Methods That Help Remove a Skin Tag Easy and Fast

*Guest Contribution by Marie Lazaga, Writer and Editor of

Skin tags are harmless skin growths that appear due to skin friction. When skin rubs onto skin or onto another surface, like clothes, in a continuous manner, skin tags appear. They represent no danger to your health as they are benign skin growths. Still, if they are in visible areas, and even if they’re not, most people would like to get rid of skin tags. While you can ask for the help of a dermatologist, you can also get rid of skin tags at home, by using natural remedies. If you are wondering what will help remove a skin tag fast and easy, do have a look at the method mentioned below.

  • Lemon Juice

You can use natural lemon juice, from a freshly squeezed lemon, directly on your skin tag. Just take a clean cotton ball, soak it in lemon juice, and apply it on the skin tag. Rub the cotton ball gently on the skin tag, making sure that the lemon juice is absorbed. The skin tag should eventually fall off on its own, but you will have to repeat this treatment for almost a month, performing it once a day. The best part about natural treatments is that they are available and they are safe, but they do take time to provide any results.

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  • Dental Floss

This may sound weird and even painful, but it is actually not painful at all. Those skin tags have no nerves that can make them sensitive, so you won’t feel a thing if you choose to use this method. In fact, it is one of the most common used methods, as it removes skin tags instantly. What you need to do is take a piece of dental floss long enough to allow you to wrap it around the base of the skin tag. Then strangle the skin tag until it falls off. Regardless of how efficient this method is, you should have in mind that it may not work so well on smaller skin tags, as it will be harder to wrap their base with dental floss due to their reduced size.

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  • Banana Peels

The peel of a banana is definitely not something you should throw away after enjoying the fruit. It has a wide array of purposes, starting with fertilizer for your plants to show polisher, skin blemish remover, and so on. But, the peel of this amazing fruit can also be used for removing skin tags in a safe and natural manner. To do so, take the peel of a banana and cut it into smaller piece. Take one of these pieces and apply it on your skin tag, with the inside of the peel on your skin tag. Secure the piece on the skin tag with a band-aid. The best way to use this treatment if by leaving the piece of banana peel like this throughout the night. The treatment will have to be repeated every night until the skin tag eventually falls off on its own.

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  • Apple Cider Vinegar

Almost every household has this ingredients in the kitchen and even if you don’t have it, it is something cheap you can find in any grocery store. Apple cider vinegar can restore your skin’s pH if it is mixed with water and used as a facial toner. The antibacterial properties of the vinegar will kill the bacteria that is responsible for pimples, helping you have a clearer skin. But, the apple cider vinegar can also be used on skin tags. Take a cotton ball and dip it well in apple cider vinegar, and then apply it on your skin tag. Repeat this treatment as often as you can throughout the day. After approximately a week, the skin tag should dry out and fall off.

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  • Onion Juice

It may be a smelly treatment, but onion juice has been used for centuries to treat warts and skin tags. In order to remove skin tags with onion juice, you need to cut an onion, put salt on it, and allow it to sit overnight. The salt will remove the juice from the onion without you having to do it, as we all know what onion juice does to our eyes. The next day, take the resulted onion juice, apply it on your skin tag, and cover it. It would be best to do this treatment at night, before bed, leaving the skin tag covered for the entire night. This way, you will wash in the morning and there will be no unpleasant smells. The treatment has to be repeated each night, for several nights in a row, until the skin tag falls off. The duration of the treatment can last between 14 and 28 days.

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  • Garlic Juice

This is another treatment that can be quite smelly, but, in spite of all this, it has been used for skin tags for a very long time and it is still used today as well. You need to crush some garlic cloves to get their juices, and you can do this with the blade of a knife, placed on the side. Press the blade of the knife against the garlic clove until you crush it. Take the juice and apply it on your skin tag, and cover it so that the juice stays there. The treatment should be performed three times each day, for a week or more until you get the desired results.

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  • Vitamin E

Rubbing vitamin E on the skin tags directly will help you make them disappear. Use a small quantity of vitamin E for rubbing on your skin tag, for two times each day. Be ready to repeat this operation for two weeks until you actually manage to get the desired results and the skin tag vanished from your skin. You can find vitamin E in beauty stores. Even if you find them in the form of capsules, you can always crush the capsules and get the liquid out, so you can use it as you please.

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