Review: Mond’Sub Anti-Wrinkle and Moisturising Facial Mask

Hi Everyone! The convinient Korean sheet masks dunked in wholesome serums have been one of the biggest trends of India this year. Sheet masks are definitely easier and less messy to use than paste type face masks and this is what makes everyone literally rave about them. Just like paste masks, there are thousands of varieties in sheet masks as well which are meant for specific skin types or problems. A lot of brands have come up with their sheet masks recently having high and low prices both depending on the sheet quality, types of special ingredients used etc. Today I am going to share my review about Anti-Wrinkle and Moisturising Facial Mask from an affordable brand called Mond’Sub. This brand has a variety of other masks meant for different skin types and problems in their Collagen Silk Mask Series.

Sheet masks are made up of very soft fabric and sometimes papers as well and have holes for eyes, nose and mouth. I have seen many people complaint regarding the size of these holes but everyone has a different face shape and size and I think it’s nearly impossible to make these masks in different sizes. What we can simply do is “try to adjust” the sheet starting from the forehead and cut out the holes if they seem smaller.

I think I already blabbered much about what sheet masks are and its time that we go straight into the review zone.

Product Claims: 

  • Anti-Wrinkle, Moisturizing, Brightening 
  • Bring you a smooth and youthful appearance
  • Perfectly suitable for dry skin, mature or prematurely-ageing skin

Benefits: Formulated with several plant extracted essences, this formula is specially designed for dry skin, mature or prematurely aging skin. The mask can promote skin’s metabolism, balance skin nutriments and water, replenish skin fully, nourish and hydrate skin, increase skin’s vigor, arouse loose and ageing skin, activate skin’s natural anti-ageing ability, keep skin smooth, elastic and moist, bring you a youthful and pleasant appearance.

Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Hyaluronic Acid, Micromolecule Fish Collagen, Cherry Extract, Rose Oil, Seaweed Extract, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Coenzyme Q10, Ceramide, Arbutin, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Fragrance.


1. After cleansing face, take the mask out from the package.
2. Remove the white pearlised film, then apply the mask on face (the blue film is outside).
3. Remove the outer blue fiber film from the right or left notch.
4. Adjust the facial mask on the face to make it contact with skin well.
5. Leave the mask on for about 15-20 minutes.
6. Remove the mask, massage reduntant essence into skin gently, then rinse the face.

Packaging: The packaging of this sheetmask is very basic. The mask is folded in a pouch kind of pack and is soaked in good amount of serum.
About the mask: The mask ofcourse has the mandatory sheet mask holes in it and comes in three layers. The actual one is white in colour having a texture very close to that of a tea bag (porous and permeable), properly secured between a pearlised & a blue fiber film. It is highly drenched in a nutritious serum.

Consistency and Texture of the Serum: Wet and sticky like glycerin (not excessively sticky though)
Cost: Rs. 100 per mask
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Pros of Mond’Sub Anti-Wrinkle and Moisturising Facial Mask:
1. Ingredients and instructions very well mentioned at the back
2. No strong fragrance
3. Well drenched in serum, can be used twice
4. Very thin, soft and good quality sheet
5. Soft and silky after effect
6. Perfect holes for eyes, nose and mouth
7. Handy, travel friendly, easy to use
8. Paraben free
9. Affordable
Cons of Mond’Sub Anti-Wrinkle and Moisturising Facial Mask:
I can’t find any cons in this sheet mask and like its result.
My Experience: 
Even though the after results of clay masks are good, our skin tends to get little dry after washing the face but it isn’t so in the case of sheet masks. When I opened the pack, there was this sheet mask completely soaked in watery and a little sticky serum secured between two films. The main film was white in colour and was really soft and porous. The mask looked really big and because it was anti wrinkle variant that the brand sent me, I asked my mum to test it for me which makes this experience basically hers. She put the mask on her face for 25 minutes and the slits were perfectly sized. After taking the mask off, she massaged the serum left on her face for it to get properly absorbed in the skin. Her skin felt well hydrated, plump and resilient instantly. I really love the fact that it has hyaluronic acid in it which helps our skin to hold water thus making it look healthier, more vibrant and less prone to wrinkles. The hydration was amazing and her skin felt silky soft and moisturised till six hours but there was a glow I didn’t highly expect. Sheet masks cannot completely replace clay masks and hydrating serums but they’re one of the best sources of getting instant glow and moisturisation. I would really love to use this mask before applying makeup for an added glow. 
Proper sized forehead sheet
Eye holes neither too big nor too small
Will I recommend it?
Yes. Certainly. Go for this mask if you want an instant glow and hydration on your skin along with making your skin less prone to wrinkles. 
Is it affordable?
Yes. This sheet mask does what it claims and provides a good result within Rs. 100. So for me it is highly affordable and worth our money.
My Ratings: 5/5

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