FirstCry Review and Baby Try On Shopping Haul

FirstCry Review and Shopping Haul

Hi Guys! Today I am here with my FirstCry Review for you all.

We all love to shop and as mothers, the urge for shopping increases even more. I, as a mother, love to buy the latest stuff for my son “Arhum”. From “in-stores” shopping to “online”, I am open to everything. A few months ago, I decided to give “FirstCry” a try and downloaded the app. I was intrigued by the vast collection and moreover, the number of discounts available. I also loved the return and refunds policies, so I ordered a few pieces for my son.

When the parcels started to arrive one by one, I instantly decided that I wanted to do a shopping try on haul but trust me, it was a difficult task with a five months old baby. He would either not get proper pictures clicked or get irritated, but after around a week, I managed to click all the photos. So, here is my little shopping haul for you all.

Carter’s S5-Pack Sloth Tank Bodysuits – Multicolour

MRP: Rs. 1699 for 5 pcs

Buying Price: Rs. 891.98

Size: 6-9 Months

First Onesie in the Combo

I love the dark blue color and the cute phrase written on it. The onesie fits perfectly and is super comfortable!

Arhum tries it for us…

The print is of great quality and did not get tampered or cracked even after washing.

The snap buttons are really tight, so there are no mishaps!

Second Onesie in the Combo

I like the cool color of this one and of course, the cute phrase!

Arhum tries it for us…

The print, stitch detailing as well as the snap buttons – everything is just perfect!

Third Onesie in the Combo

This one I was not a huge fan of as it a neon orange color. I don’t like neons but had to get this one as it was in the combo. However, it looked good when Arhum wore it.

Arhum tries it for us…

I love the buttons down, they’re high quality!

Fourth Onesie in the Combo

This one is one of my favorites because I love whites on Arhum!

Arhum tries it for us…

This print is in the fabric itself, so you cannot really touch or feel it, but it looks great and super cute.

Have a look at the quality and detailing…

Fifth Onesie in the Combo

This one looks so simple but when Arhum wears it, it looks great! Love the color and the pattern.

Arhum tries it for us…

Doesn’t it look cute?

Overall, I loved this combo. The quality, detailing, stitch, print as well as the snap buttons, everything is very good. I just didn’t like that the fact that there are eight tags in each onesie, that means a total of 40 tags!

Yiyi Garden Striped Half Sleeves Onesie Boat Print – White

MRP: Rs. 325

Buying Price: Rs. 229.93

Size: 6-9 Months

This one is my mom’s favorite out of all the pieces I got. As I said, I am a fan of dark blue, white and lines pattern, this one is  a great combo of all my favorites with sleeves. It has two snap buttons at the bottom and one at the right shoulder. It is slightly loose but will hopefully fit after a month.

Arhum tries it for us…

I have washed this one two times and there has been no difference in the color or the overall quality.

Olio Kids Sleeveless Dungaree Anchor Print – Grey

MRP: Rs. 649

Buying Price:

Size: 6-9 Months

Colors Available: 3

I returned this one as I did not like the color. The fabric was not of bad quality but I expected it to look or feel like denim. Hence, Arhum did not try this one!

Olio Kids Half Sleeves Romper Bear Print – Red White

MRP: Rs. 649

Buying Price: Rs. 204.44

Size: 6-9 Months

And, this one is mine and everyone’s favorite in my family. This piece is so cute, comfortable and kiddish! The color suits on Arhum really well. I highly recommend this one. The fit is also perfect. I love the fact it is a onesie and there is no separate knicker. The snap buttons do a great job.

Arhum tries it for us…

NOQ NOQ Hippo Cartoon Print Half Sleeves Tee With Dungaree Style Romper

MRP: Rs. 549

Buying Price: Rs. 288. 23

Size: 9-12 months

I couldn’t get my eyes off this piece and instantly decided to order it. Although it was only available in a larger size, I got it because I can wait! I just did not want to miss this classic piece. And when it came, I was so happy to grab a steal deal because this particular piece has the best quality of all. As it is a larger size, Arhum did not try it.

The snap buttons do all the job for the mommy and there is no tension of tight elastic on the baby’s waist. Have a look at the excellent quality. The fabric is also so soft, comfortable and shiny!

Wow Clothes Half Sleeves Tee & Camouflage Shorts With Waistcoat Bear

MRP: Rs. 975

Buying Price: Rs. 511.88

Size: 6-12 Months

Colors Available: 3

Then I got this camouflage piece for him. It looked good in the photos but when I got it, I did not like it that much, so I decided to return it. That is why Arhum hasn’t tried this one as well.

This wasn’t a bad piece. The stitching, detailing and the fabric quality – everything was fine.

I just did not like it when I saw it in person. Personal choices!

Wonderchild Striped Full Sleeves Dungaree Style Romper With Tee – Blue & White

MRP: Rs. 699

Buying Price: Rs. 391.13

Size: 6-9 Months

Colors Available: 3

Arhum tries it for us…

The patch detailing is no neat. I love it. The color looks summery and cool! Moreover, I love the fact that there are snap buttons below. My purpose was to find clothes that are easy for me to make him wear and for him to carry. I did not want knicker suits which have tight elastics at the waist area.

Sunbaby Baby Bath Seat (Color May Vary)

MRP: Rs. 375

Buying Price: Rs. 265.69

Colors Available: 4

Size: 61 x 31.5 x 18 cm

Meant for: 0 to 12 Months

This was the best purchase of all as it has made my life super easy. Giving Arhum a bath was so difficult and scary as he used to cry a lot. Plus, I was always tensed just in case I may not be able to handle him. Ever since I’ve got it, Arhum feels so comfortable while taking a shower. It is so lightweight and very easy to carry. It has a sling to make sure the baby is comfortable, and water slips right away, without collecting anywhere.

Arhum sits on it for us…

I am so glad I purchased it and will suggest every mother buy it for kids under 1 year of age. Trust me, it will make your life much easier. I also use this seat while taking lunch and dinner as well. He lies on it comfortably and I can finish my meals without holding him.

It has four suction cups to ensure that the baby doesn’t slip. As he’s five months old, he is learning to roll on and lift his back while fixing his feet at a place. So, the suction cups make everything stationary and convenient for me.

So, that was all about my FirstCry Review and Try On Shopping Haul. I hope you all enjoyed it and I was able to help. There are still some products and clothes in transit, so bookmark this page and I will update the post very soon!

What did I love about FirstCry?

  • Wide variety of products
  • A lot of deals and discounts available, almost every minute
  • 30 days of return policies
  • Great customer service
  • Super quick delivery

What I don’t like about FirstCry?

  • Excessive terms and conditions on the discounts
  • High GST included on every product
  • Minimum order value of Rs. 249

Will I recommend buying from FirstCry?

Yes, definitely. I have had a lovely time exploring their range and buying branded clothes for Arhum at a very cheap price. Just in case you don’t like anything, there are easy return and refund policies.

I hope my FirstCry Review was able to help anyone looking for it. Try FirstCry and get branded clothes for your kids. Some pieces are still in transit, so don’t forget to bookmark the page. I shall update the post as soon as they arrive!

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