Review and Unboxing: Glamego Box – February 2018

Hi Guys! I hope you all are doing good… Today I am going to review Glamego Box February 2018 Edition for you all…

I know it’s been ages since I posted something on this blog but come on, it was my wedding and this much leave is mandatory, right? Well, I hope you all missed me as much as I missed you. Without blabbering much, today I am quickly going to unbox Glamego Box for the month of February 2018.

Glamego, as you guys would probably know is my favorite subscription box of all times because it is so amazing and pocket-friendly. This month the theme of the box is “Classy Flaunt” which comprises four steps…

Basically, we get four products which are meant to be used one after another to achieve a beautiful, healthy and flawless skin. If you are interested in knowing what I’ve received in this month’s box and how it looks like, then please keep on reading this post till the end…

Subscription Plans:


One Month Subscription

Quarterly Subscription

Half Yearly Subscription

Yearly Subscription

Packaging of Glamego Box February 2018 Edition:

Like always the box is slim, compact and light weight.. It comes in an eco-friendly, outer cardboard box which had my order details and kept the main box safe and secure.. The actual box is a white colored box which looks simple and classic..

Inside Glamego Box February 2018 Edition:

As you open the box, you see four products securely kept in hay but on top of that, you have this month’s Glamego leaflet which says “India’s No. 1 Beauty Box #contest” and gives Rs. 10,000/- Shoppers Stop Voucher. No product was bubble wrapped and I don’t really mind it until and unless my products are safe and spill proof. Here is the close up of the first leaflet. On its back, there is a list of all four products given in this month’s box along with their pricing and claims..

We have another leaflet and it is by MCaffeine which gives a 15% off discount code and tells about their Choco-Caffeine Face Pack. Use code “GLAM15” on and get 15% off on your order..

1. MCaffeine Choco Caffeine Glow Face Pack

Cost: Rs. 359 for 25 ml

My Thoughts:

This face pack is the first step to achieve a healthy skin as per Glamego February Box. It is enriched with argan oil and vitamin E to nourish the skin and remove its impurities. It has a clay formulation meant for oily skin and has medium sized, non-abrasive scrubbing granules inside it.

And, it smells amazing because of Choco and Caffeine and I guess you guys know how much I love chocolaty scents in face packs and scrubs. I think this quantity is going to last me thrice but I cannot really wait to see what it does to my skin. It claims to give a lustrous glow to the skin and is free from all harmful chemicals.

2. Kronokare Pollution Stop Face Mist

Cost: Rs. 495 for 30 ml

My Thoughts:

This is the second step of this beauty box and my hopes with this baby are highest out of all the products that I have received this month. This face mist is meant for all skin types and claims to act as a protective screen against pollution for the face.

It also claims to protect, nourish and soothe the skin without being harsh or cruel in any way. It is free of sulphates, mineral oils, parabens, fragrances and silicones.. The quantity is really little as per the price but what matters to me the most is how a product works and if it is worth the price charged..

3. The Nature’s Co Saffron Radiance Face Cream

Cost: Rs. 550 for 25 ml

My Thoughts:

This face cream is again by one of my favorite skincare brands. I have received The Nature’s Co Vanilla – Vitamin E Face Cream in my previous Glamego box and it was absolutely amazing. This cream is also made exclusively for Glamego box and smells really rich and saffron like.

This is the third step of Glamego’s skincare regime and moisturization is essential, no matter what skin type you may have. I can’t really wait to see how it works on my skin but I am totally in love with its creamy, soft and rich texture. It does not feel heavy or greasy at all. It makes the skin look healthy and supple.

4. Natural Bath and Body Wild Wonder “The Wicked Whiff of Wilderness” Body Mist

Cost: Rs. 325 for 200 ml

My Thoughts: 

This product is actually not meant for sale but it is worth Rs. 325 if you buy it. This is a sample made exclusively for Glamego customers. I already have it as I received it in April 2018 box but in a different variant. This fourth product is actually of the customer’s choice.

The first, second and third product is the same for everyone and for the fourth one, you can select any makeup (upto Rs. 900/-) of your choice. Since I was very busy at the wedding, I could not select my product and Glamego sent me this baby! Honestly, I was really happy to receive this particular product because I have this body mist in another variant and it is amazing..

The bottle is made up of good quality and the mist does not leak. The spritz pump dispenses a fine amount of enough product in one go. The smell is absolutely amazing, not at all overpowering and lasts for two to two and a half hours.. This product is cruelty-free and does not irritate my sensitive skin in any way.

Final Verdict about Glamego Box February 2018 Edition:

Once again, I am very happy with all the products received in this month’s box.. I can’t wait to see how they perform and I’m really really excited to see how “Kronokare Pollution Stop Face Mist” works on me.. Most of all, I want to see how these four products complement each other on my skin when I use them all together.

As I always say, Glamego never fails to impress me by their quality, curation, packaging and everything… Once again a big big big thumbs up to Glamego team for bringing out such amazing products for us… I cannot wait to see what magic is awaiting us for March 2018.

My Ratings: 5/5

I hope you all liked this post.. Don’t forget to watch my Youtube Unboxing as well…

Stay tuned for detailed reviews of these products…

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