10 Amazing Ways to Remove Holi Colors | Collaboration

Hi Guys! Holi has just splashed its colour and beauty all around. I hope you all enjoyed it to the fullest.. But after Holi, I know, each one of you look for tips and tricks to let that colour go.. No matter how many precautions we take, there is still some colour which wouldn’t go.. You don’t need to worry.. Here are my 5 tips and tricks to remove that “pakka” colour from your skin..1. Do not go to salon/parlour right after Holi: Now this is the very first idea people get when they want to remove those “permanent” looking stains on their face and body but this is the biggest mistake too. Do not go to beauty salons right after Holi to get facial, bleaching, shaving, waxing or any type of cleanup done to let that colour go. Wait for atleast 2 to 3 weeks before getting any treatment done to your face. This gap will give enough time to your skin to recover from the damage it has got and to obtain balance.

2. Use Rosewater: To get rid of that itchy sensation on your skin due to harsh chemicals, dab a cotton ball in rose water and apply it to the affected areas. Rosewater is also highly used as a makeup remover, so apply it to your skin wherever you have got stains and it’ll reduce the colour to much greater extent.

3. Apply oil before bed daily: This tip is really easy and it moisturises your skin as well at the same time. Apply coconut oil or mustard oil to your skin daily before going to bed wherever the stains are and wash your face with cold water next morning. Repeat this step daily and the colour will go within two to three days.

4. Use Calamine Powder or Lacto Calamine: Applying Lacto Calamine can be really helpful for freeing your skin from the harmful colours you’ve got all over. It’ll also provide other innumerable benefits to your skin and will moisturise it as well. Apply this lotion to your face and wherever you need to twice a day to see beneficial results. If you can get Calamine powder at a drugstore, then it’ll be a much better option. Take two table spoon calamine powder and add 1 table spoon rose water into it to make a lump free paste. Add half table spoon honey to this mixture and apply this to your face. Wash the face mask when completely dried and reapply this mask every other day until the colour is completely removed.

5. Use cold water and avoid sunlight: By the title of this trick, you might know by now that you need to avoid warmness. Wash your face and hair by cold water instead of warm water till your stains are completely removed. In the same way, you need to avoid sitting in direct sunlight as hot water/sunlight make the colour stay longer and much more difficult to get rid of.

So, these were my five tips and tricks to help you people get rid of those nasty “permanent” seeming Holi colours. The other five tips will be provided to you by Rhea Guha, my YouTuber friend….  Do check her 5 tips here….

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