Happy Independence Day | My Tribute to India

Hi Everyone..
Wishing you all a very very Indian Happy Independence Day.. 
This year India has marked 70 years of freedom and thanks to our Freedom Fighters. I wish I could thank our forefathers who have gien us a land of peace and happiness where we can sleep whole night without any fear. I wish this Independence I become more responsible towards India and do whatever I am capable of.. Lets pledge to work together to bring the change… I like millions of people cannot wait to see an India which is free of all evils, free from diseases, clean, healthy, sanitized, free from terrorism, violence, corruption and caste difference.. Ask to yourself if you have even done 70 good deeds for your nation?


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Well, I am not here for giving any speech or lecture, I am just sharing what I feel for my nation and as a tribute, I feel really happy to tell you guys that I have written a poem for India. This is my first ever poem and I know it isn’t very good but you guys are my family and I am confident in sharing my first attempt with you all..

Different caste, color and creed,
I belong to the Indian breed.

Mountains, plateaus, plains and waterfall,
India in it has them all.

Multiple cultures, traditions and diversities,
Can never be found in other countries.

Indian heritage, art and architecture,
Cannot be better than any conjecture.

Our museums, artifacts, monuments and libraries,
Can compete with all contemporaries.

Our bravery, knowledge, love and wisdom,
Is a gift to us by fighters of freedom.

Our faith and serenity is worth an example,
The world cannot have it ample.

Smell our chhole, kulche and biryani,
You will forget the perfumes of Armani.

Step into our beauty and fashion,
In your life you’ll have a new passion.

Work hard to make it clean,
You’ll feel like a King or Queen.

This Independence day lets take an oath,
We’ll do everything for our nation’s growth.


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So that’s it for today guys.. That was my little effort and tribute to India.. I hope you all liked this post. Do let me know how was the poem.. All your comments mean so much to me…! Don’t forget to share this post and follow my blog..

Happy Independence Day once again guys!
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