INTERVIEWING Ms. Anna Kurakina

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I am back with another Hearty Interview this Monday and today I have a very special guest with me.. I am going to interview Ms. Anna Kurakina who is one of the best persons I have ever come across.

I have worked with her and she is really really supportive, assistive and down to earth.. Anna is a Training Group Coordinator of Bella. She is from Poland but for last 3 years lives in Bangalore and is responsible for Bella Training Programme – flagship social responsibility of Bella.

The main goal of Bella Training Programme is to raise awareness about health and hygiene in India and to educate girls and women about such important topics as puberty, menstruation, daily and period hygiene and many others.

Ms. Anna travels across Southern states of India and has already educated thousands of Indian girls and women. Bella, as a company with international exposure, believes that raising awareness of hygiene and educating young women about it is essential for building strong and healthy society and empowering women in their future.

So without blabbering much, let’s just dive into the interview and get to know her and Bella better…

How did Bella choose it’s name?

Ans. Bella comes from Italian language and it means “beautiful”.

Your products have a special feature called “Air Breathability”. What does it actually mean and how important it is?

Ans. Air breathability is unique feature of Bella sanitary products that ensures proper air circulation for protection against skin irritation. Thanks to a special technology, fresh air can easily go through Bella sanitary products, so skin doesn’t sweat and as a result every woman feels comfortable and protected from skin rashes. Bella are the only breathable sanitary products in India.

You have been living in India away from your home for around three years. What was the main challenge you had in living here?

Ans. Yes, I live in India almost three years already and I absolutely love this country even though there are many challenges for foreigners here. I think the biggest challenges were to adjust to its crazy traffic and spicy food.

Bella conducts a Training Programme for girls. How often and where does it occur? Is it a free campaign or a paid one?

Ans. Bella Training Programme is a flagship social responsibility of Bella. There are free of cost educational trainings for school and college girls and the main idea of them is to increase awareness about health and hygiene. The trainings are going on all the time, even today I had training for more than 2000 girls in Tamil Nadu.

You travel quite a lot across India. What are your thoughts about awareness among girls regarding menstruation?

Ans. It depends on the region but generally speaking unfortunately there is still lack of awareness and many myths and taboos connected to menstruation, especially in rural areas.

What do you love the most about your job?

Ans. I love when I see eyes of girls full of gratitude after the training, it’s absolutely amazing feeling knowing that you might change someone’s life for better.

Why do you think your products are the best? Why should customers prefer them over other well settled brands in India?

Ans. Bella products come from Europe and they are the only breathable in India to protect from skin irritations. Also we have a full range of hygiene solutions for women – not only sanitary napkins, but also tampons, panty liners, feminine wash, intimate wet wipes, cotton products. Every woman will definitely find the right product for herself in Bella’s offer to feel comfortable every day.

How do you respond when someone says something negative about your brand or a particular product?

Ans. Frankly speaking, we almost don’t receive complaints about Bella product. But if it happens, we always want to find the reason and eliminate it, because quality is our top priority.

How many products does your brand have or what categories do you have in general? Do you plan to add more intimate health products soon?

Ans. We have more than 200 Bella products in our offer in India. There are different types of sanitary napkins (thick, ultra-thin or with herbal extracts), tampons, panty liners, intimate care products, cotton products.  We expand our offer all the time. The newest product is Bella Ideale sanitary napkins – premium flexible ultrathin napkins with double structure top sheet with pure cotton for great feeling of softness and immediate dryness.

As your products are mostly sold online, when do you plan to avail them to the consumers in every local shop or pharmacy?

Ans. Our products are available both online and offline. You can find them in stores as Health & Glow, Spar, Metro Cash & Carry, Big Bazaar, Heritage, Hypercity and others. Hopefully soon they will be also available in every local store.

So that’s it for today guys! Don’t forget to check Bella’s amazing range here and like their Facebook Page

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