Review: Mama Earth Argan Hair Mask for Mama

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Today I am going to review Mama Earth Argan Hair Mask for you all. This hair mask is supposed to be used by new born mothers who face hair issues post pregnancy. First of all, I’d like to tell you that I am neither pregnant nor a mommy.

I got this product in my PR mail, so here I am with my review about it. This hair mask is specifically meant for mothers but ofcourse any one can use it. You don’t need to be a mother for using it, right? Who doesn’t love happy and healthy hair, eh?

For mothers who are reading this review as my suggestion to buy it or not, I have a good news. I not only tried this baby on me but also let it be used by my Aunt who has delivered a beautiful baby girl around fifteen days ago..

Women face a lot of hair fall issues post pregnancy and are stressed out on how to strengthen their hair. Mama Earth hair mask claims to make the hair soft and bring back the shine by reducing the hairfall and increase hair growth.

The best thing about all Mama Earth products is that they are hypoallergenic i.e. allergy-free. This way their products do not irritate allergy-sufferers at all and do not cause them to have any harmful reaction. If you are interested in knowing how this product worked on me and my Aunt, then please keep on reading this post till the end..

Product Description and Directions of Usage:


*Pthalates Free
*Mineral Oil Free
*Paraben Free
*SLS Free
*Reduces Hair Fall, Repairs Damaged Hair
*Cleanse and Soothes Scalp


Cost: Rs. 599 for 200 ml

Shelf Life: 2 years

Availability: Official WebsiteNykaa, Amazon, Flipkart, First Cry


This product comes in a huge, white colored, plastic tub with a screw lid. The screw lid has a slight locking system which makes the product completely spill proof. The mask was sealed with a silver foil for further protection.

All necessary product details are mentioned on the tub. The tub is huge & looks nice but I wish there was a spatula to dispense the product more hygienically.

Smell: Slightly strong, Identical to Avocado Oil

Texture and Consistency: This off white colored hair mask has a rich and creamy texture with a neutral consistency.

My Experience:

To let you know how this product exactly works and feels on the scalp, I used it on my hair. The consistency of this mask is neither very runny which makes it messy nor very thick which makes it difficult to apply. The mask spreads very easily on the hair and I like to use a hair brush for application.

The smell is slightly strong which may be an issue to sensitive noses but I quite like it as it has a hint of citrus scent in it as well. The tub packaging can be little messy and unhygienic, so I always transfer the required amount in a glass bowl and then apply it on my hair.

Once I evenly apply the mask in my hair, I wear a shower cap and let it dry. Two tablespoons of product work perfectly for my medium length hair. Ater around half an hour, I hop into the shower and rinse the product off.

This product is free from all harmful chemicals and does not react to the scalp in any way. It does not cause any irritation and feels really very soothing and calming. When I rinse it off, I can see very very slight bubbles in there and the mask washes away very easily.

I don’t need a shampoo or condiitoner after using it as my scalp is properly cleaned and conditioned. It is like the perfect hair spa for me on special days. It leaves a mild, beautiful and refreshing smell in the hair after rinsinf off.

My Aunt has used it on her twice now and she did not face any kind of hair issues. It made her hair softer, silkier and shinier in a single go. It did not cause any reaction, irritation or side effect in any way.

Her hair have become very smooth and conditioned in just two uses and tangle lesser than usual now. It has also smoothened out the harsh ends in her hair and chastened any frizziness. Her hair fall was literally restricted in a single use and she is in love with how it performed in every way.

Since it makes hair very conditioned and repaired, there is less hair fall and breakage than usual. It leaves a shine in the hair like nobody’s job. It neither makes the hair very oil nor makes it dry or itchy.

It can also be used as a conditioner or leave in conditioner. I wash my hair twice a week and this one is my most favorite hair conditioner at the moment. I like to apply it in that way when I can’t use it as a hair mask.

For a leave in conditioner, I feel it is slightly heavy but for people with very dry or frizzy hair, this is going to work as a very promising leave in conditioner. Overall, this product improved the overall health of my and my Aunt’s hair without being harsh in any way…

Pros of Mama Earth Argan Hair Mask for Mama:

*Cruelty free
*Can be used as a hair mask, conditioner or a leave in conditioner
*Prevents and treats hair loss
*Reduces hair breakage
*Soothes scalp
*Does not cause any irritation
*Improves hair health
*Repairs damaged hair
*Reduces dandruff

Cons of Mama Earth Argan Hair Mask for Mama:

*Tub packaging
*Slightly expensive
*Only available online

Will I purchase it?
This is going to be a must must must buy for me whenever I have my first baby but as for now, I can swear by it and will purchase it as soon as I finish it..

Will I recommend it?
Completely. This product is very very promising and works very effectively in first application.

Is it worth the money?
More than that. This product is highly effective and works just as claimed…

My Ratings: 4.8/5

Final Verdict: Overall, this is one of the best products I have ever used for my hair. It soothes my scalp, cleans it properly, removes dandruff and residue build up, prevents hair loss, repairs hair and does all the amazing stuff to the hair.

It can be used in three different forms and feels very refreshing. It tames down frizzy hair and reduces split ends. I just wish a smaller quantity option was available so that people who had a lesser budget could try it. I hope the brand takes my suggestion on a positive note.

*PR Sample

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