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Summers are here and it’s ridiculously hot. My skin tends to get really oily in summers and to avoid skin problems, I make sure to blot all the oil from my face on time using tissues or facial wipes. I always keep them with me and I have tried a lot of facial wipes and tissues brands. I recently purchased the London Refreshing Wipes and today I will be sharing my personal opinion, experience and honest review about these wipes.
As I already blabbered much, let’s not waste any more time and get right in to the review..

 Product Description: London Refreshing Facial Wipes are made up of spun lace non woven fabric it’s thick, soft and smooth. Enriched with Aloe Vera, gently cleanse and remove dust. Gives a new look to your skin and make you feel fresh and clean.

Directions to Use: Open the sticker as the picture shows and seal it after using to prevent from drying. Gently wipe over the eyelids, face and neck to cleanse the skin.

 Ideal For: Men, Women
Size Of Wipes: 150mm * 200mm

Cost: Rs. 60 for 25 wipes
Packaging: The packaging of these wipes is very basic and almost the same as all wipes you get in the market. There is a pack label in the centre of the packet which can be sealed after taking out the tissue. 


 Pros of London Refreshing Wipes:

  • Gentle and smooth on skin
  • Very soft
  • Alcohol Free
  • Bio Degradable
  • Pleasant Smell
  • Affordable

 Cons of London Refreshing Wipes:

  • Contains Paraben
  • Not highly refreshing
  • Very costly online
First let’s check whether the wipes are actually up to the claims they have..
1. Cleansing: Not really great
2. Moisturizing: A wet feeling on the face for a second, no other moisturization
3. Anti Pruritic: Maybe yes as its alcohol free
4. Deodorising: The smell disappears within literally 5 seconds
5. Soothing: A little bit
6. Makeup Remover: Not actually
Look at how it performed when I tried removing makeup (normal+waterproof) with it..

In one swipe

After multiple swipes (around 6-7)

My Experience: These facial wipes actually didn’t work for me. They don’t have a dedorising smell although you get a pleasant Jasmine smell when you pull out one wipe but that literally disappears within few seconds. So they’re not refreshing for me. The material of the wipe is very fabric like which doesn’t tear apart unlike very low quality wipes which is a good thing but the smell and the wetness of this wipe literally disappears while actually applying it and it doesn’t have a very good tendency to absorb or blot the oil or dirt on my face. Also I wouldn’t prefer using a Paraben facial wipe on my skin on a daily basis.

Is it affordable? Yes. The facial wipes are affordable and worth a try but what makes me dislike these is the fact that they contain Paraben and do not work that great for me.
My Recommendation: I wouldn’t actually recommend using a facial wipe very often which contains harmful chemicals like Paraben because it can cause skin cancer in the long run. I would rather go for a baby wipe which is really gentle for our skin in a healthy way even though this one is also gentle in terms of wipe quality.
My Ratings: 3/5
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