Get Natural Looking Hair Color at Home with Nisha Natural Henna Based Hair Color

Review: Nisha Natural Henna Based Hair Color

If you want to have natural looking hair color at home, you are in the right place! Today I am going to review Nisha Natural Henna Based Hair Color for you all. It is probably one of the best solutions to having natural looking and healthy hair, easily at home.

Hair greying is a very common problem. Not only men and women, but a lot of youngsters are also facing this issue these days. What they generally do to get rid of this issue and feel more confident is – opt for chemical based hair colors.

Chemical based hair colors do more harm than good. On top of that, they are temporary and require investing a hefty amount of money on a regular basis. For people who don’t want to go with chemical based hair coloring, henna coloring is just the perfect choice.

Even I have always loved henna hair color ever since my childhood. It’s just a matter of personal choice. I always loved henna’s smell, application, color and what not! Trust me, I have tried over 12 henna brands to date because my hunt for the best is never-ending.

Thankfully, I have no hair greying issues. My hair color is just perfect but I like to do root touch-ups with henna powder on a regular basis to have a lovely color going on and to avail the natural benefits of henna.

A month ago…

Prem Henna Private Limited” was generous enough to send me the samples of their henna powder which comes under the name “Nisha Natural Henna Based Hair Color”. Now that I have tried and tested it over four times in a month, I am here with my detailed review and sure opinion about it.

For people who either love coloring their hair with henna or are looking forward to do root touch-ups, Nisha Natural Henna based Hair Color is simply one of the best hair henna brands that I’ve ever tried and would recommend.

These Natural Henna based Hair Colors come in 3 shades:

  • Natural Black
  • Natural Brown
  • Burgundy Red

And, these packs are available in two sizes:

  • Natural Black: 10g & 25g
  • Natural Brown: 15g & 30g
  • Burgundy Red: 15g & 30g

Please keep on reading this post till the end to check the availability, cost and other important details of this product.

Product Description

Nisha henna-based hair color is a premium quality powder hair color enriched with ancient Indian herbs like Amla, Aloe Vera, and Hibiscus & Shikakai. It is one of the best hair color powder available in the market which is made from herbal henna extracts. Nisha is an ammonia free unisex hair color, which is safe for your hair. Nisha hair color makes your hair soft, glossy & natural looking. Discover Colored Hair That’s Naturally Beautiful with Nisha Powder Hair color.


  • Natural Henna Based Hair Color
  • Non-oxidative
  • No Ammonia
  • Imparts hair color for a longer period
  • Makes hair smooth, silky and strong

Direction of Usage

Before using Nisha Natural Black/Natural Brown/Burgundy Red Henna Hair Color, clean the hair with shampoo or soap and dry it. Mix the henna hair color powder in water and form a paste. Apply the paste and keep it on hair, 30 minutes for natural black and 1 hour for natural brown and burgundy red shades, after drying wash the hair with water.

Warning and Caution

  • This product is not intended for use on persons under the age of 16
  • Rinse eyes immediately with water if the product comes in contact with them
  • Make sure to do a patch test/hypersensitivity test 48 hours before each and every application of this product
  • Not for internal use
  • Do not use around eyes
  • Do not use on hurt skin


Rs. 10 for 15 gms, Rs. 20 for 30 gms

Shelf Life:

2 years


Official Website, Nearest Shops, Amazon, Flipkart, ebay, Snapdeal, Shoponn etc.


Nisha Natural Henna Based Hair Color comes properly sealed in a pouch of three sizes. The pouch has all the necessary product details mentioned on it. The packaging is simple and basic yet informative and fine.


Very fine powder


Mild, completely identical to natural henna

My Experience with Nisha Natural Henna Based Hair Color:

Since there are three variants available with Nisha Natural Henna Based Hair Color, my most favorite and clear choice is – “Natural Brown” because my natural hair color is on a brown side. Starting off with the process of making the hair color paste, I’d say it is very easy to make, easy to apply and use.

I simply take one packet of 15 gms for root touch-ups and 30 grams, on days when I feel like coloring my hair down the strands. I simply pour the entire powder into a mixing bowl and add lukewarm water into it to make a lump-free paste. The best way to mix henna powders to water is to mix six times water with one part powder.

Henna powders tend to make hair a little dry, so I always add up one egg in my paste. Thankfully, I have now got something which does justice to its pricing completely! With this product, I don’t have to worry about hair drying at all. I do not add any eggs and the hair seems perfect post washing.

I really like the texture of the powder which is extremely fine and refined. It gets mixed into a lump-free paste very easily and is also very easy to apply. Since this hair color is completely herbal, it does not irritate my sensitive skin in any way. My scalp feels completely normal all throughout the process and I have no issues while application or post washing.

I use a hairbrush for mess-proof application and let the henna dry for a period of 1 hour. Once the paste is completely dried on my hair, I rinse it all off with plain water and do not use any shampoo. This hair color is enriched with herbal henna conditioner inside, so I get properly cleansed, detangled, smooth hair after washing.

Coming to the results…

I must say I’m highly impressed by the performance of this product. It leaves a very natural looking and lovely hair color behind. To test the shade “Natural Black”, I applied Nisha Natural Henna Based Hair Color on my aunt’s hair.

She also did not face any sort of issues, irritation, itching or side effect after using this product. The results were the same for her as well. The hair looked manageable, smooth and soft post washing. As for the coloring result, she was also very satisfied.

The product works very well in covering her grey hair within a span of 30 minutes, without being harsh in any way. This natural henna-based hair color simply works perfectly in doing what it claims without any side effects. Since it provides herbal protection to the hair, there are no worries about any sort of damage to the hair.

My aunt uses it quite often whenever she needs to do root touch-ups. I use this powder quite often to keep my hair color very rich and dark. That is just my preference but this product does its job perfectly within a single application. The pigmentation is rich and the results are quick, effective and satisfactory.

Pros of Nisha Natural Henna Based Hair Color

  • Very easily available
  • Very affordable
  • Instructions given in English as well as Hindi language
  • Cruelty-free
  • Rich pigmentation in a single application
  • No side effects
  • Makes hair soft, silky and smooth
  • Value for money
  • Imparts a very natural hair color
  • Quick results
  • Reasonable and effective pricing
  • Doesn’t make hair dry or frizzy

Cons of Nisha Natural Henna Based Hair Color

  • Can’t find any

Will I Buy Nisha Natural Henna Based Hair Color?

Yes, definitely. I am highly impressed by the performance of this product and would love to purchase it.

Will I Recommend It?

Yes, I will definitely recommend it to everyone out there who is looking to color his/her hair naturally without any side effects.

Is Nisha Natural Henna Based Hair Color worth the money?

Yes, completely. Even more than that. I am totally satisfied by the performance of this product and for me, it is simply worth every penny

My Ratings:


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