Review: Mother Sparsh 98% Water Wipes

Hi Guys! I hope you all are doing good… Today I am going to review Mother Sparsh 98% Water Wipes for you all.

Since I am pregnant and my baby is about to arrive soon, I am continuously looking for promising baby care products. A few days ago, Mother Sparsh sent their baby wipes to me and I used them on my 3 months old cousin and my own self to see how they are. Now that I am assured of their performance and quality, I am here with my detailed review.

These wipes come in two packs, i.e. regular pack (80 sheets) and travel pack (15 sheets). Mother Sparsh has initiated its journey with a clear motive to launch baby products that are gentle and maintain baby skin health. With this thought, they came with India’s first water-based wipes i.e. Mother Sparsh 98% Water Wipes. As these baby wipes are made up of 98% water, they claim to be very ideal for the baby’s delicate and sensitive skin.

If you are interested in knowing how these wipes work, are they worth buying for your newborn, will I recommend them to you or not and what is my final verdict about them, then please keep on reading this post till the end…

Product Description:


Directions of Usage:



Rs. 60 for 15 Wipes and Rs. 175 for 80 Wipes

Shelf Life:

24 months


First Cry, Amazon, PayTM, Flipkart, Snapdeal


The packaging of these wipes is normal as most of the wipes. You just need to peel off the sticker, pull out a wipe and reseal the pack. The sticker is just a plastic sheet which you pull off to take a wipe out. However, I like the packaging of wipes to be with plastic lids as that is more secure and provides more protection against moisture loss.

Anyways, the packaging is simple, informative and fine. Each wipe comes out easily without pulling off another one. The front label has a nice adhesive which keeps the other wipes safe from losing moisture, and against dust or dirt.


Mild, pleasant, floral

Size of the Wipes:

15 cm x 20 cm

Fabric Quality:

The wipes are made up of pure cotton, and thus are very soft. The fabric is porous and permeable. As it is 100% plant-based fabric, it is velvety soft on the baby’s skin. The wipes are extremely smooth, breathable & highly absorbent. There is no presence of polyester which tends to irritate baby skin. They are not very thin and are neither overly soaked in water/fluids nor very dry.

My Experience with Mother Sparsh 98% Water Wipes:

Since the skin of babies is sensitive and vulnerable to skin allergies and irritation, it needs baby wipes that are very gentle yet tough enough to stand up the biggest messes. These wet wipes are really gentle as they do not cause any allergies or reaction on the baby’s skin. Their texture and fabric quality is very soft and helps to pick up the mess in moments.

With 0% polyester, Mother Sparsh 98% Water Wipes also help in preventing bacterial and yeast growth on the baby bum. My aunt loved using them on her daughter and ordered three packs instantly. According to her, these wipes provide pure and soft cleaning without any issues to the baby. They are not at all heavily perfumed just like most of the wipes in the market.

I also tried using them on my intimate area to check whether they are as amazing as my aunt claimed, and they actually are. I loved the smell and they did not cause any itching or irritation down there. You know! I just felt like I used a wet cloth for cleaning purposes. I did this just to check whether they are as safe as claimed.

They clean everything properly without being soapy. They also do not cause any sort of dryness or uneasiness on the baby’s skin. Ever since my aunt has started using them on her daughter, she claims that there have been no diaper rashes. This is a matter of huge relief to every mommy, right? Since they are water wipes, you can use them on the baby’s face as well without having to worry about anything.

Pros of Mother Sparsh 98% Water Wipes:

*Very mild and gentle
*Protect baby’s skin against infections and allergies
*Cause no side effects
*Prevent diaper rashes
*Have skin friendly pH
*Pleasant and mild smell
*Do not make the skin dry
*Enriched with Vitamin E
*Completely safe
*Ingredients list mentioned
*Value for money

Cons of Mother Sparsh 98% Water Wipes:

*Do not have a plastic lid

Will I purchase Mother Sparsh 98% Water Wipes? Will I recommend them?

Yes. I have already got these wipes for my baby because I know how amazing and promising they are. Also, I’d recommend it to all the mommies out there who are looking for completely safe and high-quality wet wipes for their babies.

Is it worth the money?

Yes. These wipes are reasonably priced and completely worth the money. I just wish that the brand comes up with a plastic lid instead of sticker sheet in the next batch. I hope they take my suggestion on a positive note.

My Ratings:


*PR Sample, Not a sponsored post

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