Harms of Using Disposable Diapers for Babies

Nowadays, disposable diapers are extremely common and a lot of brands are manufacturing them claiming to be completely safe for a baby’s sensitive skin. But they are not. There are a lot of harms of using diapers for babies. My mother recalls diapers as a very rare baby care accessory when we were young. She did not use them for my elder sister even once and when I was born and over six months, she used them very rarely.

They became very convenient over time and it is nearly impossible to raise today’s children completely without disposable diapers. They have nearly become a necessity for moms today. No matter how much a brand claims to manufacture the best and the safest diapers, they are not. They certainly pose a lot of threats to the baby’s skin and overall health in a number of ways.

And why wouldn’t they? After all, they are in direct contact with your child’s most sensitive area. Even I am a mommy-to-be and I completely understand the fact that it is not easy to manage kids along with work without diapers. But, I also know that I need to stay away from using them as much as possible. Also, there a lot of safe and ideal alternatives to disposable diapers which I can always switch to.

The diapers are usually made up of chemicals like polypropylene and sodium polyacrylate which often leave small transparent crystals on the baby’s skin. Dyes and scents are also used to neutralize the foul odor, make the diapers look cute and colorful and also in the wetness indicators. These days, dye-free, scent-free and “harmful” chemicals free diapers are available in the market but they are still not safe for regular usage on babies.

Harms of Using Diapers for Babies:

A baby’s health is the most important thing for parents. Even a little fever can make parents feel very uncomfortable and worried.  Imagine facing a lot worse than just a fever. Of course, you cannot because you love your child unconditionally. However, if you are using disposable diapers for your baby, you are actually contributing to a lot of health issues in him/her. There are a lot of disadvantages and harms of using diapers for babies. If you use them, make sure to read what harms a diaper can pose for your baby.

Diaper Rashes and Allergic Reactions

Diaper rashes, infections, allergies etc are one of the most common harms of using diapers for babies. The super-absorbent qualities of diapers can facilitate mothers to change diapers less frequently. This in returns leads to rashes because of chemicals mixed with bacteria and ammonia from accumulated urine in the diaper.

And even if moms are very particular about hygiene and change the diapers at regular intervals of time, there are still a lot of reasons that can cause diaper rashes. The second reason for this problem is because of the breathability of the diapers. They reduce or even block air circulation which in turn pulls natural moisture out of the baby’s skin. This causes irritation, eventually leading to diaper rashes.

Some other reasons that contribute to diaper rashes in babies include yeast or bacterial infections, allergies to ingredients or chemicals used in making the diaper, food allergies, rubbing or chafing against the diaper and of course, the sensitive skin of the babies.

Urinary Tract Infections:

The high absorbent quality of diapers makes the babies feel dry when they are actually wet. However, no matter how dry the baby bum may look, there is a lot of moisture, warmth and germs. This not only causes skin redness and allergies but also contributes to urinary infections. Hence, this is one of the biggest harms of using diapers for babies.

Bacteria breeding occur due to the exposure to diapers. Also, bacteria from the bowel movements easily get into the genitals of the babies. This leads to serious urinary infections in babies. UTIs are more common among baby girls.

Toxicity and Poor Immune System:

Frequent infections, inflammations and allergies in babies can affect their immunity. Moreover, exposure to germs and other microorganisms also contribute to the poor immune system in babies. Their ability to fight off illness, thus, reduces. Also, exposure to harmful chemicals, synthetic materials, and of course germs can harm the baby even more.

Some parents who do not use diapers too frequently often use it once in 24 hours, i.e. at night. This is actually more harmful as you are leaving your baby’s gentle skin and overall health exposed to dirty things for a longer duration. Harsh chemicals and germs entering in the baby’s system can not only reduce his/her immunity but also lead to toxicity. So think twice before using a diaper on your baby, especially at night.

Fungal Infections:

Fungal infections can cause adults to literally cry out of pain and itching. The urge to scratch the skin caused by fungal infections makes them very uncomfortable. Think about babies! Imagine how they would feel having that irritation down there while not being able to express anything properly. One of the major reasons for fungal infections in anyone is retention of moisture and lack of hygiene. Regular usage of diapers can thus cause contagious fungal infections in babies.

Difficulty in Toilet Training:

Although diapers are expensive, let’s forget about it. Let us not even consider it as a harm of using diapers because parents can spend huge sums of money on their children. But you know what? Diapers are a real enemy for your child. From health to habits, it destroys all. If your baby becomes used to a diaper, you will face a lot of difficulty in toilet training. A child cannot pee or poop in a diaper all his life, right? When you would want your baby to switch to the toilet instead of a diaper, it will not be easy at all.

So these were a few main harms of using diapers on babies but trust me, there are a lot more. If you are a mother, a mother-to-be or even know someone who has a baby, please minimize the usage of diapers as much as possible and spread awareness about it. This is a serious problem and you wouldn’t want your child to face difficulties in life at any point of time.

I hope this post was helpful to you and helps you decide if you want to use diapers for your baby or not. Your baby’s health, of course, matters more than your convenience. Make a fair and sensible decision on your part as a parent. Think about the side effects of diapers for a baby and carefully choose what you want to.

Also, don’t forget to tell others about it by sharing this post. Remember, you can always switch to safe alternatives to diapers and still function around as a working or busy mommy without any harm to your schedule or your baby’s health.

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