are full sized. There is not even a single sample sized product in the box.

Overall, it is a great edition and I would highly recommend you all to try Lujobox February 2019 Edition. I’m pretty sure you would love it. A big thumbs up to the brand from my side. The packaging, design, curation, product choice – everything was simply great.

I cannot wait to try these products and share a detailed review about each one of them with you all soon. Please stay tuned and do not forget to regularly visit the blog! In case you are busy, why don’t you subscribe using your email so that each time I publish a blog post, you are notified! No spam – I promise!

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