Fenugreek Seeds Hair Mask | Hair Regrowth | No Hair Fall

Hey Everyone! Welcome “back” to my blog and if you’re new here, welcome “to” my blog! Today I am sharing a very easy yet effective hair mask for you guys that will leave your hair deeply conditioned and will make them longer, thicker and softer.
It will mainly make your hair grow longer and will treat hair thinning and baldness. You will start noticing baby hair pop up after single use. 
Ingredients Required:
1. Fenugreek Seeds – 2 teaspoons

2. Yogurt – 2 teaspoons
3. Pure Coconut Oil or Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – 1 teaspoon  (I am using crude coconut oil which my uncle brought for me from Kerala because it is unrefined, unfiltered and without any additives unlike the deodorized and bleached refined coconut oil in the market)

1. Take two teaspoons Fenugreek seeds in a bowl and wash them thoroughly.

2. Soak them in one cup water overnight or atleast for 6 hours. 

3. Next morning, the seeds shall double up in size.

4. Do not throw this water as the seeds have already been washed.

5. Grind the seeds in a mixer/blender using the same water in which the seeds were soaked.

6. Add half cup water initially and then add more to finally get a thick paste.

The paste should look like this.

7. Transfer it in to a bigger mixing bowl.

8. Add 2 teaspoons yogurt in it.

9. Then go on by adding one teaspoon coconut oil.

10. Mix all the ingredients well until everything is well incorporated.

 The hair mask is ready!
Desired Consistency: The paste turns really slimy and should have a consistency which is neither too thick and nor too thin.

Benefits of this hair mask:
Fenugreek seeds are very effective in treating baldness and promoting hair growth. This mask is very beneficial for people who are facing hair thinning problem and also prevents premature hair greying. What I really like about this mask is that it also cleans out the scalp thoroughly, treats dandruff and various scalp issues along with killing lice.

Drawback of this hair mask:

This hair mask can make your hair little dry, so if you are someone who has frizzy hair, please add one full egg in the mask.

How to apply?
This mask should be applied using a brush or fingers from roots till the end.

At least leave this mask for 1.5 hours to get some good results and let it be there for maximum two hours. There is no harm in letting it be there for more than two hours but if left for a longer time, the mask will be completely dried which will be difficult, actually very difficult to wash.
How to wash?
Before washing the mask off, slightly wet it up by wet hands or spraying some water. The dried mask will get gooey again which will be easy to massage. Use gentle circular motions to massage your hair line for three to four minutes. Finally rinse with plain water.

Last but not the least, wash your hair with a mild shampoo.

Apply this mask once a week to get good results.

My Advice:
Although this mask promote hair growth and prevents hair fall, it has a cool efficacy and should not be applied in winters or if you are someone who catches cold easily.

So that’s it for today guys! I hope you liked this post! Do let me know by commenting below. Don’t forget to share this post and follow my blog..

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    1. Do not leave this hair mask for more than 2 hours.. and if it sticks.. let ur hair air dry and then comb them.. all d stuck seeds will go easily… it doesn’t get stuck in my case as such.. I apply it every single week..

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