Review: Olivia Herbal Acne Repair Face Wash

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I am here with another review about a new launch from Olivia and this time it is their Herbal Acne Repair Face Wash. This product has been made for clear skin and is enriched with Neem, Tulsi and Aloe Vera. All three of these ingredients are amazing for our skin and I was already impressed when I read the claims and ingredients list.

If you are interested in knowing how this product worked for me, will I purchase it or not, is it worth buying and what was my overall experience with it, then please keep on reading this post till the end.

Product Description:


*Suitable for all skin types
*Not tested on animals


*Keep away from children
*For external use only

Directions of Usage:


Cost: Rs. 60 for 60 ml

Shelf Life: 2 years

Availability: On all local beauty stores


This face wash comes in an extremely soft, green silicone tube with same colored, plastic flip cap. The tube is semi transparent which makes it convenient to see how much quantity is left. The packaging is basic yet good, light weight, sturdy, spill proof and travel friendly. The tube has all necessary product details mentioned on it.

Smell: Mild, herbal

Texture and Consistency: This face wash has a smooth and creamy texture and a medium consistency.

My Experience:

This review is based upon my oily, acne prone, sensitive and problematic skin. Starting off with the smell of this face wash, I’d say it is herbal but not at all overpowering. I like herbal scents and enjoy them. Also, the smell does not last long and vanishes as soon as I wash off my face.

This face wash does not form a very thick or creamy lather but turns very slimy when massaged on to wet face. Its pH is not completely balanced due to which it slightly stings the eyes if it accidentally gets in but it is still bearable. It makes the skin appear soft, smooth, nourished and hydrated after rinsing off.

It has an astringent touch to it due to which it feels cooling and soothing on the skin. However, it does not leave a burning sensation or any sort of irritation behind. It starts working effectively from day one. First of all, it calms down the inflammation on the skin caused by acne.

It also starts to dry out the pimple/acne without making the face look dry at all. Within three days, it eliminates the acne and then starts working off on healing and reducing its scar. It adds a beautiful glow to the face on regular usage. It instantly brightens out skin after usage and makes it look cleaner and better.

It controls pimple production very effectively due to its amazing key ingredients. It not only prevents new acne or pimples, but also reduces the existing ones. It does not disturb the natural oil balance of the skin and makes it look healthy and clean.

Pros of Olivia Herbal Acne Repair Face Wash:

*Ingredients list mentioned
*Easily available
*Good packaging
*Value for money
*Doesn’t make skin dry
*Makes skin soft and smooth
*Controls, treats and repairs acne

Cons of Olivia Herbal Acne Repair Face Wash:

*pH not completely balanced

Will I purchase it?

Yes. I love its effect on my skin and will definitely purchase it.

Will I recommend it?

Yes. If you are also looking for an effective, good for daily use face wash which clears up your acne, treats and prevents them, go and grab it as soon as possible.

Is it worth the money?

Yes. I love the result, pricing and quantity of this product, so it is fully worth the money according to me.

My Ratings: 5/5

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