Review: Anatomicals The Buff Stuff- “Citrus Body Scrub”

*This review is based upon my oily, sensitive, acne prone skin. The review is not sponsored and does not contain any affiliate link*
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As I always say, scrubbing is a very essential yet highly underestimated part of the skin care regime by most of the girls. It is an extremely important step of the entire cleansing routine because it removes the dead skin cells and cleans impurities deeply. Also, it is not a new practice and is being followed by women since the ancient time. I have already discussed the benefits of scrubbing our body here and here.. I am very particular about keeping my skin clean and do exfoliate my entire body at a regular interval of time. You should never skip a scrub even if you are not in the mood to spend your money. DIYs are always your saviors!

With increasing competition in the market, we have millions of body scrubs today meant for various skin types, skin issues and ingredients choices. Finding the best product for your skin type may take a really long time and it is when reviews come in really handy. What suits me may definitely not suit you or my opinion may not be same as you but we are all influenced by each other’s opinions and experiences. Today I am sharing my review about Citrus Body Scrub from Anatomicals via its sample sized sachet worth Rs. 65 for 10 ml product which I received in my July 2017 My Envy Box.

Please keep on reading this post till the end to know my overall experience, opinion and final verdict about this product so that it helps you form an opinion whether you want to spend your hard earned or saved money on it or not.. But before that, please take a minute out of your valuable life to write a “testimonial” or “comment” for me using your Facebook account here as I really need it to win The Indian Blogger Awards 2017.. 

Product Description: Fragranced with grapefruit extract, the Anatomicals Citrus Body Scrub will buff away dead cells without damaging the skin’s delicate surface leaving it smooth and velvety.

Directions of Usage: Apply liberally over body onto damp skin, massaging gently in circular motions. Rinse thoroughly and pat skin dry.

Cost: Rs. 650 for 200 ml

Shelf Life: 36 months, if unopened; 12 months, if opened.

Availability: Here, here, here, here and here..

For more, check the Official website..


Packaging: As I mentioned earlier, I am reviewing this product via a sample sized sachet. The sachet is quite identical to the actual packaging of the product which is basically a rubber tube. As seen in various pictures, I can say that the product comes in a peach colored tube and has a plastic, semi-transparent, yellow flip cap. The front of the sample as well as full sized product just has the product name and quantity mentioned. At the back of both, there is a little description, a picture, directions, ingredients along with brand’s details mentioned.

Have a look at the actual packaging..

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Smell: Very strong, citrusy smell; may be a problem for sensitive noses

Texture and Consistency: This scrub is actually a pale pink colored gel having quite big, brown scrubbing granules.

My Experience: I really love scrubs and exfoliators as they remove dead skin cells leaving our skin moisturised and supple. After using the Oriflame Sweden Milk and Honey Gold Smoothing Sugar Scrub, I thought I will never find a better product. After using the Anatomicals Coconut and Mango Body Lotion, my expectations with this product were not too high. I thought it will also be a fine-yet-not-so-fine product but it isn’t so.

When I opened the sachet, I could smell a strong, citrusy fragrance which I like but my nose is allergic to. I wish the smell was little mild as it would have been easier to use for me since I am highly allergic to alcoholic perfumes, dust, strong smells, smoke and stuff like that. As this scrub comes in a gel form (which I least expected), it feels exactly like you are applying a gel on your face along with massaging with some scrubbing granules. The granules according to me are quite big and not so gentle but they are not very abrasive either. I cannot find better scrubbing granules than Inveda’s D Tan scrub to date.


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Obviously there is no lather in this scrub and what I like about it the most is that the gel starts getting absorbed in to the skin as soon as you massage it in circular motions, leaving a smooth surface for the exfoliating granules to work upon. After around two minutes, I wash it off with plain water. It gets rinsed off in a single go making the skin really soft and smooth. Since I have oily skin, a gel getting in to my skin is never a problem and is always welcomed. It gets rid of oiliness, dirt, dead & flaky skin and makes the skin literally feel very “soft” and slippery. It also makes the skin bright and radiant.. This product hydrates the skin well and I love the paraben free formula.

The product is really good as per my experience and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin at all.  I like everything about this product in terms of overall packaging, feel, texture, result, moisturisation and nourishment but the main issue with me is the smell.

Pros of Anatomicals Citrus Body Scrub:
  • Paraben free formula
  • Gentle formula having gel like texture
  • Hydrates and noruishes the skin
  • Little amount of product required
  • Makes skin soft, smooth and very slippery
  • Takes away all the dirt, oil, dead skin
  • Provides bright and radiant skin
  • Ingredients list mentioned

Cons of Anatomicals Citrus Body Scrub:

  • Pricey
  • Availability
  • Very strong citrusy smell
  • The scrubbing granules are quite big
Will I repurchase it?
Yes. My hunt for a scrub was already over after using the Milk and Honey scrub but the only thing I was sad about was the fact that it was not paraben free. Living in such hot climatic conditions, exposure to harmful UV rays of the sun and increasing rate of cancer, the cosmetic world needs to be paraben free. This product is slightly expensive than the Oriflame one but I don’t mind paying a little extra for a product that keeps me away from parabens.
Will I recommend it?
Yes. This is a really good product overall and I highly recommend you guys to try it once but make sure to keep the strong smell factor in mind.
Is it worth the money?
Yes. I totally like this product and find it worth the money charged..
My Ratings: 4.5/5
Final Verdict: Except for the strong smell, I am overall very happy with this product. A big thumbs up to the brand for bringing out such a nice scrub meant for all skin types and having a paraben free formula. Invest in this product if you are also a skincare junkie like me.
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