Review: Glamisha Face Wash with Mulberry & Licorice Extracts

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Today I am going to review a face wash from one of the emerging brands of India- “Glamisha” that is working really hard to bring “Cruelty Free” Luxury Beauty & Personal Care products for skincare junkies out there. All their products have pure ingredients, essential oils and extracts that make their product highly effective and yet gentle.

Few days ago, I shared a photograph on my Instagram that Glamisha sent me four products out of their five launches, so here I am with another review about them.. Face Washes as you all know are never enough for me or for everyone, in general. Our facial skin is very gentle and we should make sure that the products we use are not at all harmful.

If you want to know how this Paraben Free Face Wash worked for me, then please keep on reading this post till the end. I hope my review helps you get a better idea about this product and you can decide whether you want to purchase it or not… I have already reviewed a lot of other Face Washes on this blog, so don’t forget to check them as well.

Product Description: Glamisha Face Wash harmoniously blends together natural ingredients to visibly and effectively brighten your skin while retaining its youthful appearance.
Specially developed to fight dry and flaky skin condition, this face wash deeply nourishes and moisturises the skin. Vitamin Rich Mulberry hydrates the skin and helps it repair faster.

*Paraben Free
*Deep Nourishment

Directions of Usage:

Ingredients: Cost: Rs. 350 for 100 ml

Shelf Life: 2 years

Availability: Glamisha’s Official Website, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Shopclues

Packaging: I am a sucker for packaging and honestly telling you guys, I haven’t come across a packaging as classic as Glamisha’s for the last few months.. All their products look so similar and authoritative and are just distinguishable by their colors.

This face wash has an orange colored theme.. It comes in a cuboidal cardboard box having an orange detailing and all necessary product details are mentioned on it.

The product comes inside a soft, white colored tube with orange detailing & a matte-black, plastic flip cap which is sturdy enough to make the packaging mess proof. The size of the tube is quite large but not very heavy.

I somehow feel that the tube could be a little smaller in size when I squeeze it. What upsets me a little about the packaging is if I squeeze a little more product than required, I cannot keep it back into the tube. I wish I could unscrew the cap as well in just like most of the tubes have.

I can consider it while travelling because I like how stalwart the flip cap is but if you don’t like travelling with a large sized product, you can always transfer it in a smaller container.

Smell: Mild, pleasant, floral

Texture and Consistency: This face wash is a very slightly tinted, blue colored liquid gel having a thick consistency.

My Experience: This review is based upon my oily, acne prone and sensitive skin. I squeeze the soft tube very gently to get a pea sized amount of product on my palm. I then rub it between my fingers and gently start massaging it on my wet face.

I use gentle, circular and upward motions while massaging and cleansing my face. A very little amount of this product is required to clean the face. Once I am done rubbing and massaging my face, I rinse it off with tap water.

It is like a mild foaming, soap free facial wash as it does not form a very coarse lather which is really good. It takes an extra second to get washed as it gets really very slippery with water. My face looks really soft and smooth after washing with it.

It gets away with all the dirt and grime and makes my face look smooth and cleaned. It removes all the dead and dull skin without being harsh at all. It does not make my skin dry at all and also does not disturb the natural sebum balance of my skin.

The smell of this face wash is very very mild and pleasant and literally goes away as soon as I rinse it off. This is a plus point for my sensitive nose and for all people who are just like me. The formulation is gentle, not at all harsh and thus does not irritate my sensitive skin at all.

It does not strip any natural oils from my skin and thus does not make it flaky or stretchy at all. It does not break my mum’s skin out or cause any reaction on her face as well. Since my acne is an internal problem which I am getting treated for, I wouldn’t count the fact that it does not prevent new acne from popping up as a con because I know it my skin’s fault and not the product’s.

I disparage the fact that its pH is not balanced due to which it stings badly if it gets into my eyes accidentally. As per the directions, me and my mother apply Glamisha Skin Lightening Cream after washing our face with it.

Anyways, not forgetting to mention what it does to my skin on a regular basis.. Since Mulberry and Licorice are really beneficial in lightening the skin, I can see that mine and my mom’s skin has become more even toned after using it with the lightening cream on a regular basis.

It works really nicely in getting rid of slight pigmentation that I have on my face. My mother has a pigmented neck and she has found quite satisfactory results within three weeks of using these two products altogether..

Pros of Glamisha Face Wash with Mulberry & Licorice Extracts:

*Free from paraben
*Suitable for all skin types
*Does not irritate or break out my sensitive skin
*Does not make it dry or flaky
*Does not strip the natural oils of the skin
*Nourishes the skin quite well
*Removes dirt, dust, oil, grime, dead and dull skin quite effectively
*Keeps the skin soft, smooth, even toned and healthy
*Has skin brightening properties
*Gentle formula
*Very mild, pleasant smell
*Attractive and classic packaging
*Ingredients list mentioned

Cons of Glamisha Face Wash with Mulberry & Licorice Extracts:

*Only available online
*pH not balanced

Will I purchase it?
Yes. I really like this face wash a lot because it is so gentle, mild and pleasing. It looks absolutely stunning and works beautifully on my problematic skin. The main reason I’d like to repurchase it for is the fact that it is Paraben free.

Will I recommend it?
Totally. If you are looking for a mild face wash in terms of it’s fragrance and formulation that does not react to your skin, disturb it’s natural balance or irritate it, you should definitely try this one. Moreover, if you really want to switch to a paraben free face wash that works effectively and lightens the skin as well, go ahead and try it.

Is it worth the price?
Yes. For me, it is slightly expensive than other cruelty free face washes in the market but it is definitely worth the price point. It does what it claims and has lived up to my expectations beautifully.

My Ratings: 4.8/5

Final Verdict: Overall, it is a really nice face wash and I quite like it. I like the way it works on my skin and makes it look cleaner and brighter. It is very mild in terms of it’s smell and formulation which is just the perfect thing to be added into a “sensitive skin” girl’s essentials. It does not strip any natural oils from my skin and thus does not make it dry at all.

It makes the skin look more even, healthy and beautifully effulgent.. I just wish a smaller quantity option was also available so that it could be convenient for travelling purposes and people could actually see if the product works for them or not. I hope the brand takes my suggestion as a positive note.

*PR Sample

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