Review: L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24H Stay Fresh Foundation – Golden Beige – 140

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Today I am here with my review about L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24H Stay Fresh Foundation in the shade Golden Beige (Shade Number: 140). If you read my Beauty Wishlist, you would know my first priority that to buy this foundation because everyone literally praises it.

It is a liquid-creamy foundation that claims to hydrate the skin all day and provide ultimate coverage for 24 hours. It comes in ten different shades that will flatter a lot of skin tones, especially Indian. If you are interested in knowing if I found this foundation worth the price point and hype, then please keep on reading this post till the end.

Product Description: Introducing Infallible 24H Foundation by L’Oréal Paris. High coverage longwear foundation that hides the appearance of fatigue and blemishes. Now with Hydrating Hyaluron Complex the 24H non-stop formula stays on and feels fresh from day to night.

*Enriched with hydrating hyaluron + extreme hold pigments for optimum comfort
*Fights makeup meltdown
*No transfer
*No visible imperfections
*No visible shine
*No dry out
*No mask effect
*Contains SPF 18

Directions of Usage: For best results dab Studio Secrets primer across cheeks, nose and forehead. Once dry apply Infallible Foundation starting with the centre of the face and working outwards.

Shade Available:

*120 – Vanilla
*125 – Natural Rose
*140 – Golden Beige
*145 – Rose Beige
*150 – Radiant Beige
*200 – Golden Sand
*220 – Sand
*235 – Honey
*300 – Amber
*320 – Caramel Toffee

Cost: Rs. 1400 for 30 ml

Shelf Life: 30 Months if unopened; 12 Months if opened

Availability: Amazon, Nykaa

Packaging: This foundation comes in a transparent, glass bottle with a glossy plastic dispensing pump and a red colored, glossy cap. The semi transparent red cap locks perfectly and keeps the pump dispenser secure and avoid any mishaps. The shade number and name is mentioned on the cap.

The pump packaging makes the glass bottle look very hygienic, convenient, sturdy and nice. It allows the product to ooze out very easily and smoothly.

Smell: Artificial, floral, mild

Texture and Consistency: This foundation has a liquid creamy texture and a consistency neither too thick nor too thin. It spreads easily on the skin and doesn’t feel heavy.

My Experience with Shade 140, Golden Beige:

This review is based upon my oily, acne prone and sensitive skin. Genuinely speaking, I don’t apply makeup at all and it is just at important and special occasions that I apply it. Honestly, I did not own even a single foundation before this one. My problematic skin which often tends to react to everything I put on my face has always been the reason behind this.

Because I always have uninvited guests on my face which leave dark spots too, I avoid makeup to stop the condition from getting worstened. When I saw how beautiful this foundation made my cousin’s skin look, I decided that I wanted to invest in it.

I went ahead and got it for myself. Someone who doesn’t apply a foundation instantly applies a full coverage foundation on her awful looking dark spots would obviously love it and will feel like she got the Sorcerer’s stone.

First of all, I love the hygienic packaging of this product which is sturdy enough and also allows to dispense the required quantity. I take just two pumps at the back of my hand and dot it all over my face. A primer is not to be missed when you are doing makeup, especially with oily skin, so I make sure to put it on before applying this foundation.

Once it is fully dotted on my face, I use a damp beauty blender and start blending it into my face. Oh My God! It provides a beautiful coverage, blends in to the skin really quickly and easily, leaves a natural finish, makes the skin look hydrated and flawless and hides all the flaws in a single go.

The reason I chose the shade Golden Beige was because I watched loads and loads of reviews on YouTube and concluded that it was just the perfect shade for fair, Indian skin toned girls.. Before investing Rs. 1400, deciding the perfect shade was a struggle, A REAL ONE! The shade matched my skin beautifully even more than I expected.

After I put the rest of my makeup on my face, I go ahead and take a lot of photographs, selfies as well as flash photography. I love the fact that this foundation doesn’t leave any ghost face flash back on the face and looks nice, flawless and seamless.

The artificial smell of this foundation lasts almost till the time I take my makeup off which is a turn off for me. I wouldn’t mind having a mild smell in my makeup but I really don’t enjoy it’s artificial smell a lot.

One coat of this foundation is enough for me on days where I am looking for a flawless yet natural looking face and my acne scars are not very dark. On the days, I want some extra glam going on or have hedious dark spots, I go ahead and build up the base by applying one more layer.

To my surprise, this foundation looks little cakey on doubling up. It accentuates in to my smile lines, pores and gives me creases. It does stay for a really really long time but the most disappointing thing about it is that it oxidises and makes my skin look much darker than it usually is.

Though it is a full coverage foundation, it doesn’t feel heavy at all and leaves no shine on the face. It requires no touch ups and doesn’t transfer which makes it nice for weddings and longer events. It stays nicely on almost all skin types and gives a beautiful finish.

It’s a really good foundation but I’d suggest you to choose one shade lighter than your skin tone so that it matches the actual color of your skin in around half an hour once it starts to oxidise. It may look cakey on doubling up but generally, a second coat is not required because one layer is enough to impart a beautiful look.

It glides over the skin effortlessly, blends easily, hides all spots, sets gracefully and doesn’t come off easily. It’s texture is very creamy, breathable and comfortable to wear.

Pros of L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24H Stay Fresh Foundation:

*Comes in 10 different shades
*Provides medium to heavy coverage.
*Doesn’t feel heavy
*Hides all spots and pigmentation within a single drop
*Long lasting
*Does not require touch ups
*Little quantity required
*Blends into the skin easily
*Gives a natural and flawless finish along with a subtle glow
*Doesn’t leave a whitecast in photographs
*Contains sun protection factor
*Hygienic and sturdy pump packaging
*Does not make skin dry

Cons of L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24H Stay Fresh Foundation:

*Ingredients list not mentioned
*Oxidises and looks darker after a while
*Not dermatologically tested
*Accentuates creases, fine lines and pores
*Looks cakey on doubling up
*Has an artificial smell which lasts quite long
*Glass bottle prone to breakage

Will I repurchase it?
Yes. Overall, I am happy with my experience with this foundation although it has a few cons. This bottle is going to last me really long because I use it rarely and a little amount of product goes a long way. The only thing I’d like to tell you is that if I repurchase it, I’d choose a lighter shade to make my skin and my makeup look like one.

Will I recommend it?
Yes. If you are thinking of trying this product, I’d suggest you to buy it but don’t forget to do your research about the perfect shade as per your skin tone. It tends to crease up a little bit when you put it on for a really long time but it doesn’t look awkard or noticable.

Is it worth the money?
Yes. I know it may seem a little bit pricey but honestly, it is worth it. The coverage it provides is simply amazing and gives a really beautiful base. What makes it more value for money is the fact that just two or three pumps of product are more than enough, so a bottle is going to last you really long!

My Ratings: 4/5

Final Verdict: Overall, it is a really nice full coverage foundation which gives a flawless finish without feeling heavy or uncomfortable. It lasts all day long and hides all dark spots, pigmentation, scars and dark circles in a single drop.

It blends in to the skin very effortlessly but accentuates the fine lines after few hours. It doesn’t require any touch up and doesn’t transfer either. It oxidises and makes the skin look darker due to which I suggest buying one shade lighter to your skin tone. A very little amount of product goes a long way and is definitely worth buying.

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