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Hi Everyone! Wishing all of you loads of health and happiness! I was tagged in a YouTube video two days ago by my YouTuber friend Shikha Sagar with whom I have collabed on my blog too.
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She tagged me in a video called “5 products I can live without” (Original tag created by Deepti Ghai Sharma). So today I am sharing my five products that I can live without and I am tagging my friends too. Well, if I don’t tag you, you are still invited to upload this kind of video on your YouTube channel or publish a blogpost on your blog/website but don’t forget to mention me and my blog before you do this and tag anyone else. I tag every makeup junkie out there.
Specifically, let’s see the people I am tagging..
1. Sidra Khan 
2. Silvia from Funny Bunny
3. Shanthi Arumugam Vimalan from The LeiaV
4. Rhea Guha from 
5. Azra Khan
6. Janki Asher from Jaunty Janki
7. Ravpreet Kaur
8. Ramani from Rami’s Beauty Book
9. Priyadarshini Mohite
10. Niharika Ankumani Das from Ankz Cadbury
Long list hehehe!
I really liked this tag and was excited to sit back and write it because it was something new. Every one does a tag called “5 products they can’t live without” but this was something new and I really liked the idea. Now this tag can be broken in to two types. Products we can skip while applying makeup on a daily basis and products we can skip if we have to whenever we apply makeup. As I am more of a skin care person and love to play around with natural ingredients, I apply make up only on special occasions. So, I am sharing my five makeup products that I can skip if I have to skip them due to any reason whenver I aply makeup. Let’s check what are my important yet not so important makeup products.
1. Kohl or Kajal: Now most of you would be shocked to read this. (What? Is she mad? How can someone skip Kajal?) I tend to get a really oily skin in summers and I am also allergic to Kajals. It looks really bad when it smudges due to my oily skin around my nose and at my under eye area and I also get itchiness whenever I apply it. So I can easily skip a Kajal whenever I have to.
2. Falsies: I know false eyelashes look super duper amazing and add tons of drama to our makeup look but I can skip this step if I have to. I mean it looks really pretty but it isn’t necessary right? Our makeup can still look complete without it. (Kind of!)

3. Concealer: As mentioned, I don’t apply makeup too much but whenever I do, I use concealer to highlight my usual areas but if someday I have to skip it, I can. Thank God I have no dark circles, so I can survive without a concealer too by applying a little more foundation or BB cream under my eye, on my forehead and on the bridge of my nose and then setting it with a compact powder.

4. Colour Corrector: Colour corrector is what I actually skip most of the times because luckily, I don’t need it that much.



5. LIpstick: Well no one in the world can love lipsticks more than me but I can skip it too if I have to by applying a lip balm, a lip tint or a lip powder to finish off my makeup look. I am also blessed to have naturally got really pink and moist lips, so at times only Vaseline can work for me too. I wouldn’t want to skip it but if I need to, I can.
So these were my five products I can skip while applying makeup. I hope you all enjoyed it and agreed to me (or relate to me) a little. Do share what are your five products that are less important for you. Do not forget to mention my name Zeba Noor along with my blog link. Tag as many people as you want and have fun.
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