Review: Nature Sure Mind Shakti Tablets

Nature Sure Mind Shakti Tablets

Hi Guys! Today I am going to review Nature Sure Mind Shakti Tablets for you all.

To succeed in this busy and bustling world, we all need a relaxed memory and concentrated mind. However, finding peace is a difficult task these days as we all are running with our chaotic lives. Particularly talking about my father, he needs a lot of relaxation in order to smoothly run the business, manage everything outside and inside the home and most importantly, be very responsible to take all the major decisions of the family along with my mother.

Nature Sure offered me to select some of their dietary supplements to review for you all and I selected Pores & Marks Oil, Ganoderma Capsules, and of course, Mind Shakti Tablets. I had to choose these tablets as I knew my dad needed something like this for a long time. He finds meditation a great way above anything but cannot find enough time to do it.

Hence, we decided to give Nature Sure Mind Shakti Tablets a try so that we can see how it works and also, share a detailed and honest review with you all. So, please keep reading this post till the end.



Ingredients, Dosage and Precautions:


Rs. 894 for 60 tablets

Shelf Life:

3 years


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Nature Sure Mind Shakti Tablets come in an outer carton with all necessary product details mentioned on it.

The tablets come in a dark brown colored plastic bottle with a golden screw cap. The dark color of the bottle helps in preventing light. The bottle is light weight and travel-friendly. It comes seal packed which helps in the prevention of moisture loss. All the necessary product details are mentioned on the box as well as on the bottle.


Identical to Moringa leaves

My Dad’s Experience with Nature Sure Mind Shakti Tablets:

Starting off with the smell, my dad is okay with it as he is very patient. However, I don’t like it much as it smells like Moringa leaves, which I personally don’t like. Well, that’s not a huge issue for dad or me as we value the results over the smell. Moreover, we are convinced as these tablets are natural and are meant to smell like that. In fact, we would be unhappy if there was any sort of artificial smell.

Moving on, my father has been consuming these tablets for a long time now and loves how they live up to their claims. Ever since he has started consuming these, he has noticed more patience in his work life. Now, he can easily manage more work without worrying or panicking. Otherwise, he would get really concerned and anxious if there was any mishaps or delays.

He consumes Nature Sure Mind Shakti Tablets twice a day and faces no indigestion, after taste or other health issues. In fact, he likes how he is able to concentrate even better. As he is aging, he often forgets things and ever since he has started eating these tablets, we are noting a very positive change.

He worries and forgets less, and concentrates more with Nature Sure Mind Shakti Tablets. His memory is thus enhanced, and his mind is more relaxed than ever.

Pros of Nature Sure Mind Shakti Tablets:

  • No side effects
  • No indigestion
  • Very safe and effective
  • Help in concentrating along with a relaxed mind
  • Very effective in reducing stress and anxiety
  • No after taste

Cons of Nature Sure Mind Shakti Tablets:

  • Not available locally at every pharmacy
  • Smell not very good

Will I purchase them?

Yes. My father likes the way these tablets make his mind relaxed, more concentrated and more focus oriented; I would definitely buy these for him.

Will I recommend them?

Yes. If you are also looking forward to consuming some mind-enhancing and relaxing supplements, I suggest you give these tablets a shot.

Are Nature Sure Mind Shakti Tablets worth the money?

Yes. These tablets do a great job for my dad, hence, they are completely worth the money for us.

My Ratings:


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