Review: Glamisha Hair Conditioner With Pro Vitamin B5 and Tea Tree Oil

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Conditioning is just like giving clothes to your hair after a shower. It not only detangles them but also makes them smoother in a long run and you get visibly lesser split ends. It locks up the nutrients in hair and prevents hair breakage to a great extent. I cannot imagine hopping out of the shower without conditioning because my hair look so pampered, smooth and manageable without using tons of products.

Today I am going to review Glamisha’s Conditioner for you all. I have already reviewed their Shampoo and two more reviews are coming your way very soon… Glamisha, if you don’t know yet, is a Luxury Beauty & Personal Care brand that is working really hard to bring some amazing products for skincare junkies out there. All their products have pure ingredients, essential oils and extracts that make their product highly effective and yet gentle.

If you want to know how this conditioner worked for me, then please keep on reading this post till the end. I hope my review helps you get a better idea about this product and you can decide whether you want to purchase it or not…

Product Description: Glamisha Hair Conditioner With Pro Vitamin B5 and Tea Tree Oil helps smooth drying flakes and remove buildup on the scalp while smoothing aloe vera helps relieve the discomfort of a flaky, itchy scalp.

*Paraben Free

Directions of Usage:


Cost: Rs. 355 for 100 ml

Shelf Life: 2 years

Availability: Glamisha’s Official Website, Amazon, Shopclues, Snapdeal

Packaging: I am a sucker for packaging and honestly telling you guys, I haven’t come across a packaging as classic as Glamisha’s for the last few months.. All their products look so similar and authoritative and are just distinguishable by their colors.

This shampoo has a purple colored theme.. It comes in a cuboidal cardboard box having a purple detailing and all necessary product details are mentioned on it.

The product comes inside a soft, white colored tube with purple detailing & a matte-black, plastic flip cap which is sturdy enough to make the packaging mess proof. The size of the tube is quite large but not very heavy.

I somehow feel that the tube could be a little smaller in size when I squeeze it. What upsets me a little about the packaging is if I squeeze a little more product than required, I cannot keep it back into the tube. I wish I could unscrew the cap as well in just like most of the tubes have.

I can consider it while travelling because I like how stalwart the flip cap is but if you don’t like travelling with a large sized product, you can always transfer it in a smaller container.


Smell: Mild, Pleasant, Floral

Texture and Consistency: This is a white colored pack conditioner which is quite rich in texture and has a thick consistency just like mostly all the conditioners..

My Experience: This review is based upon my thin-fine, straight and silky hair with an oily scalp. After rinsing my hair with Glamisha Sulphate Free Shampoo, I squeeze out the excess water and dampen my hair a little bit. First I roughly divide my hair into 6-7 sections or strands and then take a pea sized quantity of this conditioner onto my palm.Then I gently apply it to each section from the length of my hair focusing towards the end.

I take a pea sized amount or even lesser for all the sections and it equals a coin sized product on summing up. So, basically I use a very normal quantity but in different parts. This way of conditioning works best for me but you can always condition however you like. I make sure every strand is covered by combing it through with my fingers.

Then I rinse it out after waiting for around 3-4 minutes or whenever I feel like the hair is well detangled. This conditioner is actually very creamy and thick and I like it’s floral fragrance which hardly lasts for a minute or two.. It literally sinks into the strands real quick, that is why I to work with small amount of product on different strands..

It detangles the hair strands very very nicely and prevents them from detangling again. My hair look so shiny, smoothened and doable without doing much efforts. Naturally, I have quite soft hair but when I condition it, they get softer and more gracious.

I really like it’s rich and creamy texture that is just the perfect conditioner for me without having any harmful chemicals inside it. Because I let it sink into my hair for around 3-4 minutes and meanwhile, work generously with my fingers, it makes them look straight. The texture of my hair is improved after using it and I can definitely feel the good quality of ingredients used to make it when I comb my hair after they get completely dried out..

Pros of Glamisha Hair Conditioner With Pro Vitamin B5 and Tea Tree Oil:

*Paraben free
*Enriched with Pro Vitamin B5 and Tea Tree Oil
*Makes hair soft, straight, shiny and silky
*Detangles well and prevents it further
*Very mild, floral fragrance
*Sturdy, mess proof packaging
*Ingredients list mentioned
*Makes them manageable
*Sinks into hair very quickly
*Improves overall hair health and texture

Cons of Glamisha Hair Conditioner With Pro Vitamin B5 and Tea Tree Oil:

*Only available online

Will I repurchase it?
Yes. I had actually been planning to get a Paraben free conditioner from a long time and since, I have had quite satisfactory experience with this one, I will definitely buy it again..

Will I recommend it?
Yes, if you are looking for a good, value for money, cruelty free conditioner, this is the one I’d highly suggest…

Is it worth the price?
Yes.. I admit that it is quie pricey but believe me, it is fully worth the price. The quality is good, the ingredients are gentle and the result is incredible. It works really well in all aspects.. A very little amount of product is required to get clean hair and if you wash you hair twice a week like me, it is going to last you for a long time.

My Ratings: 5/5

Final Verdict: On regular usage, this conditioner improves the texture, health and appearance of hair… It works well in conditioning them, making them feel soft, detangling the strands and thus preventing hair breakage.. Because I am quite happy with my experience with this product, I really wish Glamisha brings out a leave in conditioner soon..

Overall, it is value for money and works just as claimed by improving the health of my hair.. I just wish a smaller quantity option was also available so that it could be convenient for travelling purposes and people could actually see if the product works for them or not. I hope the brand takes my suggestion as a positive note.

*PR Sample

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